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How moral are you? -<[Scenarios]>---

moral - Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. This poll is designed to see how moral you are to 5 different situations. Have fun reading the choices of the other participants! Sorry if none of the answers are exact to what you would have actually done, the idea was to get the general answer.
You're at school and overhear a conversation coming from a group of kids to your left. Their conversation focuses on the subject of your friend being jumped by a school bully. The lunch bell suddenly rings, and you see your friend walking in the opposite direction you walk to easily get to class. What would you do?
Risk being tardy by chasing after your friend and telling him or her what you heard.
Ignore the conversation and go to class.
Show up after school to watch your friend.
Show up after school to help your friend.
Notify a school administrator to prevent the ambush.
Confront the bully yourself to prevent your friend from being hurt.
You're at your favorite fast food restaurant with some of your friends. In the middle of a good conversation, you see a man walking at a quick pace toward the beverage stand. He doesn't seem to notice the "Wet Floor" sign. What would you do?
Yell at him to watch out.
Point him out to your friends, but continue the conversation.
Tell your friends and wait for him to fall.
Keep to yourself, and wait for him to fall.
Ignore him and continue your conversation.
You're on a road trip with your friends three states away. Your driver seems to be falling asleep on the highway. What would you do?
Call his name out to wake him up.
Wake him up, and suggest to rest at a truck-stop for awhile.
Tell your other friends, and laugh as the driver dozes off into sleep.
Yell out something to scare you friend like "Watch out!" or "Red light!"
Ignore it and continue with what you were doing.
You're babysitting for a trusting woman who'll be out for the rest of the night. You're playing with a beaded bracelet until it snaps and beads scatter all over the floor, you leave the room to get something to clean it up. When you return, some of the beads seem to have gone missing, suggesting that the 4 year old you are babysitting ate them. What would you do?
Ignore it, and clean up the rest of the beads.
Thoroughly inspect the baby's mouth to make sure she wasn't choking.
Call 911.
Call the woman you are babysitting for.
Attempt to help the baby, regardless she seems to be choking or not.
You're out with your friends at a mall, and you notice a few select men drawing a lot of attention yelling and waving their fists at each other. It seems as if there's going to be a fight. What would you do?
Ignore the men and continue shopping.
Ignore the men and flee the area to avoid the risk of getting in trouble.
Stay and watch the men.
Call a mall security guard.
Call the police.
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This poll was created on 2012-05-07 09:15:20 by Glicon