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The Totally Wacked-Out Poll by A Person Who Needs Some Sleep

This poll is intirely for fun and insane reasons. I should go to bed, but I decided to make a poll in which people will think I am going crazy. (That's not correct grammar, is it? I don't care.) NEway, I am already insane, so you don't have to worry about my current status. (Whatever.) Oh yeah, this is only under 'conspiracy' because I like that word.
Are you a...
... morning person?
... night person?
... all-day kinda person?
... grumpy person?
... nice person?
... happy person?
... depressed person?
... weird person?
... insane person? (like me)
... coffee person?
... candy person?
... breakfast person?
... lovely person?
Are you...
... just reading this poll for fun?
... really serious about these stupid questions?
... thinking about how insane I must be?
... thinking about how much of a geek I must be? (Oooh... disssss!)
... wondering why I even wrote this poll?
... wondering why you're even reading this poll?
... wondering what you're going to wear tommorow?
Do you want to know...
... why you have to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
... why you get bad grades? It couldn't possibly be becuase you don't study.
... why, if quitters never win, and winners never quit...
... what moron came up with 'quit while you're ahead'?
... why you're answering this question?
Are you...
... ten?
... eleven?
... twelve?
... thirteen?
... fourteen?
... fifteen?
... sixteen?
... seventeen?
... eighteen?
... nineteen?
... getting as tired of reading this as I am getting of writing this?
... twenty to twenty-five?
... twenty five to thirty?
... thirty to thirty-nine?
... clebrating your twelfth aniversary of your twenty-ninth birthday?
... over the hill?
... well on your way to the valley?
... almost about to do something purposeful, for once, instead of reading this?
... GOING to do something purposeful, for once, instead of reading this?
Are you...
A righty?
Ambidextrous? (sp.?)
About the current political events...
I think...
I am completely...
forget it. I know nothing of the current political events.
What kind of music do you listen to?
Soft Rock?
Heavy Rock?
Rock Rock?
Middle Rock?
Lower Rock?
Soft Jazz?
You actually knew that there was such a thing as Soft Jazz?
What kind of movies do you watch?
Anything multi-gory, with tons of action and people's heads being blown off.
Mello-dramatic, crybaby chick flicks.
Horror films. I love peeing in my pants in the middle of a movie.
Funny flicks. Fun fun fun. My life is just one big playground.
I don't watch movies. I'm too busy playing outside.
I don't watch movies. I'm too busy doing next year's homework.
I don't watch movies. I'm too busy being on the Internet all day long.
I don't watch movies. I'm too busy watching T.V.
How old would you guess I am?
Less than ten?
Blah blah blah?
Older than nineteen?
Older than twenty-nine?
Older than fourty?
Really really old?
Older than me?
Younger than me?
I don't really have a guess.
I don't really care.
I don't really know, but your immaturity is astounding.
You are telling the truth when you say...
... I really think this is stupid.
... I really think you need to get a life.
... I thought this was fun.
... I have better things to do with my time...
... and I think I will do those better things, right now!
... Huh?
What do you think about the site http://www.envy.nu/areyoujaded ?
It's so awesome, I am amazed.
It's so awesome, I am very amazed.
It's so awesome, I want to be just like you and have one too.
This poll was created on 2000-09-30 22:55:13 by MPC3111675814