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Impulsive take-down of another boy / male

I have witnessed a few cases where a male all of a sudden pinned another, usually weaker male to the ground. There was no disagreement before the time and the pinners were not necessarily bullies. This has nothing to do with fighting that was agreed upon, with both people standing as a start. There must be some degree of impulsivity/ surprise. Most of the events were initiated by pubertal boys, though 2 cases were by grown-ups in their twenties. I want to know more about the phenomenon. Please vote if you had done this, vote on questions you can answer if you only witnessed it, or wished to do it but restrained yourself.
What age group were you when you pinned the other person? You can select more than one if you performed multiple pins.
Prepubertal (around 11 and below)
Pubertal (around 12-15)
Adolescent (around 16-19)
Early youth (20-29)
Late youth (30-39)
Early middle age (40-49)
Middle to advanced age (50+)
What was the duration of the encounter?
Very quick - a few seconds - just a pin and release
Up to one minute
Up to 5 minutes
More than 5 minutes
What was the suffering levels of the person pinned?
No pain - mere inconvenience
Light pain
Advanced pain, breathing restriction and the like
Physical injury (soft tissue injury and / or bone breakage)
Why did you do it?
I have no idea
It is an alpha male thing - an instinct to show him who is boss
It is playfullness - maybe too harsh
I am a bully
How did it end? After release or change of situation as described below?
He stayed around as if nothing happened
He ran away
He left, but with dignity
He turned the tables on me and I had to submit to him
The pin was broken up by people present
He layed a charge of assault against me
If there were a girl(s) present, what was their reaction?
She / they did not like it and told me to stop
She / they just looked on
She / they liked it and egged me on to hurt and humiliate him
She / they instigated me in the first place to do it
The reaction was mixed since there was more than one present and / or there were several such incidents
What was your feeling at the end?
I was remorseful
Nothing, really
I was arrogant because I got away with it
Some mixture of remorsefulness and arrogance.
What is your overall view of this phenomenon?
It is unacceptable. I have stopped or feel I should stop. Even if did only once by a so-called non-bully, well, there is no such thing, once done, you are a bully. Impulsivity is a trait of weakness.
It is part of life. I have been on the receiving end from other boys / men as well. It builds character and sometimes serves to curb arrogance in younger boys. It depends on the severity of the suffering of the victim of course.
I do not apologize. In nature stronger males always dominate weaker males. In nature suffering stops on indication of submission by the weaker, therefore automatically there is not much suffering by the weaker.
I do not apologize at all. As said in the previous option, stronger males always dominate weaker males and the dominant male can administrate as much suffering as he likes, when and where he likes.
It is somewhat normal in children and teenagers. Adults should outgrow it, especially since impulsivity is so childish.
This poll was created on 2012-01-01 10:53:54 by violres