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The Belly Button Doctor

When you first enter the doctor's office, is there a scanner that scans your belly button?
What type of people are in the waiting room?
people who are having problems with their belly button
people who are studying to become belly button doctors
people who want to have their belly button examined for fun
people who are just getting their regular belly button checkup
When the nurse calls you into the doctor's office, what does she do?
nothing at all - for now
measure how long/wide/deep belly button is with a ruler
stick a thermometer in belly button to check the temperature
massage stomach and belly button so that muscles are very relaxed
When the doctor finally comes in, what questions does he ask you?
Have you been having any problems with your belly button?
How can I help your belly button today?
Have you played with your belly button recently?
How has your belly button been feeling lately?
Have you been experiencing any pain in your belly button?
What you lie down on the table at the start of the examination, are you strapped down?
no, I am not strapped down
no, I am gagged but not strapped down
yes, my wrists/ankles are strapped down tightly
yes, my wrists/arms/chest/waist/legs/ankles are strapped down so I can't move
yes, my wrists/ankles are strapped down and I am gagged so I can't move or speak
When the doctor begins the examination, does he clean out your belly button?
no, it is already very clean
yes, he just rubs some water on it
yes, he cleans it out with a q-tip and some water
yes, he uses a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to get rid of all the dirt and lint
What does the doctor do next?
press finger down deep inside belly button to check pulse
listens to stomach noises with a stethoscope
tap on stomach and around belly button with a rubber hammer
takes some X-rays of inside of stomach
tickle your stomach and belly button to see the reaction
torture your belly button with sharp tools to see the reaction
throw a few punches at stomach and belly button to see the reaction
When the doctor asks for you to come back the next day for a follow-up, you say?
No way, I'm not coming back here!
That's OK, I think my belly button is doing fine.
No thanks, I think you fixed it, my belly button feels a lot better!
Alright, what time do you want me back?
Sure, I'll be here first thing in the morning!!!
I still feel some pain in my belly button, can you check it out now?
This poll was created on 2012-02-21 14:13:15 by _AliCE_