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What are you afraid of?

Please review the choices on this list and click ALL of the ones that inspire some sort of fear in you.
Which of the following items, animals, or behaviors / activities are you afraid of?
Riding in a car that you're not driving
Getting rear ended by another car
Rolling a car
Going end over end in a car
Riding a motorcycle
Are you afraid of heights?
Afraid of falling?
Afraid to go skydiving
Afraid to go para-sailing
Afraid of bungee jumping
Afraid to fly in a commercial airliner
Afraid to jump down the bottom half of a flight of stairs
Afraid of being on a boat
Afraid of being in water that you're not bathing in
Afraid of drowning
Afraid of choking
Afraid of insects (spiders, mosquitoes, bees, moths, beetles, etc )
Afraid of opossums, rats, raccoon, mice
Afraid of the dark
Afraid of dogs
Afraid of birds, bats
Afraid of snakes, lizards, crocodiles
Afraid of having an UNLOADED gun pointed at you
Afraid to get into a fist fight
Afraid to get into a verbal confrontation
Afraid of public speaking
Afraid small / enclosed places (elevators, stairs cases, closets, small cars, etc)
Afraid of being naked in a public locker room
Afraid of fire
Afraid of failure
Afraid of success
Afraid of being rejected (from a potential job, romantic interest, home loan request, etc.)
Afraid you'll lose your temper
Afraid of emotional intimacy
Afraid of police officers
Afraid of the world ending
Afraid of what you'd be FORCED to do if you caught someone harming a loved one.
Afraid of using a public toilet
Afraid to drive in the rain / snow / mud / gravel
Afraid to go camping
Afraid of the power, corruption, and influence of the government
Afraid of what the future holds
Afraid of ghost
Afraid to vomit
Afraid of spending unnecessary time around people of other races
Afraid of having to administer CPR to stinky, smelly, dirty, homeless person
Afraid that your children ARE sexually active
Afraid of being forced to take someone else's life in order to preserve my own
This poll was created on 2011-11-30 04:45:24 by unowho