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The Legend of Zelda: My Life [Chapter 1: Princess Zelda]

The beautiful land of Hyrule where peace remains fist. Civilians live happy, and their smiles insist. To the north part of the continent rests Hyrule Castle Town. Enter the castle itself though and the guards will surely frown; for the Royal Family rests inside these walls. The palace may be huge, but her world is small. She isn’t allowed to leave or even greet guests. Her father claims it could traumatize into a mess. For the last 8 years she lived under this law. Frustration would grow, and ideas would draw. Now she has had it! It’s over and done! The outside world is waiting! It’s time to have fun! ****************************************************************************************** [[[PS: Everything you see here is fan-made, and did not actually happen in The Legend of Zelda main series. Enjoy the story. And Remember, Jennifer will Return!]]] ****************************************************
1. You are now Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, at age of 18. What are your thoughts? (Day 1)
Tee-Hee! I’m a Princess! *jumps for joy*
As Princess I hold a major responsibility to not just myself but others around me as well. I can’t let anyone down.
Great! I wonder when I’ll get to meet my Prince? :)
Of course I am of Royal Blood. No other is worthy after all.
I may be a Princess but my Father still rules the Kingdom of Hyrule. LAME!
Oh no… I just hope I won’t have to attend those ‘How to be a Proper Lady’ Classes again. They’re so boring!
I love dresses! That's why I wear them all the time.
Ugh! This dress is on too tight! I can’t believe Father makes me wear this all the time! Sure it used to be my mothers, and it goes well with my Golden Necklace but…
So that means I’m rich right? Because Rupees are more important to me than anything!
Umm… yeah… Sure, Whatever!
2. Hair Color? (Day 1)
Dirty Blonde
Kokiri Green
Autumn Red
Strawberry Blonde
Nayru Blue
Another Unlisted Color
Umm… what hair? There isn’t any on my head.
2.5. When you use magic attacks what color is your aura?
Default: All magic attacks I use are in its original color.
White with a shade of Gold.
White with a shade of Aqua.
Grassy-Green with a shade of Jungle-Green.
Orange with a shade of Red.
Aqua with a shade of Blue Fire to it.
Red with a shade of Fire to it.
White with a shade of Transparency to it.
Another Unlisted Color
2.7. Who do you consider to be the closest person to you? (At this point you’ve never met Link & don’t know who he is.)
Din, my longtime childhood friend.
Impa, my guardian.
My mother before she passed away.
My father, even if he is over-protective.
The Golden Necklace my mother gave to me. It’s not a person, but I can’t live without jewelry.
If I can’t pick more than one person then I have no answer.
I don’t trust anyone, so… no one’s closest to me.
3. Din has told you tales of a ‘Legendary Warrior in Green’. He saved Hyrule numerous times from the darkest clutches of evil in past generations. (Day 2)
From the stories I’ve heard from Impa the ‘Legendary Warrior in Green’ must have been really great! I would have loved to have met him.
He put his own needs aside for the sake of others. He saved Hyrule from perishing, knowing that he might’ve perished himself. He really was a hero.
So….ummm is green is favorite color or something?
Din believes that this ‘Legendary Warrior in Green’ will appear again and save Hyrule from complete destruction. That happened hundreds of years ago though. Isn’t the Legendary Warrior in Green dead? Din is way too into her fantasies!
Just a story to me, nothing more.
Is it really necessary for Din to mention every time that the Legendary Warrior in Green is left-handed? *sighs*
I wish Din would stop. These stories are so uninteresting.
4. You’ve lived in the castle all your life and used to be able to go out to the outside world. It’s been 8 years now since your father forbid you from doing so. He even managed to conceal your existence from the outside world. (Day 2)
Father has no right doing this to me! I’m a grown woman! I can make my own decisions!
Maybe it’s for the best. I am the princess of Hyrule after all, so that makes me a bigger target for kidnappers & monsters.
At least I know my way around the castle, including where all the secret passages are.
It’s been tough having to obey father’s orders, but at least my friend Din and my guardian Impa is helping me get through it.
It matters not what my father says. I can leave this castle anytime I want.
So the King has no daughter huh? Well then I guess I have no Father either!
The outside world is too filthy for me anyways.
5. While visiting your mother’s grave in the courtyard you did some thinking. You decided that you’ve had it with being stuck in the castle all day every day, and plan on sneaking out tomorrow morning. What is your main reason for wishing to leave? (Day 3)
I’m curious of the outside world. It’s been 8 Years since I last saw it.
I need to get out of the castle! It’s so boring here!
Mother always told me to live free, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
I’m leaving to teach my father a lesson!
I’m leaving to show my father I can take care of myself.
I’m leaving to find my prince.
I’m leaving to go on an adventure.
No reason really.
6. You told Din and Impa of your idea. They both agreed to help you escape. It was then when a plan was formed. Because your father was successful in hiding your existence from the outside world nobody but the castle guards should be able to recognize you. Even the Town Guards will have difficulty figuring out who you are. It still wasn’t recommended to come in contact with a town guard though. By the time planning was finished Din and Impa asked if they could come along too. Unfortunately you refused their request. What is your reason for doing so? (Day 3)
My apologies, but this matter is between Father and myself.
