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Taylor Swift vs Carrie Underwood Bra and Panties Catfight

These sexy country celebs are about to engage in a bra and panties match! Let your fantasies run wild as you decide who will win and who will end up stripped and humiliated! The person who successfully strips their opponent down to their bra and panties wins!! This match will take place in a wrestling ring at Madison Square Garden.
Taylor Swift vs Carrie Underwood Taylor and Carrie have been rivals ever since they quit singing and started wrestling. Taylor and Carrie have been in several battles all of which Carrie lost. She didn't lose due to lack of skill, she lost because Taylor always cheated. She was known for her dirty fighting skills and snooty attitude. Carrie finally had the chance to face Taylor in a match where Taylor wouldn't be able to cheat her way to victory. The ring announcer stood in the middle of the ring and announced the first competitor, Taylor Swift! Taylor came arrogantly walking down the aisle. She was wearing a sparkling silver halter top and a short black skirt, she was barefoot. Taylor was thinking that she had lucked out getting Carri opponent since Taylor had beaten her every time she was confident that she would dismantle Carrie. The ring announcer called to the ring Taylor's opponent, Carrie Underwood! The crowd erupted as the fan favorite. Carrie walked to the ring. Carrie looked amazing in her hot pink halter top and tight white pants. As she entered the ring Taylor smirked at Carrie and told her that this was going to be too easy because it doesn't take much for Carrie to strip for people! Carrie just glared at Taylor, letting her eyes do the talking. The bell rung and the match is now underway!!
Carrie ran at Taylor only to receive Taylor's foot ramming hard in between Carries legs! Carrie let out a wail of pain as she first fell to her knees then she fell to her side. Her hands cupping her injured region. Taylor stood over Carries body while Taylor laughed and mocked her by mockingly holding on to her own groin and saying "Aww did i hurt poor little Carrie?" Taylor gave Carrie a kick to the ribs for good measure.
Taylor kicked her foot out trying to kick Carrie between the legs, but Carrie caught her foot. Taylor, while hopping on one foot trying to keep her balance, pleaded with Carrie, " No, please, Carrie. Don't do it!" Carrie smiled devilishly and said " Don't do what? Oh, this!" And with that Carrie viciously kicked Taylor in the crotch. Taylor's eyes looked like they doubled in size. She opened her mouth but no sound could come out. She fell on the floor holding herself, while she cried in pain. Carrie looked down at Taylor, smiled and said, two can play at that game Miss Swift. You want to fight dirty lets fight dirty.
Taylor ran at Carrie and grabbed a handful of Carries hair and threw her forcefully down to the mat. Carries head hit with so much force it bounced twice. Taylor then proceeded to rain slap after slap onto Carries pretty face, turning Carries cheeks bright red. Taylor said " Aww I turned your cheeks red. Lets see if I can't turn your other cheeks red!" And with that Taylor flipped Carrie over and smacked away at Carries bitter as hard as she could. Carrie shouted in pain as she kicked her legs and tried to swat away Taylor's hands.
Carrie ran at Swift and tackled her to the mat. Carrie grabbed two handfuls of Taylor's beautiful golden hair and started bashing Taylor's head into the canvas. Taylor squeeled in pain as her head started throbbing. Carrie picked Taylor up and delivered a devastating bulldog, driving Taylor's beautiful face into the canvas.
Both Carrie and Taylor have been trading blows and neither are showing signs of slowing down. Taylor, despite Carrie getting in several good hits, is still confident. Maybe a little too confident. Taylor has Carrie by the hair and seems to not be too concerned with her. Taylor throws her into a turnbuckle and carelessly tries to run into her. Carrie moves out of the way and Taylor hits the turnbuckle chest first. What happens next?
Carrie grabs Taylor's head and gives her a devastating neck breaker! Taylor falls face first to the canvas obviously very dazed from the move. Carrie kicks Taylor onto her back and grabs the bottom of Swift's silver halter top. Carrie slowly pulls Swift's top up and over her head, revealing Taylor's black lace bra! Carrie held Taylor's top in her hand and spun it around above her head and tossed it to the floor. Taylor frantically tried to cover up her now exposed breasts. Taylor was in complete which! Her cheecks burned with humiliation. She wildly swung her fist at Carrie but missed. Carrie sent the humiliated country diva to the mat with a clothesline.
