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POLL FICTION: Tickled Pink Catfights

The point of the match is to tickle her opponent into a silly, weakened puddle of mess. Who wins these battles in real LAUGHER fashion?
Nicole Kidman vs Tyra Banks
Nicole tickles Tyra pink
Tyra tickles Nicole pink
Wynona Ryder vs Salma Hayak
Salma tickles Wynona pink
Wynona tickles Salma pink
Anne Heche vs Jamie Lee Curtis
Anne tickles Jamie Lee pink
Jamie Lee tickles Anne pink
Britney Spears vs Nicki Minaj
Nicki tickles Britney pink
Britney tickles Nicki pink
Avril Lavigne vs Victoria Beckham
Avril tickles Victoria pink
Victoria tickles Avril pink
Jennifer Lopez vs Serena Williams
Serena tickles Jennifer pink
Jennifer tickles Serena pink
Naomi Watts vs Lady Gaga
Lady tickles Naomi pink
Naomi tickles Lady pink
Keira Knightley vs Hilary Swank
Hilary tickles Keira pink
Keira tickles Hilary pink
Kylie Minogue vs Nicole Richie
Nicole tickles Kylie pink
Kylie tickles Nicole pink
Katy Perry vs Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle tickles Katy pink
Katy tickles Michelle pink
Once the winner has the loser completely helpless and at her mercy, what does she choose to do with her?
Makes her beg, plead and say things she will definitely regret.
Uses the match as foreplay for some dominatrix sexual fun
Tickle tortures her relentlessly until she has no choice but to pass out
Nobody was hurt in making this poll, concept is POLL FICTION!!! Thanks to all these beautiful ladies who inspire me, and of course you the voters for taking the time to vote......
This poll was created on 2011-10-01 11:24:41 by Jmeri