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wwe vs tna viewers choice 2

velvet sky vs vikkie in a bikini match what happens
velvet pulls down vikkie's bikini bottem exposing her bare butt and rolls her up for the pin
vikkie wins with hog splash
velvet gives vikkie a wedgie until she taps out
vikkie pulls down velvet's bikini bottem and spanks her until she taps out
big show vs matt morgan what happens
big show wins with the knockout punch
matt morgan wins with the carbin footprint
matt morgan wins by countout
big show wins with chokeslam
randy orton and rey mysterio vs kurt angle and aj styles what happens
orton RKO'S styles and gets the pin
rey goes for the 619 but angle catches him and hits the angle slam and gets the pin
angle makes orton tap out to the ankle lock
orton RKO's angle and gets the pin
mickie james vs kelly kelly paddle on a pole match what happens
kelly rips off mickie's jean shorts and panties and spanks her until her butt is purple
kelly goes for the stinkface not noticing mickie has the paddle behind her back kelly pulls off her own tights and black thong but before she can hit the stinkface mickie spanks her winning the match
both girls strip naked and take turns spanking each other
the bellas grab the paddle and pull down both mickie's and kelly's pants and panties and spank them both until their butts are purple
10 diva/knockout clothesline match who wins
angelina love
gail kim
ms tessmacher
beer money vs otunga and millgillacutty steel cage match what happens
roode and otunga are already outside the cage migillacutty hits the running neckbreaker on storm and climbs out for the win
otunga and migillacutty both hit their finishers and climb out for the win
roode and storm handcuff both of their opponents to the ring ropes and climb out for the win
roode and storm knockout their opponents with the cage door and walk out it for the win
mr anderson vs triple h what happens
triple h hits the pedigree and gets the pin
anderson hits a low blow and rolls up triple h for the pin
anderson hits the green bay plunge and gets the pin
the rest of immortal attacks triple h and gets anderson disqualified
john cena vs rob van dam what happens
cena hits the AA and gets the pin
van dam hits the 5 star frog splash and gets the pin
cena makes van dam tap out to the STF
double count out
sting vs alberto del rio what happens
sting taps out the arm bar
sting hits the scorpion death drop and gets the pin
hulk hogan hits sting with the heavywieght title belt when the ref isn't looking and del rio gets the pin
del rio hits sting with the money in the bank briefcase and gets disqualified
aj and kaitlyn vs sarita and rosita kiss my ass match
aj rolls up sarita for the pin but sarita and rosita try to escape but aj and kaitlyn catch them throw them back in the ring pull down their own pants and panties and forse the sisters to kiss their asses
aj pins rosita but the sisters hit a double super kick on aj and an doudle neckbreaker on kaitlyn and throw her into the steel post pull down her pants and panties and force aj to kiss her ass
sarita hits kaitlyn with a chair and pins her and aj and kaitlyn unwillingly kiss their asses
sarita and rosita attack aj and kaitlyn before the but the friends attack back knocking out the sisters pull down their own pants and panties and fart in the sisters faces
the usos vs mexican america what happens
hernandez hits a big boot on jey and gets the pin
jimmy hits the frog splash on anarequila and gets the pin
hernandez throws jimmy into the steel post and rolls him up for the pin
the usos hit a double superkick on hernandez and jimmy gets the pin
eric young takes on the master lock challange what happens
young hits masters with his tv title before he can apply the hold
young fails
young escapes
masters attacks young backstage and throws him into a tv screen
eric bischoff vs hornswaggle what happens
hornswaggle wins with the tadploe splash
bischoff wins with a knee to the gut
the rest off imortal(gunner bully ray the hardys murphy anderson abyss and jeff jarret) come out and surronds hornswaggle but kofi kingston evan bourne ezekial jackson kane hasksaw jim duggan HBK jerry lawler and cm punk come to the rescue and take out immortal
hornswaggle spras bischoff with a sqiurt gun and runs
stone cold vs somoa joe what happens
stone cold wins with the stunner and pours beer on joe's face
joe wins with a low blow
stone cold hits joe with a beer can when the ref is down the ref gets up and counts the pin
the wwe and tna rosters break into a brawl
all the divas and knockouts come out at the end of the show what do they do
strip naked and pole dance
start making out
have a naked catfight in a pool full of pudding
have a wedgie war
This poll was created on 2011-07-22 02:52:32 by HQ32