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The Legend of Zelda: My Life [Chapter 3: King Croswell]

The beautiful land of Hyrule where peace contains fist. Towns develop freely, but sadly crime exists. Central to the continent remains traditional. Hyrule Field always remaining conditional. And Hyrule itself is ruled by a king, ruled by someone they all phrase and sing! He upholds laws to keep the streets clean, and overprotects his daughter who happens to be eighteen. What comes next though will begin a true mess, and it will be too late for him to confess. Over like a bullet firing from the gun. Now rule the kingdom! It’s time to have fun! ****************************************************************************************** [[[PS: Everything you see here is fan-made, and did not actually happen in The Legend of Zelda main series. Enjoy the story. And Remember, Jennifer will Return!]]] ****************************************************
1. You are now Croswell, King of Hyrule, at age of 49. What are your thoughts? (Day 1)
It is so hard work managing this country. I often feel like taking a break even though it isn’t possible.
Everyone is counting on me, and as their king I refuse to let them down.
Today will be just another days work.
Where is my crown? Bet I lost it again! Ugh!
Everyone will bow to me!
I’d quit my job if I could. I hate being king.
2. Thinking back 8 year ago you remembered how you, your wife Queen Vina, and your daughter Princess Zelda, used to be a family. Then your wife was taken away by death itself. She drank some Wide Wild Milk, became very ill, and then passed on shortly afterwards. (Day 1)
If only Vina were here to see how Zelda blossomed into a beautiful young lady. She’s probably watching over us right now from the clouds.
Life hasn’t been much fun since Vina’s death, but I try to act positive for Zelda’s sake.
Life has been a lot more fun since Vina’s death. I hated my wife with a passion!
That milk is BAD STUFF! Thank god I’m lactose intolerant!
I could care less if my wife is dead. People pass on. That’s the harsh realities of life.
I don’t like to think about the past.
Maybe I should move on and find another Queen to marry… I don’t know. How would Zelda react if I chose to do so?
3. Ingo, the Wide Wild Ranch owner & producer of Wide Wild Milk, was found guilty for the endangerment of others, and for the death of Queen Vina. However, lack of critical evidence only earned Ingo a life sentence in the castle dungeons. Wide Wild Ranch was then closed down. The rest of the Wide Wild Ranch employees were released free of charge. (Day 1)
I was so happy when I got to watch the ranch burn down!
Ingo was REALLY LUCKY I didn’t have him executed for his crime!
Ingo may have done me a favor when he killed my wife, but he still had to be made an example of.
I let the rest of the employees go too easily. They should have been imprisoned too.
4. Back to the Current Year: Your daughter Zelda is upset with you because you haven’t allowed her to leave the castle since the time of her mother’s death. (Day 2)
One day Zelda will understand why I’m protecting her. It’s for her own good.
I don’t give a Poe’s behind what Zelda thinks, or what she wants for that matter!
The outside world is a dangerous place. As her father it is my job to keep her safe.
Zelda is just going through a phase. She’ll get over it.
Zelda is suffering, and I like it.
Maybe I’m being too hard on her as a father…
5. A Castle Guard who’s a rookie makes the mistake of calling you by your first name without addressing you as the king. What is the penalty for this? (Day 2)
Carry two buckets full of water half-way up Death Mountain. If the water spills then consequences will escalate.
Carry two buckets full of water ALL the way up Death Mountain. If the water spills then consequences will escalate.
Receive a First Warning. On Second or Third Warning the consequences will escalate.
Immediate Probation.
Dismissal from the Castle Guards. (Everyone is informed of the rules before signing on. They need to be followed at all times, that goes for rookies too.)
Arrest them on the spot! Throw them in the Castle Dungeons!
A Fine ranging from 10 to 49 Rupees.
A Fine ranging from 50 to 99 Rupees.
A Fine ranging from 100 to 149 Rupees.
A Fine that is 150+ Rupees.
Another Unlisted Penalty.
No Penalty. Everyone calls you by your first name.
6. Someone filed a complaint today, claiming that their artifact had been stolen. Suspect is described to be a male at 9 inches tall… …? He was wings…?? He can fly…??? And assumed to have come from a forest full of Fairies…??? The stolen artifact is a lamp called ‘Magic Lamp’ that can light without ever having to refill it with lantern oil…?????? (Day 3)
WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS!?! Fairies Are Just A Rumor! They Certainly Don’t Exist!
As old as that story sounds I believe it all to be true. I will have a few soldiers sent to Porta-Prox immediately to inspect the scene of the crime.
Umm… yeah… right. (Ugh! Some people are such morans!)
Guards! Throw the complaintive into the dungeon! I don’t have time for this foolishness!
