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WOMEN 18+ ONLY: Are women becoming the dominant sex?

All around the world, women are making huge strides in narrowing and even eliminating the gender gap. If current trends continue, women will soon be better educated and perhaps even earning more on average than men. Will the conquest of the business and political worlds soon follow? This poll is designed to see if women 18 years of age and older believe that females are on the verge of "ruling the world." (FOR MEN: Do not answer this poll, please go to the survey of the same title for men only.)
Are you a female of 18 years or older?
Yes - please continue
No - please do not continue
What is your age group?
Over 60
Where do you live?
North America
Central/South America
In your view, what is the likelihood that that women in the coming decades will come to dominate business, government, the professions and society in general - in other words, that women will become the dominant sex?
It is inevitable
Very likely
Possible but difficult to predict
Very unlikely
If you answered "inevitable" or "very likely" to the previous question, why do you think this will happen? (Please check all that apply)
Women are more intelligent than men.
Women are dominating higher education and will therefore attain better-paid, higher-status jobs.
Women are more ambitious and disciplined than men.
Men are progressively abdicating positions of power and responsibility in favour of women.
Modern society values "feminine" attributes more than "masculine" ones.
Men are becoming more submissive as women become more powerful.
Feminine skill-sets are in higher demand in the modern economy than masculine ones.
Other ideas?
Women's progress is uneven in different regions of the world, but does seem to be a generalized phenomenon. If current trends continue, which regions of the world do you think will likely have female-dominant societies by the year 2050?
North America and Europe only
North America, Europe, South America, Australia
Everywhere except a few isolated regions such as the Middle East
It will be a worldwide phenomenon
In the year 2050, which of the following do you think will be true throughout most of North America and Europe? (Please check all that apply.)
Women will on average earn more money than men.
Most elected political leaders and representatives will be women.
Female breadwinners will be the norm.
"Pink-collar" jobs such as nursing, childcare, cleaning and secretarial will be predominantly held by men.
Most professional and management positions will be held by women.
It will be normal for a man to take his wife's last name in marriage.
When do you think the "tipping point" will be reached in North America and Europe, i.e. women will hold the preponderance of political, economic and social power?
In the next 5-10 years
In the next 10-20 years
In the next 20-50 years
In the next 50-100 years.
LANGUAGE - Since the 1970s, under pressure from feminists, language has changed to become more "gender neutral". If women become the dominant sex, do you think these gender-neutral forms will prevail or will language become more feminized to reflect the new reality?
Language will become more feminized to reflect that it's a woman's world.
Gender-neutral language will prevail.
If you answered that language will become more feminized in the previous question, which of the following words or expressions do you think might become standard in the 21st century? (Please check all that apply.)
"she and he," "S/he", "her and him" (feminine pronouns always placed first)
Woman and husband
Women and men, girls and boys, Mary and John (females always placed first)
Womankind (where "Woman" refers to humanity and includes men)
If a person wants to get a good job, then she ... (where "she" is inclusive of males)
The best woman for the job (used in a generic sense, e.g. "They should pick the best woman for the job")
The woman in the street (to refer to general public opinion)
Jane Q. Public (to refer to the average citizen)
Other suggestions?
GOVERNMENT: How will the US government look in the year 2050?
Male President, male Vice-President, male-majority Congress
Male President, female Vice-President, male-majority Congress
Male President, female Vice-President, female-majority Congress
Female President, male Vice-President, male-majority Congress
Female President, female Vice-President, male-majority Congress
Female President, female Vice-President, female-majority Congress
When do you think we will see the first all-female Presidential race (i.e. both Democratic and Republican nominees for President and Vice-President are women)?
2032 or later
Assuming governments are increasingly dominated by women, how do you think they will govern in comparison the the generally male-dominated governments of today?
They will be better - fairer, less corrupt and more responsive to the needs of citizens.
They will be better, but will generally favour women's values and interests over men's.
They will be about the same as governments are today.
They will be worse than governments are today, especially towards men.
Other views?
