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Alleged Affair Between Governor Palin and Glenn Rice

What do you think about this allegation? Is it true? Is it really scandalous?
Have you heard about the allegation that Sarah Palin had a fling with NBA star Glen Rice when he was playing in the Great Alaska Shoot Out?
Yes, I believe the story
No, I don't believe the story.
Not certain
If you believe that there was encounter, what do you think happened?
It was just an interview for the Newspaper or Television station that Palin was working for.
They went out to dinner, may be for the interview.
They might have made out a bit.
She might have given him a blow job.
Palin had intercourse with Glen Rice
If Palin had sex with Glen Rice, how scandalous was it?
She wasn't even engaged, much less married to Todd Palin, so she was free to date and even have sex with other guys.
She was cheating on Todd because they had been dating for so many years.
The only issue is hypocrisy because she has taken such a stand against premarrital sex and advocates abstinence.
It might have been cheating, but it is really between her, Todd and God
The Palin women are renown for being fecund and getting pregnant unexpectedly. Do you think she used birth control with Glenn Rice?
Yes, she was already on the pill because she was having sex with Todd
She wasn't on the pill, but she had Rice use condoms
She wasn't on the pill and didn't use condoms, but asked Rice to pull out which he did.
She asked Rice to pull out, but he didn't.
She asked Rice to pull out, but changed her mind and encouraged him to fill her unprotected womb with his Negro sperm.
Do you think that Glen Rice might have gotten Governor Palin pregnant?
May be
If Glen Rice did get Governor Palin pregnant, what happened?
She had a misscarriage
She got an abortion
She secretly gave birth to a black baby which she gave up for adoption
If Governor Palin did have sex with Glenn Rice, did Todd Palin know about it?
Yes, she confessed to him
He found out about it and confronted her
He knew nothing about it until the book came out which forced her to confess
He knew nothing about it and. She continues to deny it.
If the story about Governor Palin having a premarital fling with Glenn Rice is true, how does it affect your attitude about her running for President?
It is a private matter that wasn't a betrayal of Todd, so it doesn't matter.
It is a private matter and was a betrayal of Todd, but if he forgives. Her then it doesn't matter.
The fact that she had premarital sex disqualifies her from being President
The fact that she had sex with a black man makes it more likely that she would be a compassionate President
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