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The Legend of Zelda: My Life [Chapter 4: Ganondorf]

The beautiful land of Hyrule is beginning to lose fist. An evil has appeared with domination as Gist. Hidden in the Lost woods is a sacred sanctuary. The Sanctuary of Forgotten Memories, guarded by the Great Fairy. Decades ago a man had been cursed. Filling him with power only made it worse. Hyrule was constantly under attack! And he was too powerful for resistance to fight back. So the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule arrived, working together preventing more of his contrived. He was locked in the portal of the Magic Mirror, prolonging his goals from being accomplished any nearer! Unfortunately he is now free under the sun. The demon is out! It’s time to have fun! ****************************************************************************************** [[[PS: Everything you see here is fan-made, and did not actually happen in The Legend of Zelda main series. Enjoy the story. And Remember, Jennifer will Return!]]] ****************************************************
1. You are now Ganondorf, the King of Evil, age unknown! What are your thoughts? (Day 1)
It sure feels great to have all this power.
I must find the other pieces of the Triforce immediately!
Hyrule will be MINE!!!
Finally, after all these years I’ve been awaken again!
I pity the fool who dares to stand in my way.
Why is it I’m ALWAYS defeated by a man in Green!? It’s becoming a decade routine! Ugh!
Maybe I’m taking this whole evil thing the wrong way…
I wonder how everyone is doing back at home in the Gerudo Desert. I should visit sometime.
2. You are dressed in your signature Black Battle Armor from neck to toe, and have a Red Concealing Hood attached to your cape. What is your Hair Color? [[Keep in-mind that this is not a trivia. It's merely how you want your Ganondorf to look like.]]
Gerudo Red
Autumn Red
Autumn Brown
Dark Brown
Another Unlisted Color
2.5. When you use magic attacks what color is your aura?
Default: All magic attacks I use are in its original color.
White with a shade of Yellow.
White with a shade of Green
White with a shade of Purple.
Blue with a shade of Blood-Red.
Orange with a shade of Red.
Aqua with a shade of Blue Fire to it.
Red with a shade of Fire to it.
White with a shade of Lightning to it.
Purple with a shade of Darkness to it.
Another Unlisted Color
3. Tracing back -- You last remember being sealed inside the Golden Lands by the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule. The only portal back to the outside world had been shut whole. But thanks to an unlucky fairy, that portal has been temporary opened allowing you to bypass it and return to the outside world. (Day 1)
You know, I have to give that fairy credit. It isn’t often you meet one as stupid as Flake. NOW who’s going to be taking the cake!? HAH!
It was a nice vacation in the Golden Lands, but now it’s time for me to get back on more important things, like taking over Hyrule, and making everyone my slave.
I will have my revenge on the Goddesses! They will regret locking me up for a decade!
The Goddesses sealed me up and for all good reason. I’m Evil Baby!
The Goddesses sealed me up and for all good reason. Up till now I never realized how corrupted I’ve really become…
Do you think it’s time for me to turn over a new leaf?
I should save the Magic Mirror and keep the portal active! I may need it for something later.
I should shatter the Magic Mirror and destroy the portal!
4. You sense that someone really powerful is nearby in the Lost Woods. What will you do? (Day 1)
Find and force them to become your servant.
Find and become temporary allies with them.
Find and eliminate them.
Ignore them. They aren’t worth the time & effort.
Try to avoid them. You don’t want to attract any unwanted attention.
5. Along the way you found a horseman riding through the Lost Woods. Because you wanted fast transportation available at anytime you decided to get rid of him, and take the horse off his hands. You used your magic to turn the horse into a Black Stallion so that it would fit your style. The next day you were confronted by a woman with green hair! She claimed that the horseman you killed part of the Hoodlum gang, and that you would pay for your actions. She readied two katana swords, and charged at you as fast as the wind! You could sense that she was the strong presence from earlier. You aren’t sure who the Hoodlums are but you readied to defend yourself. Her blinding speed prevents you from running away. (Day 2)
Finish her off with a Black Magic spell.
Finish her off by putting your hand through her chest.
Finish her off with a nice good kick.
Flame Choke her.
