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8 year old girl beats 10 year old boy with Krav Maga!

I heard the cry from upstairs, as I ran down to see what the crying was about I saw my 10 year old son Matthew on the floor holding his groin area, face red as a beet and still crying. Next to him was my 8 year old daughter Madison standing over my son with a pure look of satisfaction. I asked what happened and through the crying my son said, "she kicked my balls!!" I asked her if it was true and why and she said "because he tried to take my stuff". I have been training my kids in Krav and judo, but to see my young girl standing over her big brother with that look gave me mixed emotions. First I said not to do it again to her brother, but she could use it any time with anybody else, then I had her say sorry. Now they both know the power of a well placed kick.
The average 10 year old boy is 40% heavier and substantially stronger than the average 8 year old girl. Do you think that Madison could had taken back her stuff by overpowering Matthew without resorting to hurting him?
Madison's strategy appears to be to get Matthew to drop her stuff by causing him a sudden shock of pain! Could she had obtained the same result by hitting him in a less sensitive area?
Yes. She could had stopped him as fast by hitting a less sensitive area with less or equal force.
Yes, but it would had required a harder hit.
No. Even a maximum force kick would not had stopped him as quick as kick to his nuts would.
How hard do you think Madison would have to kick to cause serious testicular injury?
Even the weakest kick poses a risk!
It would have to be a reasonably hard kick.
It would have to be a maximum force kick.
Even a maximum force kick would be perfectly safe!
Given your responses to the above questions, which do you think the appropriate action is that Madison should had taken?
She should had reasoned with him; asked for it back
She should had gone to the parent for help
She should had tried to take it back by force; overpowering him physically
She should had gently hit a less sensitive part of his body
She should had hit a less sensitive body part hard
She should had hit his nuts gently
She should had hit his nuts full-force!
This poll was created on 2012-04-23 06:42:45 by fdostoevski