Impa, you handle it. I’m too busy with my own work right now.
7. Elite Guard speaks: “The suspect is associated with a gang called the Hoodlums. They like to steal from merchants and others who are passing though Hyrule. Each Hoodlum member is considered to be potentially dangerous, and they are not afraid to capture innocents and use them as hostages. It isn’t the first time we’ve had to deal with the Hoodlums either! Time & time again we’ve tried to shut that gang down, but they’re well-too organized even for us! Their leader is the scariest of them all! She was able to take down 50 Guards at once without even so much as a scratch on her! Anyway, the suspect was last seen in Porta-Prox with an overweight male, a skinnier street thug, and a man wearing a Green Tunic.” (Day 3)
They really do sound dangerous. Our soldiers will have to be well-prepared if we’re to end this threat.
Hmm… with a leader as strong as that it makes you wonder what the Hoodlums are up to. Just what exactly are they planning?
Send Impa on the case! She is the General, along with that: having skill levels in many attributes! I trust she’ll be able to find the culprits responsible!
Send our finest soldiers on the case! We can’t afford to let the Hoodlums continue their actions!
Send our newest soldiers on the case! It will be a chance for them to prove themselves.
Send our low-leveled soldiers on the case! It’s barely worth looking at to begin with!
Dismiss this case at once! I won’t hear anymore of this nonsense!
8. Secret sources have obtained info involving the Hoodlums. It has been discovered that they are going to be sneaking into Hyrule Castle later on tonight! It’s unconfirmed what their intentions are, but they’re already in Hyrule Castle Town planning. Your orders sire? (Day 3)
They’re in town right now!? We’ll have the Town Guards arrest them and be done with it!
Have the Town Guards arrest them, but send extra Castle Soldiers as backup.
Increase security around the outside! I don’t want them even stepping foot into my castle until they’re ready to go behind bars!
Increase security inside! They’ll think twice about stepping foot into my castle!
Increase security inside and out! I want all forces ready! Everyone is working overtime tonight!
Do nothing. I’m sure they won’t cause any trouble. If they do then ready the Elites.
9. Its early morning at an unraised sun; still nothing has happened. No signs of any intruders anywhere. Eventually you just decided to go to bed and let Impa take charge in the meantime. As you lay comfortably on your king-sized bed, your head resting on those cushiony-soft pillows, your eye began to close more and more. Eventually you were sound asleep. When you opened your eyes you found yourself in what it appeared to be an underground water fountain. It was unexplainable because there were fairies everywhere! Floating in front of you was a big woman fairy. Calmly she spoke. “Dear Croswell, your land of Hyrule and all of its citizens are in danger! Unless you find the ‘Legendary Warrior in Green’ there won’t be anything left. The ‘King of Evil’ is making his way to your castle as we speak.” Your reply to her is… (Day 4)
Hyrule is in danger? But how is this possible!?
It is proper to introduce yourself to the king before speaking.
That’s King Croswell to you! You’ll do well to remember that! And as such, I demand you tell me what’s going on! Who are you? And why am I here?
Am I dreaming? Or is this all for real? If this is real then please tell me, how do I save my kingdom?
I would like to know more about the Legendary Warrior in Green.
I would like to know more about the King of Evil.
Hyrule will work out its own affairs, thank you.
10. The big woman fairy smiles at your reaction. Everything begins to fade away… You then wake up back in your bed as if nothing ever happened. The morning sun has risen now, and everything seemed to look ordinary, at least till you noticed your clothes were drenched in water, and that there was a giant hole the Castle Barricade Stone Walls. You decided to convince yourself it was sweat, and that the hole in the Castle Barricade Stone Wall was there to begin with. A guard had been standing outside your room waiting to give you an update as to what happened. The Hoodlums did in fact infiltrate the castle! Two of them have been captured, but one of them escaped through the front gate. The guards tried to follow but lost them in town. Your orders sire? (Day 4)
Throw those captive Hoodlums in the Castle Dungeon at once!
Release the captive Hoodlums! We have much bigger problems to worry about! A big woman fairy said so!
Have the ENTIRE town searched! Don’t stop till ALL the Hoodlums are captured!
Make me breakfast! I'm hungry!
Rub my feet! I demand a morning foot massage!
Execute the captive Hoodlums! No one will be spared!
Let Impa take care of it. I’m still waking up.
I’m going back to bed. Leave me alone!
