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Your opinion about Bradley Manning

I would like to hear what you think about him, the things he did and what shall happen to him. Probably the results will be quite interesting! Please pardon language mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker. Mind that you can always select multiple answers! If you like, give me a hint at the end of the poll.

Have you ever heard of Bradley Manning?

2% (1) Yes, but I don't know who he is.
90% (38) Yes, and I know what he is known for.
7% (3) No

42 voters have answered this question.

What should happen to him if it was your decision?

29% (12) I would let courts decide.
36% (15) I would free him.
9% (4) I would kill him.
14% (6) I would hug him.
31% (13) I would torture him further.

41 voters have answered this question.

What do you think about the content of the Iraq video that was leaked by him?

26% (11) I don't know the video
12% (5) I think it's wrong, but that's an isolated incident.
4% (2) I think even if it's wrong what the soldiers did, the victims deserved what happened to them.
41% (17) I think it's horrible what happened there and conditions muste be changed to prevent something like this to happen again.
12% (5) I think the soldiers did their duty greatly.
31% (13) I think it's wrong what the soldiers did and they need to be punished.

41 voters have answered this question.

What is your opinion on B. M.?

12% (5) I don't personally know him so I have no opinion on that.
26% (11) I don't know him personally but like him for what he did.
7% (3) I find him likeable
2% (1) I hate him
2% (1) He's not responsible for what he did
9% (4) He's evil and stubborn and must be heavily punished
24% (10) I don't actually like him but rather feel sorry for him.
24% (10) He's kind of a hero
4% (2) I don't find him likeable but anyway like what he did.
24% (10) I'm sure he always was fully aware of his doings so he deserves the punishment he will get.
4% (2) Dunno

41 voters have answered this question.

What do you think about the content of the leaked diplomatic cables?

12% (5) I don't know that
17% (7) That's a lot of fun to read
37% (15) Though it's fun to read, actually it's a quite serious incident in the international relationships and it should have better not happened
22% (9) It's a catastrophy. There's nothing funny about these cables.
27% (11) The release of these cables showed the world what a dishonest bigotry there is. It can only get better now.
7% (3) I don't think it's such a big deal. Some people wet themselfes while reading their saucy statements in the news but that's it.

40 voters have answered this question.

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This poll was created on 2011-12-18 09:26:03 by TheGravelRoad
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