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Male athletes: general facts poll

This is a poll for male participants only. The content of this poll has to do with sports/athletics and the experience of male athletes. All questions are single choice unless indicated otherwise.
Were you at one time a student athlete in school/college/university?
Yes. You have been a male student athlete. (Please go on to Question 2.)
No. But you were active in sports. (Please go on to Question 3.)
No. Sports were not important for you. (Please stop here.)
If you were/are a student athlete, how much did you value the experience?
Very much. Sport was central to you life.
Not very much. There were other more important things.
Not at all. You didn't value the experience.
If you were/are NOT a student athlete, what was the reason that stopped you?
You did not think sports were important, or were not interested.
Lack of time/funding, or lack of athletic programs at school.
Your parents/teacher did not allow it.
Some other reason.
Did sports provide any health benefits for you?
Yes, definitely.
Some benefits, but some problems also.
No benefits.
No opinion.
What important ideas or values that you gained from practicing sports? (You can choose more than one.)
Fair play
Respect for opponent
None of the above.
Are sports still part of your life?
Yes, definitely. You still practice actively.
Somewhat. It has become less important.
No, not anymore.
Which do you prefer? Individual sports or team sports?
Individual sports.
Team sports.
You like them equally.
No opinion.
Do you think sports should be an important part of a young man's development?
Yes, definitely. Sports are essential to manhood.
Yes, but it is not necessary.
No, it is not important.
No opinion.
This poll was created on 2012-05-08 16:46:57 by nomadwa