11. An hour later you are all dressed and had your breakfast. As you made your way to the throne room you happen to notice a small creature talking to himself. Oddly enough it looked like one of those fairies from your dream. At first you thought you were insane because fairies don’t exist, but when another Castle Guard was able to notice it too you started believing more and more that it wasn’t really a dream. Instead of killing or leaving the fairy alone you decided to have a conversation with it. Hours flew by as you and he became acquainted with each other. His name is Flake, a Fairy from the Fairy Fountain in the Lost Woods. He was kicked out for releasing a great evil upon Hyrule. Could it be that that great evil Flake mention, is the ‘King of Evil’ you heard about from your dreams? As King what will you ask Flake? (Day 4)
Are you really a Fairy???
Is the King of Evil rally making his way to Hyrule Castle right now as we speak?
Do you know who the big woman fairy is from my dreams?
Are YOU the King of Evil!? If so then prepare to feel the wrath of my sword!
Are you always getting into trouble?
Are you always this boring in a conversation?
Can you go away now Flake?
Am I still dreaming…?
12. As you were sitting in the throne room chatting with Flake the front doors suddenly swung open. In walked a man wearing Black Armor and a Red-Concealing Cloak. Everyone wasn’t sure if he was an intruder or a newcomer, but his aura naturally striked fear into everyone’s hearts. You could feel a chill of evil in the air as he made his across the red carpet. He stopped before you and bowed. “My name is Ganondorf. I have come to serve you as your new personal assistant. It would be an honor, your majesty.” You reply with… (Day 4)
Sorry but I’m not looking for any personal assistants at this time. Request again in a few years.
How do I know you’re trustworthy? You’ll need to prove yourself first.
Tall, strong, and even noble to his king. You’re Hired!
Swear your loyalty to me first. Then I’ll think about it.
I don’t like you, and I’m not about to give you a job any time soon.
You are not welcome here. Please leave…
If you are the King of Evil then prepare to die!
13. Before anything else was said, Impa burst through the front doors with terrible news! Zelda has been captured by the Hoodlums! They demand a ransom of 200 Rupees, but strangely has not mentioned anything about their imprisoned members. It is likely that the Hoodlum leader was unaware of her locked up comrades when the note was written, which means Zelda left the castle before the break-in. (Day 4)
200 Rupees is a small price to pay. I’d give anything to see my daughter again.
That’s all? I figured the ransom would be like 500 Rupees. They insult me with such a low demand! Do they not know I’m a king?
Counter-Offer: Exchange the captured prisoners + 100 Rupees for Zelda.
Counter-Offer: Exchange the captured prisoners for Zelda, but not offer any Rupees.
I wouldn’t even pay them 20 Rupees! And I most certainly won’t release their allies!
Let’s try to negotiate with the enemy before making any decisions.
14. In the midst of the crisis Ganondorf steps up, claiming that he will find the Hoodlums, rescue Zelda, and bring her back to prove his worth. After a few hours of interrogating the captive Hoodlums he, along with a Brigade of Soldiers left immediately to the Lost Woods, where Hoodlum Cave is located. It is unconfirmed if Zelda is actually there, or if the Hoodlums are just giving out false information nonetheless. The next morning Ganondorf returned. In an early afternoon meeting he informed you that there WAS a Hoodlum base in that cave, and he proceeded to wipe everyone out upon arrival. There was no sign of Zelda or the Brigade of Soldiers you sent with Ganondorf. He then revealed that he destroyed your own Brigade for getting in the way. (Day 5)
There were supposed to be no casualties during that mission! Ganondorf, what the hell were you thinking!?
I don’t mind you slaughtering people as long as it’s not my own men!!! Ugh!
Glad you had fun, but where’s my daughter!? You know, the girl you were supposed to rescue during the mission!?
Glad you had fun. Wish I could have joined you.
Ganondorf, if you really did destroy my Brigade then you’ll be under arrest for treason!
15. Suddenly the castle goes on Red Alert during the meeting! A Castle Guard interrupts your meeting to bring you important news! (Day 5)
All right, let’s here it. It not as if this day can get any worse...
Speak! I’m listening…
If it’s not about Zelda then I don’t want to hear it!
If it’s not about the Hoodlums then I don’t want to hear it!
If it’s not about Zelda or the Hoodlums then I don’t want to hear it!
What now!? What could possibly be so important that you had to interrupt my meeting to tell me!? And there better be a good reason for the castle being on Red Alert!
16. It’s about Din, one of Zelda’s best friends. She was found dead in the Castle Courtyard bushes. There’s more too! All 31 prisoners held up in the castle dungeon have escaped! When the jailor checked about an hour ago it was discovered that the bars were bent, and that one cell had a secret hole dug up that led to the Waterway Passage! If it’s not attended to soon then any hope of recapturing them will be lost! What is the next plan of action? (Day 5)
Have a few available units cut off the other side of the Waterway! At the same time we’ll have the Castle Guards seal up the front gates, preventing anyone from get in Hyrule Castle Town from the Castle itself. Then have the last of the available units guard the gigantic hole in the Castle Stone Wall Barricade! The Prisoners Will Not Escape!!! Have them recaptured immediately!