Carrie tried to kick the injured Taylor but Taylor caught Carries foot and twisted it causing Carrie to fall face first onto the canvas. Taylor picked up the groggy Carrie by her hair so that she was standing. Taylor then sent a vicious kick to Carries temple, knocking her to the canvas back first. Taylor gleefully grabbed Carries hot pink halter top and ripped it off of Carries body, leaving Carrie in a hot pink bra. Carries cheeks burned bright red from embarrassment as she tried to cover up her exposed body. Taylor didn't make the situation any better because she was standing over Carrie and was pointing at her and laughing.
The humiliated young country singer who was stripped was able to get even and strip her opponent of her top as well. So now both women are down to their bras and are one step away from winning this match. One of the country divas is starting to slow down considerably and its obvious that this diva is only one move away from being knocked down and stripped. Who winds up victorious in this brawl of country divas?
Carrie throws Taylor into a turnbuckle and starts sending knife edge chops to Taylor's exposed chest, each chop so loud you can hear it echo. Taylor holds her chest and groans in pain. Carrie grabs Taylor and whips her into the ropes. Taylor rebounds and hits Carrie with a spinning roundhouse kick. Carrie drops to the canvas. Taylor arrogantly smiles, and brushes her hands together as if she had just taken out the trash. She smiled that devious smile of hers as she stood over Carrie. She stood facing carries feet and picked up Carrie's legs and hooked her fingers underneath the waste band of Carries white pants and slowly started to pull up. She barely pulled when Carrie sprang to life! Carrie wrapped her legs around Taylor's head and rolled forward. Carrie sat her butt on Taylor's face and grabbed at Taylor's kicking legs. She yanked off Taylor's skirt revealing a black lace thong. Carrie was ecstatic she twirled the skirt in her hand above her head and tossed it into the crowd. Taylor was completely mortified! Her cheecks burned with embarrassement. She desperately tried to cover up her exposed body. One hand tried to cover her crotch while the other tried to cover her butt but there was no use. The entire world could now see Taylor Swift in her bra and thong and Carrie Underwood couldn't be happier. Taylor just laid on the canvas crying deep sobs while her arms were flung over her chest and crotch.
Taylor had Carrie in the turnbuckle. She was choking Carrie with her foot. Carrie gasped for air but couldn't get a breath in. Taylor finally released her foot from carries throat, much to carries delight as she now held onto her neck as she gasped for air. Taylor grabbed Carries legs and spread them and tangled them in opposite ring ropes and did the same with her arms. Carrie was now helpless and spread eagled on the ropes. Taylor smiled a devious smile as she stepped back a few steps and then Taylor sprinted forward and punter Carrie between the legs. The kick was brutal, Carrie leaned forward to fall but the ropes held her up. Taylor sent two more kicks in between carries legs. Carrie was now sobbing and pleading for swifts mercy. Taylor untangled Carrie and held Carrie up by her hair she looked Carrie in the eyes as Taylor sent her long slender leg one later time right in Carries groin. Carrie fell to the mat clutching herself. Taylor gleefully grabbed carries pants and ripped them off. Leaving Carrie in her hot pink cotton bra and panties. "Just give it up, Carrie. You will never beat me", Taylor spat! Carrie, completely humiliated laid sobbing on the mat.
How does the winner further humiliate the loser?
The winner sits on the losers protesting and crying face. The winner makes sure that they pulled down their bottoms enough so that their bare butts are in the losers face. The winner grinds her butt against the losers nose and mouth. The losers muffled screams of humiliation can be heard underneath the winner.
The winner strips the loser of her bra and thong leaving the loser completely naked! The loser is mortified. She payee on the floor, sobbing while desperately trying to cover up her body. The winner laughs at the loser and throws the losers underwear into the crowd so she has to walk up the aisle naked.
The winner places the loser over her knee and gives the loser the spanking of a lifetime turning the losers butt bright red. The losers thong doesn't provide much protection from the winners assault. The loser kicks her legs wildly and screams and cries while the winner gleefully slaps away.
The winner does not further humiliate the loser.
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