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Cushing vs Lee

Frankenstein's Monster (Lee) vs Frankenstein (Cushing)
Frankenstein's Monster
Sherlock Holmes (Lee) vs Sherlock Holmes (Cushing)
Cushing's version
Lee's version
Count Dooku (Lee) vs Grand Moff Tarkin (Cushing)
Grand Moff Tarkin
Count Dooku
Dracula (Lee) vs Van Helsing (Cushing)
Van Helsing
(movie for both of them: I, Monster) Dr. Charles Marlowe/Edward Blake (Lee) vs Fredrick Utterson (Cushing)
Fredrick Utterson
Dr. Charles Marlowe/Edward Blake
(movie for both of them: The Gorgon) Professor Karl Meister (Lee) vs Dr. Namaroff (Cushing)
Dr. Namaroff
Professor Karl Meister
(movie: Corridor of Mirrors) Charles (Lee) vs (movie: A Chump at Oxford) Student Johnson (Cushing)
Student Johnson
(movie for both: Hamlet (1948)) Spear Carrier (Lee) vs Osric (Cushing)
Spear Carrier
(movie for both: The Mummy (1959)) Kharis (Lee) vs John Banning (Cushing)
John Banning
(movie: Corridors of Blood) Resurrection Joe (Lee) vs (movie: The Flesh and the Fiends) Dr. Robert Knox (Cushing)
Resurrection Joe
Dr. Robert Knox
(movie: The Traitor (1957)) Dr. Neumann (Lee) vs (movie: John Paul Jones) Captain Pearson (Cushing)
Dr. Neumann
John Paul Jones
(movie: Alias John Preston) John Preston (Lee) vs (movie: Suspect (1960)) Professor Sewell (Cushing)
John Preston
Professor Sewell
(movie: The Man Who Could Cheat Death) Dr. Pierre Gerard (Lee) vs (The Abominable Snowman) Dr. John Rollason (Cushing)
Dr. Pierre Gerard
Dr. John Rollason
(movie: Scott of the Antarctic) Bernard Day (Lee) vs (movie: Alexander the Great (1956)) Memnon (Cushing)
Bernard Day
(movie: A Tale of Two Cities (1958)) Marquis St. Evremonde (Lee) vs (movie: The End of the Affair (1955)) Henry Miles (Cushing)
Henry Miles
Marquis St. Evremonde
(movie for both of them: Dr. Terror's House of Horrors) Franklyn Marsh (Lee) vs Doctor Schreck (Cushing)
Franklyn Marsh
Doctor Schreck
(movie: The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll) Paul Allen (Lee) vs (movie: Captain Clegg) Parson Blyss (Cushing)
Parson Blyss
Paul Allen
(movie: Battle of the V-1) Brunner (Lee) vs (movie: Dr. Who and the Daleks) Dr. Who (Cushing)
Dr. Who
(movie for both of them: The Skull) Sir Matthew Phillips (Lee) vs Dr. Christopher Maitland (Cushing)
Sir Matthew Phillips
Dr. Christopher Maitland
(movie: The Face of Fu Manchu) Fu Manchu (Lee) vs (movie: Island of Terror) Dr. Brian Stanley (Cushing)
Fu Manchu
Dr. Brain Stanley
(movie: Rasputin, the Mad Monk) Grigori Rasputin (Lee) vs (movie: Torture Garden) Lancelot Canning (Cushing)
Lancelot Canning
(movie: Circus of Fear) Gregor (Lee) vs (movie: The Blood Beast Terror) Inspector Quennell
Inspector Quennell
(movie for both of them: Scream and Scream Again) Fremont (Lee) vs Major Heinrich Benedek (Cushing)
Major Heinrich Benedek
(movie for both of them: The House That Dripped Blood) John Reid (Lee) vs Philip Grayson (Cushing)
Philip Grayson
John Reid
(movie: Curse of the Crimson Altar) Morley (Lee) vs (movie: Tales from the Crypt) Arthur Grimsdyke (Cushing)
Arthur Grimsdyke
(movie: The Oblong Box) Dr. Neuhartt (Lee) vs (movie: Dr. Phibes Rises Again) Captain (Cushing)
Dr. Neuhartt
(movie: Count Dracula (1970)) Count Dracula (Lee) vs (movie: Asylum) Mr Smith (Cushing)
Count Dracula
Mr. Smith
(movie for both: Nothing But The Night) Col. Charles Bingham (Lee) vs Sir Mark Ashley (Cushing)
Col. Charles Bingham
Sir Mark Ashley
(movie for both: The Creeping Flesh) Dr. James Hildern (Lee) vs Prof. Emmanuel Hildern (Cushing)
Dr. James Hildern
Prof. Emmanuel Hildern
(movie for both: Horror Express) Professor Alexander Saxton (Lee) vs Dr. Wells (Cushing)
Professor Alexander Saxton
Dr. Wells
(movie: The Wicker Man (1973)) Lord Summerisle (Lee) vs (movie: The Beast Must Die) Prof. Lundgren (Cushing)
Prof. Lundgren
Lord Summerisle
(movie: The Man with the Golden Gun) Francisco Scaramanga (Lee) vs (movie: Legend of the Werewolf) Professor Paul (Cushing)
Professor Paul
Francisco Scaramanga
(movie: An Eye for an Eye) Morgan Canfield (Lee) vs (movie: At the Earth's Core) Dr. Abner Perry (Cushing)
Morgan Canfield
Dr. Abner Perry
(movie: The Last Unicorn) King Haggard (Lee) vs (movie: The Uncanny) Wilbur Gray (Cushing)
King Haggard
Wilbur Gray
(movie for both: House of the Long Shadows) Corrigan/Roderick Grisbane (Lee) vs Sebastian Grisbane (Cushing)
Corrigan/Roderick Grisbane
Sebastian Grisbane
(movie: Lord of the Rings) Saruman the White vs (movie: Arabian Adventure) Alquazar (Cushing)
(movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Dr. Wilbur Wonka (Lee) vs (movie: Trial by Combat) Sir Edward Gifford (Cushing)
Dr. Wilbur Wonka
Sir Edward Gifford
(movie: Alice in Wonderland (2010)) Jabberwocky (Lee) vs (movie: Biggles: Adventures in Time) Air Commodore William Raymond (Cushing)
Air Commodore William Raymond
Well, thanks for doing this LONG poll. It took me longer to make it than how long it took you to take it. I tried putting similar roles together (or at least horror roles with horror roles..ext). At the end Lee still had a bunch of roles that were more known than Cushing. It was hard, but I hope it was worth it. How was this poll?
Who is the best actor?
Peter Cushing
None of them (why click this one)
Vincent Price :3
Christopher Lee
This poll was created on 2011-10-23 23:48:46 by tfkrawks