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Dancing at clubs (for Ladies)

This poll is for the Ladies who like to dance.
What is you sex?
Male (I'm an idiot)
How old are you?
< 17
18 - 22
23 - 29
30 - 39
How often do you go out clubbing at night to dance?
More than twice a week
Once or twice a week
A few times per month
Once a month
Less than once a month
Do you go alone or with friends?
With one girlfriend
With more than one girlfriend
With a boyfriend
With both male and female friends
Usually by myself
When you go out with a group of friends, do you prefer to dance with them or with a guy?
With my friends
With a guy
What type of guy would you like to dance with?
A very attractive guy who is a bad dancer
An average guy who is an okay dancer
An unattractive guy who is a great dancer
Do you prefer to dance close to a guy or farther away?
I like to grind up against guys I'm attracted to
I like to dance close against all the guys I dance with
I like my space
Depends on how horny I am
If you like to grind up aginst a guy, why is that (select all that apply)?
It makes me feel sexier
I want to check out his body
I want to check out his package (and I hope he has an erection)
I want to check out his package (but I don't want to be poked while dancing)
This poll was created on 2001-11-02 21:49:09 by MPC160070801