Unleash a Super Explosive Wave when she gets close.
Knock her out by hitting her in the back of the head.
Knock her out by having her accidentally run into your knee.
Knock her out by elbowing her in the head.
Disarm her – force her to fight physically giving you the best advantage. Torture her physically and mentally into unconsciousness.
6. It was a good fight, but in the end she was no match for you. She caused more damage to you than you expected though. It was enough to put you into hiding for the next day and a half. It’s strange too because ordinary attacks aren’t supposed to have any effect on you. Only a handful of people can even harm you! This woman was defiantly no ordinary warrior. (Day 2)
Curse that woman! Who was she? And how did she find me?
At least that distraction is out of the way. Now I won’t have to deal with her later.
I don’t blame that woman for attacking me. If someone killed one of my henchmen I’d be furious about it too.
I don’t blame that woman for going after me. I am a Real Man after all, which makes me irresistible! She was probably just attacking me to make sure I had ‘the right moves’ for her. If only I hadn’t overdone it…
Now that I think about it, I kind of feel guilty for what I did to that woman and her horseman.
7. The time has finally come for you to head over to Hyrule Castle, now that your injuries are healed. You’re on your Black Stallion, riding across the wide open Hyrule Field. It’s morning, and the view is beautiful. (Day 4)
I see Hyrule Field has changed yet again. And it still retains its beauty of a sight. (Humph)
Once I’ve successfully taken over Hyrule I’ll reconstruct this field into a barren wasteland.
Someday I’m going to own this land. Yup! And that thought alone brings me great pleasure. It’s even more so than watching a Goran trying to teach itself how to swim. HAH!
Ah! Hyrule Field! The only place in all of Hyrule, where the danger is low, it has nothing new to show, and is more annoying to travel across than listening to a Cucco’s crow!
I don’t have time to be sight-seeing.
8. During your travel along the main road you happened to encounter someone who you were planning to ignore. - At least that was until your Triforce started reacting. The signal was faint compared to the woman you battled earlier in the Lost Woods earlier, but nevertheless it still got your attention. (Day 4)
Ok, what the hell? Is this Sheikah a man or a woman? I... quite frankly don’t want to know.
I’ll make this person my servant! A helping hand would be nice to have around once I begin assaulting the kingdom.
I decide what to do with this person after Hyrule belongs to me.
This person hardly looks to be a threat. I’m starting to wonder if my powers from the goddesses are corrupt. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s steered me wrong. *Brings back memories of a man in Green using his sword, to deflect your own energy back into your face*
If this person really is a threat then I should take care of it now while the opportunity is in front of me.
9. In the end you decided to let this person go. Though you had a feeling you’d meet that Sheikah again. Hyrule Castle Town is in sight! As you enter it you decide to take a breather at one of the 24/7 taverns in town, before heading over to Hyrule Castle itself. Your horse was placed in a Stable outside of town for the time being as it would have caused problems if you brought it with you. As you’re sitting on the tavern stools at the front counter, enjoying a few refreshments, a guy walks up to you claiming that he don’t like your kind around. He also claimed that you were the devil to befall Hyrule. Judging by the way he is wobbling you could tell he was intoxicated so he wasn’t thinking clearly. Your Triforce isn’t reacting, which means this was just an ordinary drunk civilian. How do you respond to this? (Day 4)
It seems this guy needs to learn his place. *Punch! Sending him flying though the Tavern windows*
And what if I told him I was the devil?
I’m not the devil. I’m the ‘King of Evil’! But the compliment was very generous nonetheless.
So I get released by a fairy, attacked by a woman who’s faster than someone wearing a Bunny Hood Mask, see someone on Hyrule Field whose gender is unconfirmed but poses a potential threat, now I’m being harassed by the town drunk… UGH! I should’ve stayed in the Golden Lands!
Forget this. I’ll just pay for my refreshments and get out of here.
