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The Bucket List

Imagine that while at the doctors office you're told that you're terminally ill and only have 3 mos to live; which of the following behaviors would you do. Please click ALL that apply.

Which of the following behaviors would you do? Please click ALL that apply.

37% (23) Cuss out your boss and quick your job
12% (8) Relapse on your drug of choice
45% (28) Max out your credit
9% (6) Pick a fist fight
17% (11) Begin speeding everywhere you drive
53% (33) Begin having sex with as many people as possible
37% (23) Go skydiving
29% (18) Go bungee jumping
14% (9) Cheat on your spouse
17% (11) Tell off your parents
11% (7) Shoplift
35% (22) Walk down the street nude
40% (25) Drive nude
24% (15) Conduct your daily duties in your pajamas
17% (11) Stop shaving and grow a beard
20% (13) Stop shaving your legs
22% (14) Begin using drugs for the first time in your life
35% (22) Eat exotic foods: shark fin soup, frogs legs, escargot, chitterlings, pig feet, etc.
32% (20) Get in a food fight
30% (19) Begin telling your friends / family what you really think about them
83% (52) Travel the country / world as far as your budget would allow

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This poll was created on 2011-12-27 07:45:36 by unowho
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