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Going Commando!

Do you go commando?
This is for guys only! Are you guy?
I'm just a girl pretending to be guy.
Have you ever gone commando, (wearing no undies other than showering)?
No, but want to.
If yes, was it a one time thing or you do it often?
I did it once and liked it.
I did it once but didn't like it.
I want to but I am to chicken to try.
Not wearing underwear, that just gross!!
If you have done it more than once, how often do you do it?
Once a week.
On the weekends.
Every day.
If you haven't done it or only tried it, why not do it again?
I forgot I had gym class that day and it was very embarrassing.
After I peed I ended up with a big wet spot in the front of my jeans.
I forgot I had nothing on underneath and zipped something that shouldn't be zipped!
All of that bouncing around caused me to get aroused in public.
Even if you don't do it during the day, do you sleep that way?
Every night.
Some times.
No, I share a room with my brother and he would freak!
I am not telling. Only the sheets and me knows what happens under there.
Finally, if the washing machine broke and you ran out of clean underwear would go commando then?
Only then.
Might be the start to something wonderful.
I would just wear the same pair two days in a row.
Turn them inside out and no one will no the difference.
This poll was created on 2012-02-01 19:45:43 by cadfael