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Mixed PE lessons: fun for boys or one long tease?

With girls steadily outperforming boys at every type of PE, boys are starting to look pretty silly in PE lessons. No boy likes getting beaten by a girl, but it's probably happened to you already so now's your chance to talk about it!

How old are you?

12% (12) Under 13
15% (15) 13
15% (15) 14
24% (24) 15
11% (11) 16
23% (23) Over 16

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Who's more of a pain to play against in PE, other boys or girls?

68% (68) Girls
32% (32) Other boys

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What do you think about mixed PE lessons?

34% (34) I dread mixed PE, girls are way better than us and they tease so much
10% (10) I always go into it determined to do better than the girls, and I always come out feeling frustrated
21% (21) Mixed PE can be really annoying, but it can be fun too
35% (35) I can cope with girls, even in PE

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Do you find the girls distracting to look at in their PE kit?

36% (36) Yes, those short PE skirts really tease the eyes and get me so flustered I can hardly play
13% (13) I blush and get shy and embarrassed around girls when they're dressed like that
22% (22) I try to ignore what they're wearing and just concentrate on the lesson
28% (29) The only problem is I like their PE kit too much! I'm always so busy trying to see their knickers that I forget what we're meant to be playing!

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How do you feel about your PE shorts?

7% (7) I can't stand PE shorts, they're irritating to wear and impossible to play well in
21% (21) They make you feel really exposed and embarrassed in front of the girls
7% (7) It's a big problem they don't stretch because a boy needs his shorts to do that, especially in PE!
25% (25) Girls are at an advantage because they can wear PE skirts, which are easier to play in than shorts
5% (5) Shorts are OK to wear but they cause blushes when you find your underwear's peeking out!
5% (5) I don't much like having to wear PE shorts, but I can put up with them
30% (30) PE shorts are fine, and I think most boys would prefer wearing them to a PE skirt!

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How does it make you feel when you're teased by a girl in PE?

11% (11) Furious that a girl's got the better of me and made me look stupid
37% (37) Defeated - she must be way better than me if she can not only win but also tease me while she's doing it
14% (14) Frustrated, because I feel I could do better than her if only she played properly and didn't tease
5% (5) Indignant that a girl's doing better than me at PE, which boys are meant to be best at
33% (33) I don't mind, because I know the only reason girls tease us in PE is because they can't win if they play fair

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What do you do when a girl teases you in PE?

6% (6) Stamp my foot in frustration and yell at her to stop it
10% (10) Cry, because it just gets too much for my nerves to take
28% (29) Keep trying and trying, even though that usually just means more teasing
16% (16) Give a sigh, hitch up my underwear and do my best to keep going
5% (5) Tell myself she's just a smelly annoying girl anyway, which makes me feel better
34% (34) Tease her right back!

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Lastly, do you believe girls are better than boys at PE?

37% (37) Yes, they're much better and mixed PE lessons aren't fair on boys
12% (12) Girls will always be a bit better than boys at PE, but boys can compete with them
22% (22) We'd totally beat them at PE if they'd just play like we do instead of teasing all the time!
28% (29) I don't believe girls are better than boys at PE

100 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2012-02-07 14:26:34 by AJP1992
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