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Does all killing count as murder?

This is a highly controversial, yet interesting poll. I want to ask you guys if you think that all forms of killing should be counted as murder, and what would the exceptions be.
When is killing considered murder, and when is it not?
Someone who, for no apparent provoked reason, shoots or stabs to death an innocent in the street.
A law enforcement officer who guns down a fleeing criminal. (What if the officer's life was in danger?)
When the State executes a convicted Death Row inmate. (Do two wrongs make a right?)
A man who, in trying to protect his home and family, accidentally shoots and kills an intruder. (Is justifiable homicide manslaughter?)
A "disgusting animal"--*sorry*--who abducts, rapes and beats a child, leaving them to die in a field or forest.
A young mother who--with a doctor's help--aborts her unborn baby.
A doctor who administers a drug to an elderly person, who is dying and in pain, to mercifully end their life; so-called euthanasia. (I'm a supporter of the "quality-of-life" argument.)
A doctor or nurse who gives a vaccine shot to a patient, intending to kill bacteria or other disease-causing pathogens.
When you're walking down the street, and you mindlessly step on a bug or snail.
When humans slaughter animals--for food.
When humans slaughter animals--for fur or other body parts--or for sport.
When an animal kills a person; for example, a shark or bear attack.
The mass killing of a large group of people--as the result of a terrorist attack.
The mass killing of a particular CLASS of people--such as in Genocide or ethnic cleansing.
Using brainwashing techniques and psychological torture to drive a person to suicide. Cults and bullying are two popular examples.
Putting to sleep dogs and cats in an animal shelter to relieve overcrowding, hunger and disease, when homes cannot be found for them, and resources are strained.
When large numbers of people in under-developed countries die of malnutrition and starvation, because they are poor and there isn't enough food and clean water.
When soldiers die in the line of duty, during wartime.
An insurance company who refuses to pay for the cost of someone's medical bills, leading them to die from a terminal disease.
When you swat a fly or mosquito, spread roach spray around your house, set up rat traps or otherwise attempt to eliminate pests/vermin. (They're God's creatures, just doing their thing. Don't they have a right to live, too?)
A drunk driver, whose judgment is impaired, slams into a tree, killing his/her passengers.
A person who "dies inside", a little more each day--due to extreme prolonged sadness, brought about by tragedy, abuse, loss, or some life-changing event. (I know this isn't actual killing, but I just wanted to get your opinion.)
This poll was created on 2012-05-21 08:54:06 by Captain Fantastic