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Kids/Teens: What would you do...

... if you were home alone for a week? It's in the holidays. Everyone who controls you has left for a week, you needn't go to school... let's call that freedom. What do you do now?
How old are you?
You are a...
I. Bedtime. Let's assume that when your parents come back, they won't notice constant yawning, dark circles under your eyes, ...)
I stay up late and sleep late, but I will certainly sleep every night
Nothing special
I go to bed really late and get up really late, stay up one night or another
I try to stay up every night! Every hour of sleep is too much in that week!
Totally random times that have nothing to do with the clock or the daylight. One day I go to sleep during the night, next day about noon...
I go to bed extremely early and get up when it's still completely dark
I stay up late but get up by alarm clock because I don't want to sleep long
II. Media etc.
I watch or play shows or games that I cannot normally
I watch TV like crazy, especially much more than my parents would approve
I'm mostly not at home
I won't leave my PC very often during that week.
Lots of P**n
I turn up the music too loud and/or listen to things my parents would probably try to burn
III. Looks and clothing. Please do not describe your normal style - if you wear the same things with your parents around, don't check them here.
I'm nude (at least as long as I'm in the house...)
I dress like I were on the beach
I won't wear any underwear
Gothic \m/
I crossdress
Underwear only
I wear the things with the biggest holes I can find
I sag my pants (or sag them lower than normal if you always sag)
Shirtless all the time
IV. Behavior
I drop everything just where it is, like stuff I used, clothes I took off... just lands on the floor
I burp, fart loud and frequently
I don't flush the toilet
If I have a free hand, it will be inside my pants
I put my feet on every table I sit at
I drink only out of bottles - who needs a glass?
V. Personal hygiene. If it says "I don't shower" or something similar, that doesn't exclude showering etc. just before your parents come back so they will find a perfectly clean kid...
There will not run any water in the house during that week except for making ice cubes!
I don't shower but still wash my hands
I shower sometimes or like normal.
I'l shower excessively, waste lots of water
I don't change my socks for the whole week
I change my socks sometimes but less than usual
I don't change my underwear for the whole week
I change my underwear sometimes but less than usual
I sleep in whatever I wear during the day and don't change anything
I shower with clothes on (Don't check if you don't shower)
I don't care too much to get to the toilet in time, so it might happen that i occasionally pee myself a bit
I pee myself sometimes, or at least will try it out during that week
I won't use the toilet!
Who could be with you during that week and you still would do the same?
Older sibling(s)
Younger sibling(s)
Good Friend(s)
Any Friends
Anyone except adults
Anything you'd like to add that I didn't ask for?
This poll was created on 2011-07-30 13:05:44 by The Nose