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Child Rearing

To get a picture about parenting styles especially when it comes to disciplining children.
What is your gender?
What is your age?
How many children do you have?
Three or more
What are their ages?
0-1 years
1-2 years
2-5 years
5 years and up
To what extent do you follow the parenting styles you grew up with?
I raise my children the way I was raised because I think it was appropriate.
I raise my children the way I was raised because that's what I am familiar with.
I follow some of it.
I follow none of it.
I did not think about it.
What did you do when your newborn baby was crying?
I always picked her up, tried to soothe her and find out why she was fussing.
If I knew she wasn't hungry or didn't need a diaper change, I didn't pick her up because I did't want to spoil her.
I waited a little bit to see if she was "just bored", but did not let her cry too long if she couldn't settle down.
Are you consistent in disciplining your children?
Almost always.
Depends on my mood.
No, because I give in if I see my child crying or begging.
When raising your children, do you follow your instincts or consult educational materials?
I try to find the middle ground.
I use educational tools as well as my own experience.
I always "play it by ear".
I haven't thought about it.
Do you and your partner have the same parenting style?
No, we have different ideas about raising our children.
Yes, almost always.
We are both indecisive as we do not know what's right or wrong.
Do you let the grandparents use their own parenting styles?
I explain it to them that I prefer my parenting styles.
Yes, after all, they raised me.
No, I do not want my children to get confused with different parenting styles.
Yes, but only when they watch the children.
Do you discipline your kids in front of others?
No, but when we get home...
No, I don't think we should.
Who do you turn to when you need help?
My parents.
Daycare/Preschool teachers.
Friend, neighbor.
Educational materials.
Who is more strict or lenient in the family?
Father strict, mother lenient.
Mother strict, father lenient.
We are both strict.
We are both lenient.
It depends on our mood.
Do you punish your kids?
Yes, frequently.
Sometimes, but I always explain.
Sometimes, and I do not explain.
In what situations do you punish your kids?
When he doesn't listen.
When he constantly cries and has meltdowns.
When others tell me he misbehaved.
When he bullies others.
When he doesn't listen and could get hurt.
What form of punishment do you use?
No TV for a week.
No toy or activity that was promised.
Time out in room.
Have you ever told your child: "I don't love you, you misbehaved again!"
I was told the same thing when I was a child.
Yes, but I don't mean it.
How do you reward your child?
Small presents.
Hugs and kisses.
How often do you praise your child?
Every single time he deserves it.
No, never.
Do you think children need limits?
Yes, we do not want them to turn our world upside down.
Yes, rules are part of child development.
No, I let him use his free will.
I have no idea.
Do you let your children make decisions?
Yes, always.
Yes, but only age appropriate choices that are good for her development.
No, I make all the decisions.
Do you choose to do something for your child when she herself could do it?
Yes, I always try to help her.
If my child is sick or tired, I sometimes do it for her.
It depends on how tired/sick I am.
No, she has to learn that nobody will do it for her when she grows up.
Your child spills cocoa on his pants during breakfast. How do you react?
I told you a hundred times, no we will be late!
I told you, now you have to go to school wet...
Just watch out next time. Do you want to change your pants now or after breakfast?
After breakfast I'll show you how to clean your pants, it can happen to adults too.
Your child doesn't know how to complete an assignment. What is your reaction?
Scold and give her a lesson.
Won't let her do it on her own anymore.
Praise her and tell her to keep practicing.
Wouldn't scold her for not succeeding.
Do you use the Internet or any magazine to look for advice?
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