10. Before any real confrontation starts you leave the tavern, and continue your way towards Hyrule Castle. You could see that the entire castle was surrounded by a Stone Wall Barricade with only a front gate to enter though. A lonely guard stood blocking the way. By looking at him you could tell that he was nervous & inexperienced. Either way you’d have to pass through the front gates if you were to enter the castle. You went up to him and he spoke. “Excuse me sir, I’m afraid that no one is allowed in the kingdom at this time due to the Hoodlum Crisis… that is unless you have an appointment. Do you have an appointment? *gulp*” (Day 4)
As a king myself I don’t need an appointment to do anything. Stand aside.
Why yes I do. It is scheduled for this very morning as a matter of fact. *Pulls out a (fake) Royal Audience Request card from pocket*
Out of my way rookie! I need to report back to the king! *Impersonating as a Castle Soldier*
My apologies, I’ll come back later.
You caught me in a good mood so I’m gonna let you in on a secret… … You’re Fired. *Burns the Guard with dark-fire Magic*
Look, you seem to be a fairly intelligent soldier, at least compared to rest of these dead-brain idiots around here, so as an act of kindness I’m going to let you yield. Once you’ve witnessed a demonstration of my power I’ll be on my way. *Points hand at the Castle Barricade Stone Walls, obliterates it with a single blast!*
11. You are now inside Hyrule Castle. Its royal palace was probably the biggest castle you’d ever been in! It was easy for one to get lost. Your destination was the throne room where you plan to meet the king. Suddenly your Triforce started reacting again! It was giving off the same kind of reaction it did from the woman you met in the Lost Woods. Someone powerful was here in the castle. The signal leads you to the Castle Courtyard. As you walk inside the indoor garden you noticed a woman with red hair waiting. You aren’t sure how but somehow she knew who you were, and what you were planning to do. “Ganondorf, your actions will not be forgiven! Repent to the Golden Land You Evil Beast!!!” And then the battle began! (Day 4)
You… You know too much. Looks like I’ll have to take care of you.
So the cat is out of the bag. HAH! If you think you can stop me then feel free to try.
Nothing is going to stand in the way of my plans! You will soon realize that!
How amusing…
Ugh! So many distractions! How much longer till I finally rule Hyrule?
Wait a minute, I’ve changed for the better and you still assault me!? How mean!
12. The battle was fierce! She was attacking you with every surprise she had, from a staff with a blade on each end, to powerful fire magic strong enough to melt stone. Fortunately you were able to block & dodge every hit. Eventually you counter-attacked with the Gerudo Dragon Uppercut, which sent her flying straight into the castle walls without recover. She wasn’t moving anymore. Before she completely faded away she mentioned to you that if you went through with your evil plans then a Hero will be born to stop you. (Day 4)
Let me guess, the hero’s name is Link, and his sidekick is the Princess of Hyrule. Yeah, I’ve been down that road before, girl. Nothing new at this point.
If this ‘Hero’ is anything you say he is then maybe he’ll put up more of a challenge than you. HAH!
I’m aware of that, but this time the results will be different!
The hero doesn’t stand a chance. Let him come!
I’m starting to think entering Hyrule Castle was a great idea! Never knew it would be this much fun!
I’m starting to think entering Hyrule Castle was a bad idea! I should’ve thought of things more thoroughly before making a move like this.
13. You left the courtyard and made your way to the throne room. Upon entering through the doors you saw the king, sitting in his royal chair chatting with a fairy. Not wasting another second you made your way towards him and told him your intentions. What would they be? What will you say to the king? (Day 4)
I would like to become your personal assistant.
Your majesty, I have come to serve you.
I have come to kill you, and take over the throne!
I am here for Zelda.
I am here to ask your daughter in holy matrimony!
Well I happened to be in Hyrule, so I thought I’d stop by to let you all know that you’re totally screwed in the next day or so.
Did you know that my Black Armor makes me look like a real man?
As the ‘King of Evil’ I shouldn’t have to explain myself to you Croswell!
14. Suddenly a woman named Impa enters the throne room. She claimed that the king’s daughter, Princess Zelda, had been captured by the Hoodlums. They demand a ransom if he ever wants to see his daughter again. In your best interest you decide to help the king get his daughter back. What is your reason for this action? (Day 4)
To rescue the king's daughter of course!
My plan is to find Zelda… and then I’ll take her, and I’ll capture Zelda for myself! She’s MY Princess!!! No one else can have her!
