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Why do people choose to believe in a deity

I am Athiest and am curious
Are you athiest
What closest represents your beliefs
There is no possible way of knowing, therefore it is ridiculous to assume belief of any possible beliefs
I know there isn't a god because I have listened to religious people argue their beliefs
I believe in a power that set things into motion, beyond our understanding and separate from religious belief
I believe in a religious god and assume I am correct based on a book from 2000 years ago
I believe in a religious god because people influenced me into believing it is correct.
What do you think is the reason of the direct correlation between intelligence and lack of religiosity.
Religious people are easily convinced of something without proof, making them inherently less intelligent and less likely to question idea's
Intelligent people are likely to pursue Tertiary education, broadening their views and interaction with other intelligent people who are more likely athiest
Im religious and I'm having trouble understanding these hard words.. You douche.
Dude, they believe in talking snakes and that the world is 6000 years old. kids in elementary school have better sense then them.
Why do you think people believe in religion
their parents indoctrinated them
They're the unintelligent portion of the planet
people around them influenced them
What is the best approach to dealing with someone who's religious
Tell them your religious
Tell them your athiest and take no action
Argue with them over why religion is wrong
Ignore the subject
Just take em out back and hang them.
How long until religion is extinct except in small pockets of humanity (if we can survive before they destroy the planet)
1-30 years
30-90 years
90-160 years
160-300 years
300-1000 years
1000-10,000 years
10,000- till some date
Never, stupid people will always be stupid.
This poll was created on 2012-02-21 09:23:34 by DJsandman