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Guys Peeing Their Pants

I've seen a lot of polls suggesting that guys like to pee their pants on purpose. So here is a poll to determine if that is true and the reasons why.
Are you a guy?
No. Please go to the results and do not answer anymore questions.
How old are you?
Have you ever peed your pants?
Not yet.
Want to.
If you have, was it on purpose or accident?
I couldn't wait anymore. I am so ashamed.
I told my buddy to pull over but he wouldn't listen.
I lost a bet.
My best friend told it was awesome so I tried it.
I just tried it.
I love peeing my pants.
Were you awake or did you wet the bed?
I was dreaming about peeing and I woke up soaked.
I was too tired to get out of bed. What the heck!
I woke up peeing but it felt so good I didn't try to stop.
I was wide awake. I shouldn't have had that last cup of coffee.
I was awake and did it on purpose.
If you were awake and knew what you were doing, why did you do it?
My sister was in the bathroom and wouldn't get out. That was the chair she always sits in:)
I heard other guys talking about so I tried it.
I've done it before and liked it!
I love that warm, wet feeling!
Do you wet yourself fully clothed?
I just wear shorts; no shirt.
I only wear my underwear.
It's best to do it in jeans.
What position are you in?
Standing up and let run down my legs and into my socks.
Sitting down and let it puddle under me.
While walking around the house.
While walking around outside.
Lying down on the shower floor.
How long do you leave your wet clothes on?
For a minute or two once I am done.
About 5 minutes.
No more than 15 minutes. Who wants a rash?!
I let them air dry while I am wearing them.
Do you just let it flow or aim?
I just let it flow.
I aim for my stomach.
I aim for my chest.
I pee on my leg.
I pee on my feet.
Do you know of anyone else who has peed themselves?
My best friend. He was the one that told me how great it was.
My brother.
Guys I hang out with.
A guy I know from school.
If your friend asked you if you had ever done it....?
I would admit to it.
I would tell him he should do it too.
I would deny it.
I would change the subject.
How often do you pee your pants?
Once a week.
Two or three times per week.
Almost every day.
Every day.
Where do you pee your pants most often?
At home in my room.
At home in the kitchen.
At home in the family room.
At home in the bathroom.
At school.
At a friends.
In my car.
In public.
Is it best to pee your pants with or without underwear?
With underwear.
If with underwear is one kind better than another?
Yes boxers.
Yes briefs.
Yes boxer briefs.
Yes other.
So, should I pee my pants?
Go for it!
C'mon, give it a try.
You'll be glad that you did.
No way.
This poll was created on 2012-03-16 01:30:19 by cadfael