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Would you sell the shoes you are wearing?

If yes, how much would they cost.
I am a
Kid (17 or younger) - adults only please so end of poll
Would you sell the shoes you are wearing at that moment?
Yes, even if i didn't have another pair on me.
Yes, but only if i had a different pair on me.
What should they cost?
Nothing, they're for free
half the newprice, they're secondhand now
the price of a new pair so i'll run of and get me some new shoes
double the price of a new pair, if you want them, you'll have to pay
i need at least five new pairs...
No, won't sell!
If you would sell only one shoe, would it be half the price?
yes, half the shoes is half the price
no, if i sell one shoe the other will be worthless
Would you buy shoes someone is wearing?
Yes, why not
No, why?
What would you consider paying for the shoes?
Well, if i say "Thank you." that'll be enough.
The loose change in my pocket should cover it.
Half the price they would cost new
i would pay for a new pair
I would give double the price of a new pair
I can spare five times the price for new shoes
I wouldn't take them if they were free
Will the one shoe for half the money thing work if you're buying?
No way, what should i do with just one shoe? Deals off.
It sounds like a bargain, so i better buy just one shoe.
Wouldn't be buying both shoes, so why bother buying one?
If i buy shoes i would only buy them off
Would you bet your shoes in any kind of game or bet?
No, gambling is for money!
No, i don't gamble (for shoes)
Yes, if i could win cash!
Yes if i could win shoes
Yes, even if i couldn't win a thing
If you would lose the bet would you rather have bet one or both shoes?
Both, no shoes is fine for me
One shoe, so i might have a chance to win the other one with the next bet
One shoe, so i still have one shoe to wear
i would not be betting my shoes at all
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This poll was created on 2011-08-15 03:07:49 by outside in sox