I need Din and Impa to provide a distraction while I’m away, to make sure Father doesn’t find out I’m gone.
They would only get in the way.
I just want to go alone.
7. On the next day, you wake up an hour before sunrise, get out of bed, and gather a few of your things together, including clothes, Sword, Scythe Knife, and a few Deku-Nuts. You equipped your Clothes of the Sheikah, and began setting out. Which exit will you take? (Day 4)
The secret Underground Passage in the courtyard, covered up by bushes.
The courtyard’s Waterway Passage. It hasn’t been used for years so I doubt anyone will catch me in there.
I plan on going out the window, and then I’m going to sneak out of the castle grounds from the side without being seen.
I plan on disguising myself as a castle guard, and then walk out of here through the front gate.
When the usual delivery carriage comes I plan in sneaking on board, hiding inside one of the boxes. Once it’s out of the castle grounds I’ll decide what to do from there.
My friend Din will use her magic to help me fly out of here. She’s more experienced at using her powers than I am.
My guardian Impa will use Vanish technique (ninja-style) and teleport me out of here.
Humph! I just plan on walking out the front gate regardless if anyone sees me or not. Anyone who tries to stop me will be sorry!
Oh wow! So many options! I should have just snuck out long ago!
8. So now you’re finally off castle grounds. Upon leaving though you noticed that there weren’t very many Castle Guards on patrol. However, while strolling in town you soon learned why. EVERY single Guard must’ve been out on the street! You’re not sure the reason beyond this, but you decided to get out of town before you were spotted by anyone. It’s dawn now as you’re walking through Hyrule Field. During your travel you happen to pass by a male Gerudo riding a Black Stallion. He was wearing a red concealing cloak, black armor, and had an evil presence to him. (Day 4)
So this is the outside world! It’s been 8 years and it still looks as beautiful as ever! (Not paying any attention to the man on the Black Stallion)
What is this evil aura I’m sensing from this man? It’s… its terrifying! I just hope he doesn’t notice me.
I’m getting a bad feeling all of a sudden! Maybe leaving the castle wasn’t such a good idea after all.
He better not come close to me! Otherwise I’ll blast him away with my magic!
Ew! He’s ugly! Not a single bright shade on his attire! He really needs to brighten up!
I’d end his life right now if I didn’t have to worry about drawing attention to myself.
Oh! For a Gerudo he’s actually pretty handsome! So tall and looks so strong! He must be a real man!
9. The man on the Black Stallion doesn’t pay any attention to you, and begins to ride off in the direction of Hyrule Castle. You then head the opposite way and continue your travels. Many hours later though you somehow managed to get yourself lost in a forest. It was around that time when a gang of people who called themselves the ‘Hoodlums’ approached you. They readied their weapons towards you thinking you were just another innocent traveler. They didn’t recognize you as the Princess of Hyrule which was probably a good thing. So what will you do? (Day 4)
I'll try to talk my way out of it, though I doubt it will work with these guys.
My sword & knife scythe are ready. These guys are about to learn that they've made a terrible mistake.
Blast them all away with my magic, showing no mercy without breaking a sweat!
Blind them all with a Deku Nut, and then try to make a get-away though the trees!
Surrender, hoping that it will prevent any unnecessary bloodshed.
10. Everything was going your way… That was until a woman with green hair showed up. She is wearing a dark blue kimono with yellow zigzag designs on it. She had two sheathed swords on her back, and you could tell by looking at her face that she means business! Her name is Farore, leader of the Hoodlums. Before anything else could be explained it only took her two seconds to lunge towards you and have you pinned down without any means to escape. Even your magic was useless! (Day 4)
Hey! No fair! I didn’t even get a turn!
Let me go! What did I ever do to you???
Darn! This woman is too good! How did she learn to move so fast!?!
Not the necklace! Don’t dirty the necklace!
Defeated....... All that training for nothing...
11. By the end of the day you were captured thanks to Farore’s efforts. The Hoodlums goal is to rob you of your most precious possessions. However, when they did a search through your things the only thing they could find worth value was a golden necklace with three triangle-shaped figures hanging from your neck. They unlatched it and pilfered your necklace away. (Day 4)
Nooo! That was a gift from my mother! Give it back!
You’ll pay dearly for this! Robbing from innocents is wrong, but robbing from me is the biggest mistake you could ever make!
You know you could have just stated it was a robbery rather than capturing me!
You’ll all be sorry once father finds out about this!
If all you wanted was the jewelry you could have just said so earlier. I would have gladly handed it over.
If I wasn’t pinned you’d all be in pain! That Golden Necklace is my life-blood!
12. The Hoodlums decided that your golden necklace wasn’t enough for them. Now they plan to use you for ransom. In the process they ask for your name and where you’re from. They threaten to kill you too if you don’t cooperate or lacked family/friends to provide sufficient funds. (Day 4)
My name is Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule. I reside in Hyrule Castle…
You can address me as Din, and my affiliation is with Hyrule Castle. (Sorry Din, but at least you and Impa will know who really got captured once the Hoodlums send their ransom note).
