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Who will win the Champions league 2011/2012, Drogba's or Gomez'side??

Gomez and Drogba Both strikers are built like an old-fashioned centre-forward: physical, strong, powerful. But they lead the line on their own, effectively doing the job that two men used to do. Very few can manage that but these two are among the best in the world. The pair have carried their teams at times. Didier Drogba had four monster displays in games that mattered for Chelsea - Valencia at home, Napoli at home and Barcelona home and away. He did whatever his team needed, whether it was breaking up the play, sacrificing himself in midfield in the Nou Camp - or scoring the goals they needed, such as the winner over Barcelona at the Bridge. If Chelsea are to win the Champions League, Drogba is going to have to have a big night. Mario Gomez has an almost surreal scoring record, with 80 goals in 90 appearances for club and country in the past two years and 12 in the Champions League this season. He's surrounded by more fashionable players, Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben, who grab the headlines. But he probes around that last defender, is physically difficult to get near to and hard to mark at crosses. - Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2143532/Gary-Neville-Bayern-Munich-v-Chelsea--key-issues.html#ixzz1uwJW9bxH
Who will win the Champions league 2011/2012, Drogba's or Gomez'side??
Drogba with Chelsea
Gomez with Bayern
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