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Ladies going topless at the beach.

In many parts of the world, ladies go topless at the beach. This poll is to see what women think of it.
Ladies: If the circumstances were right for you, is it possible that you would ever go topless at a beach?
How many ladies do you think would go topless at the beach, if the circumstances were right for them?
About 100%.
About 75%.
About 50%.
About 25%.
Have you ever gone topless at the beach?
No, but I want to try it.
How long is it OK for guys to look at you at the beach if you are topless?
All they want.
Only 10 seconds.
Only five seconds.
Just a glance.
Not at all.
Why do most women go topless at the beach?
They want guys to look, or they want to tease guys.
They just want to feel more comfortable or get a more complete tan.
They want to feel comfortable AND show the guys.
Do you think most topless ladies would like it if they can make shy guys feel uncomfortable or embarrassed at the beach?
Yes, that's a lot of fun.
Do ladies who aren't topless get upset at the ones who are topless?
Yes, they're jealous.
Yes, they think they are slutty, and don't want their boy friend looking at them.
No, they might think they should have gone topless too.
Not at all.
Do you think it should be legal in the US for ladies to go topless at the beach if they want to, like in europe?
Absolutely not.
Yes, whatever beach they want to.
Yes, but only specified beaches.
This poll was created on 2011-08-27 19:13:21 by tom2222