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Moms dominated by daughters (Women only)

For moms who have lost control over their daughters. I've found myself in a similar situation, and want to know who else out there has lost the upper hand in the relationship. I have not been subjected to everything listed here, but to a fair portion of it. There are no questions pertaining to sex (my situation doesn't involve any), only how you are controlled/punished. I will try to check the message board every so often as well.
Moms, how old are you?
Over 50
How old is your daughter?
Under 15
27 or older.
Have you ever been spanked by your daughter? If so, how badly?
Yes, lightly/playfully.
Yes, until my bottom was red.
Yes, until I cried.
If you were spanked, how were you dressed? Multiple answers allowed.
Fully clothed.
Pants down or dress up.
Clothes on, but bare-bottomed.
In bra and panties.
In socks and shoes.
Only wearing socks.
Completely naked.
If spanked, how were you positioned? Multiple answers allowed.
Over her knee.
Standing up, in the center of the room.
Standing up, against the wall.
Laying flat on your stomach.
On hands and knees, on the ground.
Bent over furniture or similar item (i.e. kitchen counter).
Has your daughter ever forced you to undress? If so, who else was around? Multiple answers allowed, check all that apply.
No, she's never forced you to undress.
Yes, no one else was around.
Yes, around male family members (your husband, her brothers, etc).
Yes, around female family members (her sisters, her aunt, etc).
Yes, around her male friends.
Yes, around her female friends.
Yes, around people not listed above.
Has your daughter ever forced you to clean the house?
Has your daughter ever told you how to dress for work?
Yes, but it was appropriate for work.
Yes, it was a little inappropriate.
Yes, it was very inappropriate, and I got in trouble.
Yes, it was very inappropriate, and I got fired.
Has your daughter ever used you as a footstool?
Yes, I was fully dressed.
Yes, I was in my bra and panties.
Yes, I was only wearing socks and/or shoes.
Yes, I was completely nude.
Has your daughter ever made you do her laundry?
Very important question- has your daughter ever shown any remorse for guilt for treating you like this.
Yes, but only a little.
Yes, quite a bit, but she refuses to stop.
Yes, and she eventually stopped.
For the women who are still married (I'm divorced), does your husband know about this? How does he react?
I'm divorced or a single mom.
I'm married, but he doesn't know.
He enjoys it.
He doesn't like it, but lets it go.
He has made it stop.
He's also controlled.
How do you feel about your situation? For the record, I hate the situation.
I stopped it a while ago.
I hate it and want it to stop.
I hate it, but I can't stop her.
I've gotten used to it, but I do not enjoy it.
I've gotten used to it, and started enjoying it.
I have enjoyed it from the beginning.
What is the most embarrassing/humiliating thing your daughter has put you through?
What is the most embarrassing thing your daughter has threatened to do, but has not done yet? What are you afraid she might do, that she hasn't threatened you with?
For any daughters who have come across this poll, why do you control your mother?
Thank you for taking my poll. Please feel free to add anything you'd like to say.
This poll was created on 2012-02-23 00:13:54 by bschin2188