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Game Launch Questions

Questions about events and other promotions prior to a game's release and on its release date.
1. Are you male or female?
2. How old are you?
a. 14 - 17
b. 18 - 21
c. 21 - 24
d. 24+
3. When would you pre-order a game? (the game being for personal use)
a. If you're curious about a game
b. If you've been reccomended the game
c. If you've been really looking forward to playing the game
d. If the pre-ordered copy of the game came with additional feautures or products
e. You've never pre-ordered a game but may likely do so in the future
f. You don't pre-order games.
4. Would you prefer it if the makers of the game held events about the game before its release? (these event would focus on the games features, news, other products related to the game e.g. DLC, unique controllers e.t.c)
a. Yes, if they had the event filmed so I could watch it on TV or the internet.
b. Yes, I would attend the event myself.
c. Doesn't bother me if an event is held because information on the game is available on the internet.
5. If you enjoyed the demo of a game, would it make you want to buy the full game?
a. Yes, definitely buy the game when it comes out
b. Maybe. I don't know if the full game would be as enjoyable.
c. No. I am happy with just playing the demo.
6. Would you ever camp outside of a store to buy a game on it's release date?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Would consider it
7. What is the maximum you would spend on a newly released game? (PC or console game)
a. £25
b. £30
c. £35
d. £40
e. £45
f. £50+
8. Did you buy the MAJORITY of the games you own straight after their release or did you buy them much later? (aproximately 4 months after release).
a. Straight after release.
b. Approximately 4 months after its release.
9. Do you join in on online forums discussing upcomming games or discuss upcoming games amongst your social circles?
a. Online forums (e.g. facebook page, fan sites, game magazine sites e.t.c)
b. Social circles (e.g. friends, work colleagues e.t.c)
c. Both
d. None. Don't discuss upcoming games
10. What from a game launch has attracted you the most to buy a game in the past? Please describe one situation below.
This poll was created on 2012-06-07 12:30:31 by saif_uddin