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Do you think I should start to wear diapers?

Since I found so many polls about people who are wearing diapers, I feet like to try it out. One year ago I had the idea to use a diaper, but at that time I stopped it... Well the wish comes back to me, and when I´m in the supermarket I always pass the place where this baby stuff is. I fell like that the diapers are calling me...., well I don't know what to do now.
Do you think I should follow this idea to put on diapers again?
NO! How can you wear diaper if you are not a baby or have a problem with holding back.
YES! I think your destiny is to wear diaper! You better comply with it.
Stop to think about to wear diapers, you have to suppress this desire.
When I really start now to wear diapers again, I should
wear just at home, very rarely.
put on diaper on weekend and evening when I'm at home.
get used to wear diaper as often as possible.
put on diaper every day! You are infantile, swaddle yourself!
Please give me an instruction to manage my "desire":
Do you think I should be punished?
Thank you for your ideas and guidance.
This poll was created on 2012-03-12 02:16:47 by red horse