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Which button will you press?

Self preservation or self sacrifice...which will you choose?

You're home alone and suddenly you hear a knock on the door. When you answer it a dozen FBI agents enter your home at gunpoint, sit you down, and explain that each person living had a chip implanted in their brain at birth thus giving the FBI the ability to pacify said person(s) at will. Next they open a briefcase and tell you that you have 60 seconds to press the button that corresponds with a given group. By pressing this button ALL persons in this group will be instantly killed. If you do not press the button you and all of YOUR blood family members will be killed. Which button would you press?

20% (35) 1. I'd happily wait out the 60 seconds and sacrifice myself and all of my loved ones in order to allow billions of others to live.
2% (5) 2. Everyone 10 years old and UNDER....keep in mind that this could include members of your own family.
14% (24) 3. Everyone 60 years and OLDER...keep in mind that this could include members of your own family.
7% (12) 4. Everyone who is of ANY religious denomination...keep in mind that this could include members of your own family.
8% (14) 5. Everyone who is currently flying in an airplane...again, consider members of your own family (this choice assumes that the resulting crashes do not kill additional people)
1% (2) 6. Everyone who is currently sleeping....again, this could include your child who's taking a nap at daycare.
13% (22) 7. Everyone who earned more than 150k last year.
3% (6) 8. Everyone who does NOT have a college degree.
26% (44) 9. ALL gays / lesbians.
2% (5) 10. Everyone who's currently online.

169 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2011-12-05 07:12:35 by unowho
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