Send our Elite units into the Waterway after them! If any Prisoners refuse to return to the dungeon then they’ll have to be executed.
Send our Elite units into the Waterway after them! Execute the Prisoners on sight!
Send Ganondorf into the Waterway after them.
Let the prisoners escape. There are more pressing issues going on at the moment.
17. You requested Ganondorf’s assistance in this matter. However, he then went on to say that it wasn’t his problem anymore, and left the Conference Room. When you found him again he was in the throne room sitting in your Royal Chair. Upon questioning him he went on to explain that everything worked out perfectly! “Thousands of years ago the Golden Goddesses created this beautiful land of Hyrule! Along with it they also created the Golden Lands, where the legendary Triforce was held! Since that time though the Triforce has left the Golden Lands, and has been separated into 3 shards! Each piece went to its own respective owners. By holding a piece you’re already granted enough power to dominate the entire world! I was chosen to hold the Triforce of Power! Likewise the Golden Goddesses have elected me to rule this world, and bring Hyrule into a new era! Link won’t be able to do anything this time!” You’re not sure who Link is, but it is clear to you now that Ganondorf is betraying you, and that he intended on doing it from the start. (Day 5)
Ganondorf it is my job to not only rule this kingdom but protect it too. Even if I fall today in this duel another hero will rise up to protect this land in my place. *arms self with sword*
Your vision is corrupt and will only bring despair to others. As King of Hyrule I cannot allow you to go through with your evil deeds! You will fall by my sword!
All of this for my kingdom huh… … You Murdering Scum! Prepare to die!
So you would rule this kingdom? Draw your blade! We will duel to the death to see who is destined to be the true ruler once and for all!
If you think I’m going to hand Hyrule to you then you’re sadly mistaken. GUARDS!!! Eliminate this man immediately!!!
I don’t want to fight you but it doesn’t look like there is any other choice. Let’s get this over with!
Forget this! I resign as king! If it spares my life you can have my title!
18. During the epic clash of arms Ganondorf went onto explain more of his intentions. “That’s quite an assumption you have there Croswell, but no. The world is already forfeit. My desire for ruling Hyrule after all these centuries’ remains burning like Blue Fire; but my ambition has long since changed. I see a future where greed is power! Sure it’s consumed me, but look how mighty I’ve become! Only the strongest will survive. All others will become a slave to their king, if not that then be cast aside. Without a hero there is no other choice! Your daughter Zelda plays an important role in my new ambition. You don’t have to worry; her life will be spared. But you Croswell.....” During the clash you found an opening that allowed you to swing your sword right across his face. Direct Hit! It was enough force to flinch Ganondorf, slightly pushing his face to the side! But then Ganondorf looked at you as if he didn’t feel a thing. Impossible!!! Not a scratch on his face! “You Croswell… Will Have No Future.” Ganondorf thrust his sword into your chest, then pulls it out. Life was slowly slipping away as you fell backwards to the royal floor. (Day 5)
Well… I should have seen this coming…
Murdering traitor…
Tell Zelda I love her… …
At least I’ll be able to meet my wife again…
No… …I’m gonna be meeting my wife again… Anything but that!
But… I already surrendered to you. Why…
“Death comes to us all someday. No one can predict the hour of ones demise. So many things I’ve wanted to apologize for; now that chance has vanished completely. I only hope Zelda will find it in her heart to forgive me…”
END OF CHAPTER 3: To continue the story you must now move to Chapter 4, where you will play as Ganondorf, the King of Evil which is also found right here on misterpoll.com (assuming it has been posted). You can also move to Chapter 2 and play as Flake, the Fairy if you missed it, which is already posted. If you like to look at more filler to the story then check the Forms or "Messages" of the poll. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed your life as King Croswell. The fate of Hyrule will be determined in 7 days. (Answering this feedback is optional.)
Perfect view of how a king should be. Wonderful job Jen!
It would've been a perfect view of a king if Croswell wasn't so selfish. I mean not letting his daughter leave the castle like that was ridiculous.
Does Croswell even realise he is technically imprisoning his own daughter?
How come we weren't asked to choose Croswell's hair color like Zelda in Chapter 1? That doesn't make sense.
In both Chapter 1 and 2; out of the 7 days both chapters only go as far as Day 6, but this chapter only goes as far as Day 5. So why not make Croswell's story the first chapter?
Chapter 2 was better than this one.
Storytelling isn't your thing Jen.
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