Once I find Zelda I’ll capture her, and then I’ll demand my own ransom! Muhahahah!
I need Zelda for my final plans...
I have a personal score to settle with the Hoodlums after the encounter from earlier. I took out their leader, might as well take out the rest.
Honestly, I was going to meet her anyway.
Honestly, it’s just a way to pass the time.
15. A guard mentions of the Hoodlums being held captive in the Castle Dungeons. That is when you begin making your way towards to where the prisoners. And Hoodlum captives are. Impa stops you in your tracks in concern. “Ganondorf, where exactly are you heading off to?” she says. You reply with… (Day 4)
It’s quite simple Impa; I’m going to force the captives to tell us where their hideout is.
I’m going to have a look around the castle. Don’t worry; if I get lost I’ll just make another hole in the wall.
I’m off to take a nap. (Need to rest up before I assault this kingdom)
I’m leaving! This land is too crazy for me!
Where I go should be the least of your concern!
Where I go is none of your business!
16. Info had been received that there was a Hoodlum hideout somewhere in the Lost Woods. Your new objective is to head there with a Brigade of Soldiers, find the hideout, search for Zelda, then escape. It’s go time! But unfortunately when you went to the Stables outside of town you found out someone had stolen your horse! How are you going to get to the Lost Woods now? (Day 4)
Ride in one of the Brigade carts the king sent to assist you in your mission.
Kill another horseman and take their horse.
Steal a horse from another civilian.
Steal a horse from the Stables!
Steal a Brigade horse.
Burn down the Stables for doing such a poor job of taking care of your hourse, then take a horse from them afterwards.
Use magic to fly there.
Use magic to teleport there.
Travel by foot.
17. Upon arriving at the Lost Woods with the Brigade of Soldiers it was a little bit past midnight, and everything started to get problematic! One by one everyone kept separating from the group, as if they had gotten lost. Then you finally remembered that the entire Lost Woods was enchanted with magic, all to protect the Sanctuary of Forgotten Memories. You are just one of the few people that are immune to the spell. All others weren’t so lucky. If you were to finish this job in time there will be no more distractions. That was when you began taking down each Brigade Solder one at a time, until they all had fallen. You then found the Hoodlum cave afterwards only to discover that Zelda was no where to be found. What will you do now? (Day 5)
Find any trace as to where Zelda might be.
Return to Hyrule Castle to report the sad news of Zelda’s disappearance; ultimately failing your first assignment to retrieve Zelda.
Return to Hyrule Castle, but bring more captive Hoodlum members back with you as prisoners for the dungeon.
Return to Hyrule Castle [Failing your first assignment]
Temporary ignore your assignment to torture a few Hoodlum members you find inside the hideout.
Ignore your assignment completely, and destroy Hoodlum Cave with a powerful energy attack regardless of wither or not Zelda is inside.
Run far away from here, avoiding the kings wrath once he finds out what happened to his Brigade.
18. On sunrise you returned to Hyrule Castle. Upon arrival the King requested to have a private meeting with you. It didn’t go very well! He was furious that you didn’t bring Zelda back; and even more upset that you destroyed his most prized-fighting Brigade! Then when the meeting ended your Triforce suddenly started to react! It was telling you that Link will finally be showing himself soon, and attempt to rid you from this world. You no longer needed play along in this charade, and can leave Hyrule Castle to its sorrow. Angered by your actions the King of Hyrule drew his sword and challenged you to a duel! You gracefully accepted and drew your own sword. “Ganondorf, why are you doing this!? What do you hope to accomplish in the end?” The King of Hyrule asks. You answer with… (Day 5)
The Golden Goddesses have elected me to rule this world, and bring Hyrule into a new era! That will be fulfilled wither anyone likes it or not!
I see a future where greed is power! Sure it’s consumed me, but look how mighty I’ve become! Once I’ve reassembled the Triforce even heroes will be forced into submission, and it will be impossible to stop me!!!
My intention is no longer to rule this world but to end it! Hyrule will drown in darkness and despair!
My intention is no longer to rule this world! I am merely doing this for fun!
My intention is no longer to rule this world! I am merely doing this for a challenge!
