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Your first encounter with a poopy diaper

How old were you when you first encountered a poopy diaper?
5 to 8 years old
8 to 12 years old
12 to 16 years old
16 to 21 years old
How old was the baby with the poopy diaper?
A newborn
3 to 5 months old
6 to 8 months old (Crawling)
9 to 13 months old (Standing by themselves)
14 to 18 months old (Learning how to walk)
Had the baby already messed their diaper, or did you see them filling the diaper?
I discovered it after they had pooped the diaper.
I saw them grunt with a red face as they were filling the diaper.
The first time you saw a baby poop their pants, how did it make you feel?
I didn't really feel anything.
I felt embarrassed.
I felt feelings of motherly love.
I giggled because it was funny to watch.
I felt sorry for the baby.
I was happy that they were having a good poop.
Where was the baby pooping their pants?
In a Living Room/Family Room.
In the Church Nursery.
In the kitchen, sitting in a highchair.
At a Daycare Center.
In the car, sitting in a car seat.
At a store, sitting in a shopping cart.
Do you think the baby was aware that you were watching them fill their pants?
I don't know, that's a good question.
No, they had a blank look on their face. They were not aware I was watching them.
Oh yes, they knew I was watching them poop their pants.
Did the baby seem embarassed to poop their pants in front of you?
No, I don't think they even knew that they were filling their pants.
They seemed a little embarassed, but they couldn't control their bowel movement.
Yes, they were embarassed, they tried to hide their face from me.
If you felt feelings of embarassment, why do you think you felt those feelings?
I felt embarassed for the baby: publicly pooping their pants in front of me.
It was the grunts, toots, and red face, that I found so embarassing, because it drew everyone's attention.
The smell of poop had filled the room, and I found the smell really embarrassing.
All of the above.
Have you found that you actualy enjoy watching babies fill their pants?
No, I have no interest in watching babies poop their diapers.
I find it somewhat interesting to watch a baby dirty their pants.
Oh yes! I love watching babies fill their pants!
Why do you think you enjoy watching babies poop their pants?
I love watching the facial experssions; the bright red faces they make.
I enjoy hearing the "sound effects" of grunts and toots as they fill their pants.
They look so cute pooping their pants.
There is something so sweet and "babyish" about a baby filling their pants in front of you.
It gives me warm, motherly feelings to watch a baby poop their pants.
All of the above.
This poll was created on 2012-03-17 23:01:36 by Mrs. Wrinkle-Nose