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Policy for disabled children in wheelchairs at school

Do you have a child in a wheelchair in a normal school
No (Pleas live)
Does your child wear special shoes, KAFOS or other like this?
Yes, ankle-Braces and normal shoes
Yes, Leg-Braces and special shoes
No, just normal shoes
Wath does your child wear on the feet in hot spring, summer?
Anny typ of braces and closed shoes
Just Sandals on naked feet
Normal closed shoes on socked feet
Braces on bare feet with closed shoes
Braces on bare feet with sandals
Wath are the school-shoe- rules for your child? Does it have difrent rules or the same as the non disabled children?
Wath about cold weather-rules?
Yes seam rules: Shoes and braces of and just in socks
Extra rule: My child has to take of shoes and can live socks and/or braces on
Child alloud to wear more on the feet
No other choices
Yes seam rules: All children ar barefoot in class
Yes, seam rules: Shoes come of befor entering the classroom and just socks are aloud (and braces for your child)
Extra rule: My child can enter the classroom in shoes, with or without braces
Yes seam rules: Shoes and braces of and have to wear school-slippers or if the child forgot them or loose have to be barefoot.
Extra rule: My child dont have to wear slippers but have to be in socks or barefoot in class
This poll was created on 2011-12-31 14:05:00 by sak1991