MARRIAGE: Which of the following do you think will be the standard way to address a married couple in the year 2030?
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Ms. and Mr. Jane Smith
Mr. John Smith and Ms. Jane Davis
Ms. Jane Davis and Mr. John Smith
Mr. John and Ms. Jane Smith-Davis
Ms. Jane and Mr. John Davis-Smith
In some wedding ceremonies today men are promising to "love, honour and obey" their wives while women only promise to "love, cherish and protect" their husbands. What are your views on this becoming the norm by 2050?
Inevitable with wives becoming the primary breadwinners and heads of household
Very likely
Possible but unlikely
It will never happen
With women achieving higher levels of education and higher-paying positions, which of the following best expresses your belief?
The percentage of married women with non-working househusbands will NOT increase significantly.
The percentage of married women with non-working househusbands will increase significantly but not over 50%.
The percentage of married women with non-working househusbands will increase to over 50%.
The percentage of married women with non-working househusbands will increase to over 75%.
For those families where the wife is the breadwinner and the husband stays at home, how do you think the household responsibilities such as child care, cleaning, cooking, ironing, etc. will be organized?
It will be like today, women will get stuck with the majority of household tasks.
There will be an equal split of household duties.
The househusband will do the majority of the household responsibilities.
The househusband will perform all of the household chores and will be expected to wait on his wife hand and foot when she gets home from work.
SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR: If women become the dominant sex, how do you think men will generally behave in public in the presence of women? (Please select one.)
They will behave just as they do today - rudely and disrespectfully.
They will treat women as equals and with more respect than they do today.
They will be more submissive and deferential towards women.
They will be extremely submissive, deferential and eager to please women.
WORK: In 2010, women for the first time became the majority of the US workforce. Do you think this trend will continue?
How high do you think the percentage of the US workforce that is female will go until it peaks?
75% or above
Given female dominance of professional education at universities around the world, what percentage of professionals (lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers, dentists, accountants, etc.) will be female by 2050?
80% or higher
Even today many men report to a female boss, often younger than themselves. Assuming the trends noted above continue, it seems likely that most men can expect to report to a female boss for most or all of their careers. How do you think male employees will react to their new subordinate status?
They will have difficulty adapting because men have trouble accepting female authority.
They will resent it at first but they will get used to it.
It will be no big deal because by that time men will be socialized to accept female authority.
They will like it because women make better bosses and men secretly want to be dominated by women.
Continuing with the theme in the question above, imagine you are 30 years old and have just been appointed the manager of a large division in a private firm. One of your male employees is 25 years older than you. How would you feel about this situation?
I would be totally comfortable with it -- I'm the boss, after all.
It would feel weird at first, but I'd get used to it.
I would feel a need to demonstrate my authority and ensure my male employee's respect.
I would feel uncomfortable with this situation.
As a female boss, how would you expect your male employee to address you:
Ms. (Your Surname)
(Your First Name)
FASHION: Women present themselves to the world differently than men. For instance, they enhance themselves physically with makeup, jewellery and long, painted fingernails and toenails. They commonly shave their legs and under their arms. They tend to wear softer fabrics and tighter clothes that enhance their femininity. Will these customs still be the norm for women as the dominant sex?
Definitely yes, perhaps even more so
Mostly yes, but there may be some changes
Mostly no, but some customs will persist
Definitely no
Continuing with the different ways that women and men now present themselves to the world, in a world where women are the dominant sex would men adopt some or all of the physical enhancement customs of women?
Yes -- all of them
Yes -- most of them
Yes -- a few of them
No -- none of them
And, in the same vein, how do you think men's clothing will evolve?
It will become more feminine as men seek to emulate the dominant sex.
Men will continue to dress more or less as they do today.
Men's clothing will become a lot more casual since they will be spending more time in the home.
Men will wear a mix of feminine and more traditional masculine clothing.
Please state how you feel about the following statement: "Overall, I am looking forward to a future where women are the dominant sex."
Strongly agree - I can't wait
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree
Overall, how would you rate this poll:
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