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manly girlfriend

This is a poll for boys / men who want their girlfriend / wife to be kind of manly. I want to figure out, what they prefer / what they dream of. So if you are not male or if you don't like manly girls this poll is not for you - sorry.
Why are you attracted to manly girls?
They are open minded and are not fixed to stereotypical gender roles.
They look so keen and strong, when dressed in manly clothes.
They are more self-confident and assertive than other girls.
They are sexy / erotic.
I love to have a strong shoulder to lean on.
They don't mind to swim against the current - I adore them for being so strong.
What interests should she have?
work out
outdoor activities
clubbing with friends
do it yourself
action stories / movies
horror movies
romance (flowers / sunset / music / cuddling...)
What character traits should she have?
warmth / affection
What distribution of power do you prefer in your relationship?
I want to be in charge, she must take orders.
She should be in charge, I will take orders.
We should have equal rights.
What gender roles do you prefer?
Traditional: I am the breadwinner, she is the housewife.
Emancipated: We both work for money and share household chores.
Reversed: She is the breadwinner, I am the housewife.
Would it bother you, if she attires herself in feminine clothes?
Yes - I would prefer a lot, if she attires herself in manly clothes all the time.
No - if she want's to wear male clothes from time to time that wouldn't bother me.
No - she can look very feminine all the time. Having manly character is the main thing.
Would you agree, if she wants you to look feminine?
No way - I am a man.
If it makes her happy, I am willing to wear female underwear like panties and tights - but no more.
I could imagine to wear only feminine clothes at home in order to please her - as long as we have no guests.
It seems to be reasonable that I look feminine as she looks manly. So she wears the trousers. And I wear my housekeeping uniform, even when guests are around. But I wouldn't dare to wear skirts outside our home, because I am afraid that strangers would dismiss me...
If she pushes me into a feminine appearance, I could imagine to turn myself into the woman of her dreams. Wearing lingerie, blouses, skirts, dresses and heels wherever I go. Trousers would be reserved for the strong fellow in our relationship - no longer appropriate or allowed for me.
If you prefer her to be in charge - how would you feel about being trained and punished by your girlfriend? For example if you didn't fulfil your tasks in a proper way, or if you failed to behave adequately or if you didn't obey her?
No way - we are both adult mates.
Yes - could imagine to accept her training and punishments. As she is the stronger part in our relationship.
Actually I hope she will show no mercy while training and punishing me. Sometimes I am a bad boy - lazy, disrespectful, insubordinate. Hopefully she will be able to mold a good girl out of me.
If you marry her - could you imagine... (select an item means yes)
to vow to love, honor and obey her as her husband?
to acquire her surname?
to wear a wedding gown while she wears a suit?
Did you miss anything? Your feedback is very appreciated :). Thank you for your participation in this poll!
This poll was created on 2012-01-30 18:47:51 by sub_Monika