My intention is no longer to rule this world! I am merely doing this as an act of revenge upon the world!
I don’t need to explain myself to a soon to be deceased king!
19. The time for the Final Battle is drawing near! After you finished your business in Hyrule Castle you set out to the destination of where this all began. You were heading back to the Sanctuary of Forgotten Memories to wait for the arrival of Link. Naturally he should come to you after all that has happened. As you step in front of the gates to the sanctuary you suddenly start having flashbacks! You remember how the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule sealed you up in the Golden Lands & placed the Great Fairy in charge of protecting the Magic Mirror, not allowing you to return to Hyrule for many decades. (Day 5)
Time flies doesn't it? It feels like only yesterday when I was trapped in that hell. I'll make sure that never happens again.
The past is the past, it can't be forgotten. And I'll never forget what those Golden Goddesses did to me.
The Great Fairy Fountain will be extinct soon....
20. It took a while for Link to arrive but he finally did! And he brought two friends with him. A fairy and a Sheikah, how typical! Once again your Triforce reacts to the unknown gendered ninja. What’s more disturbing is that Zelda isn’t anywhere to be found. Things will just have to proceed as planned. There isn’t anymore time to wait now that the hero has appeared. The time has come for you to explain your true intentions. It’s been noted that every decade or so you are defeated by a boy in green. You’d think they would be your rival, but no. Your real problem is what is used to do you in, the Blade of Evil’s Bane. Physically you can’t get your hands on the sword, but if you can seal it up inside the last portal to the Golden Lands before destroying the Magic Mirror then nothing will be able to stop you! Eliminating that sword has been your priority from the start! How will you begin this epic Final Battle? (Day 6)
Greet Link with the kindness that could only come from an evil heart.
Say nothing, and begin striking him with your sword.
Rare Offer: Ask if he would like to become one of your minions, killing him if he refuses.
Attack his Sheikah friend, further provoking Link!
Kill the Fairy, further provoking Link!
Ambush Link from behind. – Screw the Code of Honor!
Blast him with energy on sight! – Screw the Code of Honor!
21. And so begins the Final Battle to determine Hyrule’s fate no, the fate of the entire World. Blades were sharpened, lives have been shortened, eyes were deceived, and balances completely altered. The clock marks itself at 00:00! Win or Lose, when the battle between Good and Evil is over nothing will ever be the same. (Day 7)
Oh I’ve had so much fun! Am I’m going to have more fun once I become Ruler of the entire world!
It will be an honor to battle the boy in green again.
Say goodbye Link, because soon that Blade of yours will soon seize to exist!
You sure made me wait long enough to get this Final Battle going Link! You must be the slowest hero I ever met!
I wonder if I should transform this time…?
That Sheikah is starting to give me the creeps. I must be an idiot if I don’t know the gender of this person.
Once I finish this I’ll need to find Zelda. She will become my bride in the future.
“Life is so fragile without guidance or a general. Without dominance you might as well morph yourself to dust and scatter yourself into the wind. I long wait for that day when I can finally sit in my throne room chair again. “Are you going to stand in my way? Will you plan to oppose me?” When it comes to leadership light and darkness have no meaning. Destiny will be re-written. I will make my own destiny…”
END OF CHAPTER 4: To continue the story you must now move to Chapter 5, the final chapter, where you will play as Link, an executive member of the Hoodlums which is also found right here on misterpoll.com (assuming it has been posted). You can also move to Chapter 3 and play as King Croswell if you missed it, which is already posted. If you like to look at more filler to the story then check the Forms or "Messages" of the poll. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed your life as King Croswell. The fate of Hyrule will be determined in 7 days. (Answering this feedback is optional.)
Perfect example of how Ganondorf would act. Good job Jen!
Is Ganondorf really that blind that he can't see the sheikah is really Princess Zelda?
I loved how Ganondorf moved from the inside, pretending to be all noble before turning on the king.
I hated how Ganondorf moved from the inside. He had the power, he should've just destroyed the kingdom then & there!
It would've been better if you had played the final battle between Link & Ganondorf, instead of saving it for the final chapter.
Storytelling is not your thing Jen.
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