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divas vs knockouts pay per view

match 1 tara and ms tessmacher vs the bella twins in a bra and panties match what happens
nikki and tessmacher have already been striped tara(already down to her bra) goes for the windows peak but brie escapes and pantses her revealing her black thong and wins the match
tara knocks out both of the sister with power slams and she and she and tessmacher(already down to her panties) strip both of them down to their match pink bras and thongs
brie and nikki attacks tara and tessmacher before the match roll them into the ring and strip them to their bras and thongs match ends in no contest
everyone is down to their bras the bellas go for the flat out but tara and tessmacher reverse it and power bomb them and strip them down to their matching pink thongs
aj vs odb in a flagploe wedgie match ( you must strip you opponent down her bra and panties and give a hanging wedgie on the flag pole in the ring) what happens
both are already striped down aj(light green bra and white panties) odb ( orange bra and thong) aj kicks odb in the face and bounces off the ropes into a big boot from odb who then drags her the pole and rasies her the top of the flag
velvet distracts odb and aj ties the rope therw her legholes and rasies her to the top the flagpole
odb and jackie attack aj and kaitlyn backstage strip both of them down aj(same bra and panties from option 1) kaitlyn ( cheetah bra and orange g-string) and beat them both down with chairs
jackie throws kaitlyn into the steel steps and both jackie and odb gang up on aj aqnd strip her down and leave her there
gail kim natalya and eve vs angelina love winter and madison rayne wrestling in somo bottems and bikini tops what happens
eve hits a neckbreaker and goes the pin on winter but angelina and madison break it up gail and natalya run in and tackle angelina and natalya roll out the ring madison throws gail into the steel post eve goes for the moonsualt but winter grabs her by her bikini top and pulls her off the turnbuckle ripping the bikini top in the prosess and gets the pin
gail hits eat defeat on madison and gets the pin
natalya makes winter tap out to the sharpshooter
madison hits gail with the loaded glove and angelina rolls her up for the pin
main event 10 diva/knockout money in bank ladder match wearing bikinis contestants velvet sky rosita sarita jackie ms tessmacher melina beth phoenix maryse layla and rosa mendes what happens
maryse and layla are at top and every one else is down maryse rips off layla's bikini top and kicks her to the floor and wins the match
jackie and velvet are climbing the ladder when odb comes in a pantses velvet exposeing her bare ass to the crowd and pulls her off the ladder jackie keeps climbing grabs the briefcase and wins the match
sarita hits beth with a ladder sets it up climbs up and wins the match
rosita and layla are at the top of the ladder rosita hits layla with the briefcase and knocks her off the ladder and wins the match
velvet maryse and rosa are at the top fighting the briefcase (velvet is on a seprate ladder) velvet push the other ladder over sending her opponents to the floor and wins the match
beth and jackie are climbing the ladder jackies foot gets caught on a ladder rung and beth wins the match
melina and layla are at the top of the ladder melina gives layla a frotal wedgie and knocks her to the floor and wins the match
rosa and layla are at the top of the ladder rosa starts tickleing layla but layla dosen't fall off then a returning michelle mcool climbs the ladder pantses layla reveling her bare ass to the crowd then michelle grabs layla by the foot and while layla is busy with michelle rosa wins the match
ms tessmacher is naked but she gets up to the top of the ladder hits rosita with the briefcase and wins the match
layla melina maryse and jackie at the top of 2 ladders layla pulls pepper spray out of her top and sparys her opponents eyes and wins the match
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