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Middle school poll on elections

This poll is not specifically for who you might vote for. It is about issues and how you perceive them. Be an informed citizen. What you say does impact on others.
Please check one
I was born in the year
Which of these is a primary responsibility of the US government
providing schools
conducting foreign wars
defending our country
supporting the United Nations
If our country has goverrnment sponsored health care, which branch of government determines the rules of payment
human health and services
When candidates speak of being in favor of choice, they are most often refering to
birth control
Which group do you understand to best present issues of social justice
both of these
niether of these
Which of these is most likely to be included in a high school course of studies
moral law
civil law
natural law
mosaic law
For someone your age (appr. 12 years old, give or take a year) do you think what you have heard in the classroom on sex education is
too specific (more detail than you need to hear)
too general (we don't really learn anything thats new)
Should include more about family lifestyle and tolerance
Should include more ethical information about the purpose and role of marriage
Do you think that your parents agree with current presidential policies
father agrees with president, not mother
mother agees with president, not father
both parents agree with presidents policies
neither mother or father agree with president
do you believe you are a youngster whose sibling (brother or sister) was never able to be born
No I don't believe this
Yes this is true for me
I don't believe this but I know someone who does
I had a brother or sister who due to natural causes did not come to term (died before birth)
Do you think the voting age should be lowered
It should be 21
It should be 18
It should be 16
It should be 14
Do you think our country should do more to stop drugs
yes - I or someone I know has used drugs and gone downhill
no - using drugs really hasn't had consequences for persons my age
yes - drugs have a bad ripple effect on society (car accidents, lost jobs)
no - drugs should be up to the person, not the rules of society
do you ever pray at home with your parents or other family
my family go with me to
none of these
how would you describe the fiancial situation in your household now
OK right now
not good
worse than 2 years ago
better than 2 years ago
TO VALIDATE YOUR ANSWERS AND HAVE THEM COUNTED ANSWER THE THREE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS The zip code where I live is The biggest city within 30 miles is My parents were both born in US (y or n)
This poll was created on 2011-12-04 12:12:44 by quickdry