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halo cea

what did you think when 343 announced a halo remake
about time!!!! halo was the most epic think ever I've pre-ordered it already
great! I'll probably pick it up a few days after it comes out or get it for Christmas
whatever it was the worst game of the series so i won't get it unless I'm really bored
yes i didn't play the original and this gives the 360 generation the chance to play it
what's halo
would you be in favor of a halo 2 anniversary in 2014
maybe i didn't like it so much but my friends did
yep, it had the best story and multiplayer
never that game didn't have the right to call itself halo
i don't know i haven't played halo 2
whats halo
do you think halo CEA should have a skull that allows new weapons ans amour abilities
i don't care you don't really need any fancy weapons i i ever use is the assault rifle and the pistol
no but just make the energy sword usable
yes my favorite weapon is the battle rifle/DMR
no it must be exactly the same
yes the more weapons the better the game
whats halo
would you like customizable Armour
no chief is best
don't know
whats halo
do you think they have just done this to keep people busy until halo 4 comes out
no they've done it because so many people want it
no they are celebrating the release of the original
yes duh
yes but i don't care
whats halo
This poll was created on 2011-10-08 17:56:41 by m1ch43l