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Does your boyfriend make you go to school barefoot?

How often does your boyfriend make you go to school barefoot?
he did it once
two or three times
sometimes in summer
maybe once a week in summer
quite often in summer
most of the time in summer
sometimes even in spring and autumn
even in winter as long as it doesn't get too cold
the whole year round and he doesn't care about how cold it gets
In which months have you been to school barefoot?
How does he make you go barefoot?
he tells me the day before that the next day I have to go to school barefoot
he sends me a mail or message in the morning and tells me to leave my shoes at home
he picks me up in the morning and tells me to go without shoes
when we meet at school in the morning he tells me to take my shoes off
when we meet at school in the morning he takes my shoes off
he tells me to take my shoes off during class or during the break
he takes my shoes off during class or during the break
I know that I have to go barefoot unless he tells me otherwise
If you already leave your home barefoot in the morning, are you allowed to take some "emergency" shoes with you?
it depends on what will happen on this day
if he's in good mood
normally not
If you have shoes with you at school, where do you leave them?
I carry them in my hands
I put them in my satchel
he puts them in his satchel
I have to put them in my locker
he puts them in his locker
If you beg him to put your shoes back on, does he allow you?
yes, always
yes, normally
if he is in good mood
normally not
no, once barefoot means barefoot for the rest of the day
Does your school permit you to go barefoot?
there is no rule about it
there is no rule about it but it they do not like it
it is prohibited but they do not impose the rule
it is strictly prohibited
How do your teachers react when you are barefoot at school?
they stare at my feet
they ignore it
they make stupid comments
I already got in trouble for being barefoot. How?
I got sent home for being barefoot
other reactions?
Are there any other girls in your class that are barefoot too?
yes, several
yes, we have a hardcore barefooter
yes, one girl also sometimes goes barefoot
friend of mine sometimes walks barefoot with me in solidarity
yes, another girl is also made to go barefoot by her boyfriend
no, I am the only barefoot girl in my class
Does your boyfriend also tell you which clothes to wear when you are barefoot at school?
no, I am free to choose my clothes
I know what his favorites are and normally wear them
sometimes he askes me to wear something special for him
normally he tells me what he wants me to wear
yes, I have a strict dress code set by him
If yes, how is his favorite "barefoot school style" for you?
bell bottoms
short trousers
long hippie skirt
long dress
short skirt
short dress
any other?
Does he also tell you what to wear underneath?
yes, I'm not allowed to wear bras
yes, I'm only allowed to wear thongs, no other panties
sometimes I have to go commando
normally he does not let me wear underwear
I never wear underwear at school
Does he ask you to style your feet when you walk barefoot?
yes, nail polish
yes, toenails painted with felt-tips or highlighters
yes, an anklet
yes, a leather strap round my ankle
yes, one or more toerings
yes, foot jewelry like barefoot sandals etc.
yes, a tatoo. What is it?
If you have to paint your toenails, which color(s)?
french end only
transparent and glittering
light red
dark red
light blue
dark blue
light green
dark green
If you have to wear toerings, on which toes?
pinky left
forth left
middle left
second left
big left
big right
second right
middle right
forth right
pinky right
When you wear shoes to school, are there any rules your boyfriend set for you?
no, I can choose which shoes to wear
he only wants me to wear high heels
I'm not allowed to wear socks, stocking or pantyhose in summer
I'm not allowed to wear socks, stockings or pantyhose the whole year round
from spring to autumn, my bare toes have always to be visible
I have to wear sandals the whole year round, no matter how cold it gets
How do you feel about being barefoot at school?
it's really degrading
I'm embarrassed
it's embarrassing but somehow also funny
at first it felt weird but no I got used to it and don't care anymore
it's really fun
I do it for him and do not ask
I learned to love it
What about PE, does he allow you to wear shoes?
I take part barefoot anyway, no matter if he wants it
for gymnastics, he wants me to be barefoot
whenever he wants, I have to take part barefoot
he took away all my shoes for PE, so I have to be barefoot no matter what sport we do
Did you have to do one of the following things for your boyfriend while being barefoot at school?
be barefoot at school in the depths of winter
paint your toenails during the lesson
walk through the mud before school and sit in school with mud-covered feet
show your dirty soles to your or his friends
take off your shoes during the lesson and put them on your desk so everyone can see it
grind out a cigarette with your bare foot
step in something disgusting like food on the floor
go to school with something written or painted on your soles? What?
go to school with something written or painted on top of your feet? What?
use your fingerrings or earrings as toerings
something similar?
none of these
What was the coldest day your boyfriend sent you to school barefoot and how were you dressed?
What was your skimpiest outfit you ever wore at school while being barefoot?
Have you ever stepped in something disgusting while walking barefoot at school? What was it?
What was your most embarrassing moment being barefoot at school?
If you split with your boyfriend, would you continue to go to school barefoot anyway?
never ever
every now and then but not as much as he makes me do it now
probably, I'm so used to it now
sure, he made me a real barefooter
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