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Police Regulation

Obviously there's a lot of back and forth right now over various movements and the police response to them. There's also arguments about recording the police coming up in courts across America right now. I'm curious how people feel about the following two ideas for laws/policies completely removed from the political agendas that spawn their need?

Should it be law that any public employee has no 'right to privacy' when operating in an official capacity? This means that police or other officials can be observed, recorded, and reported on during the execution of their duties and that no officer can interfere with, threaten, harass, punish, or destroy the private property of an individual so acting.

21% (7) No. Police need to focus on their jobs due to the danger and public need and should not be distracted by eavesdropping or fears of reprisal.
6% (2) Maybe. Incidentally being captured on camera or microphone, or being recorded by accredited journalists in pursuit of a valid story is permissible, but random citizens shouldn't be able to confuse situations or 'look for trouble'.
72% (24) Yes. Police are not only public servants but generally perform their duties in public places where privacy is not guaranteed for anyone. People are recorded every day as we go about our lives and police should not receive special consideration.

33 voters have answered this question.

Should it be law that police be prohibited from any form of assault (including striking, chemical agents, tasers, etc) except in response to equivalent imminent, direct violence? Note that this does not affect the ability of police to use reasonable restraint techniques (arm bars, wrist locks, etc) during the act of making an arrest in order to assure their own safety.

18% (6) Absolutely not. In fact police are already too restricted in their ability to respond with force in order to ensure public peace and safety. They should have additional protections against reprisals for their actions.
3% (1) Probably not. Policing is inherently a violent job and like it or not someone has to ensure the smooth day to day operation of the general public, which may mean using force. Things are fine the way they are now.
21% (7) It depends. Sometimes police are going too far but other times people deserve what they get. The rules just need slight tweaking to be right.
12% (4) Somewhat. There is too much violence in general, or at least one type of violence (tasers, chemical sprays, protest control, etc) that is out of hand and needs serious adjustment.
45% (15) Definitely. While many police are good people doing a tough job the violence is out of control and needs immediate, serious overhaul. Police should never be able to use violence against a citizen except in response to direct violence or a serious, imminent public safety concern.

33 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2011-11-21 11:54:10 by phoenix182
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