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Wealth and Care, But Rules and ...

A woman is considering whether to enter into a part-time arrangement with a man she likes and respects very much, in which he will provide the money she needs for a decent life, in return for her following the rules. She is free to have the friends and boyfriends she wants, pursue the career, personal interests or education she wants, and raise her children with security. She must report to the man weekly and be completely honest with all questions about her life, what she has done, and how she is feeling. Together they determine what the best paths are for her to follow, and what goals she wants to achieve. If she falls short, but with a good effort on her part, she is encouraged and supported; if not such a good effort, then she is punished. They are both realistic, have a good sense of humour and they get along well. The man's main motivation is that he genuinely cares for her and her emotional well-being. He also enjoys the control, adventure and learning aspects of their time together. She likes the idea of him watching out over her and keeping her in line, but ...

For females, if you were in her position, would you do it?

100% (1) Yes
0% (0) No

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For females, considering your life now, would you do it?

100% (1) Yes!
0% (0) Not now, maybe in future
0% (0) Never!

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For males, if you could afford it (money, time and emotion), would you do it?

0% (0) Yes
0% (0) No

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Do you think these kind of relationships are:

100% (1) Very rare
0% (0) Every now and then
0% (0) Quite common but well hidden

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Should I add more questions? They could be based on my real-life situation, or these situations in general. Any requests or advice?

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1 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2012-05-05 12:57:00 by SeekPath
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