[Lie] Umm… I’m Trix! Yup! I live right here in the forests!
[Lie] My name is Malon. I live in Porta-Prox and work as an Entertainer at “The Show Must Go On”. I did used to work as a farmer at the Wide Wild Ranch, but that was before it was closed down.
Me-no-speak-English! *Begins talking in Language of the Sheikah from here on out*
I’m sorry but I can’t… I can’t tell you who I am.
I’ll never tell you Hoodlums who I am, even if you do kill me!!!
13. It’s evening now. You are currently held up in a cell inside Hoodlum Cave, a secret hideout to the Hoodlums in the Lost Woods. All your possessions have been taken away except the clothes of the sheikah you were wearing (though your face cloth & hat were also taken). The cell you are in is shrouded by an invisible force field that Farore created, preventing you from using your magic to escape. It seemed as if the ideal of getting out of here was only second to none. Then a Hoodlum member in green clothing appeared. Somehow your attention was caught by his presence. (Day 4)
This guy looks oddly familiar. Why do I recognize him from somewhere? Captured by criminals, yet my heart rests at calm when looking at him. We’ve never met before so it feels strange.
It can't be...!? The ‘Legendary Warrior in Green’ is here!? No! That can’t be right! It’s only a tale, yet this man matches perfectly from the stories... He is even left-handed!
My prince is finally here to rescue me. I’ve been waiting for so long.
Well if I’m going to be taken advantage of then it’s only going to be by this pretty boy……
Ugh! This guy’s attitude is really getting on my nerves! He poses way too much!
Perfect! I’ll use this idiot to help me escape from here! All it will take is a gal’s affection! My escape will begin once he is foolish enough to open the cell door!
There's no hope of escape is there..... (not paying any attention to the man in Green clothing that just walked in)
14. You are now traveling up Death Mountain with the same guy in green you met yesterday evening. His name is Link, an executive member of the Hoodlums. Because of his help you were able to escape the cell from Hoodlum Cave. All your possessions were returned to you of course, including the golden necklace you had around your neck. Unconvinced in your mind, yet feeling it in you heart, you have reasons to believe that your Din’s prediction is growing more valid. Could it be that Link is the chosen one? Is he the Legendary Warrior in Green you’ve heard so much about from the stories? (or did you just want to get out of your cell?) The only way to confirm it is for the two of you to head to Death Mountain Square (located on the mountain-top) where the Blade of Evil’s Bane rests. Then you both encounter a group of angry Gorans. They stated that you and Link were trespassers, and then started attacking you both wildly. With limited options you both had no choice but to defend yourself. (Day 5)
Link is incredible! No matter how many Gorans charge after him he is able to match each attack blow for blow! I’m happy that he’s on my side.
These Gorans may be tough as rock but it will be the last time they cross a member of the Royal Family!
This is ridiculous! As a princess I shouldn’t be obligated to do this much fighting!
Ugh! Fighting these Gorans wasn’t really my intention! Then again it wasn’t originally my intention to have Link follow me either!
Maybe a Goran ate all the hard ones and that’s why they’re so angry?
There's too many of them! Link & I should run for it!
15. After that struggle with the Gorans ended you and Link continued towards your destination, and arrived at Death Mountain Square by mid-afternoon. All was revealed like you had assumed. When Link approached the pedestal, where the Blade of Evil’s Bane rested, your necklace suddenly gave out a glowing reaction, and he was able to pull the Sword out from the pedestal! Then a voice spoke claiming that darkness has befallen Hyrule! If nothing is done then the entire land will perish! Link must now make his way back to Hyrule Castle, where this evil force lurks. Concerned about the future you decided to follow. (Day 5)
If the evil force is currently at Hyrule Castle then everyone at home is in grave danger! Link & I need to get there as soon as possible!
If Hyrule perishes then I won’t be able to rule it once Father passes on! I have to do something!
So either way my world is over! Father’s probably gonna hang me once he finds out I snuck out.
I’m only going back home because Link is going there. I’ll follow him anywhere.
Hyrule in danger? Doubt it’s true. Seriously, I don’t have time for fairy-tales!
16.. The Next morning you happened to meet a fairy named Flake, one of Link’s friends. A friendly little guy he is, but he always seems to get into trouble. More importantly though, Flake explains to you and Link that Hyrule Castle is being attacked! Not wasting any time you and Link make your way towards the kingdom as fast as you can! A horrific site laid before your eyes upon arrival. Many Castle Guards were either injured or dead, and even the stone wall surrounding the castle had been penetrated! The three of you rushed into the Castle Throne Room. When the doors swung open you saw Impa sitting on the red carpet floor next to your lifeless Father. Impa explained that your Father fought bravely to protect this kingdom, to protect his people, and to protect you. (Day 6)
No… …This Can’t Be Happening. Father… Please Don’t Go! Father… FATHER!!!!!!!!! *cries a little*
Well that kind of sucks… … at least Father can’t kill me for sneaking out now.
That is kind of sad… (Yes! Now I’ll be able to rule the kingdom sooner than expected! Though my Father’s death wasn’t really supposed to happen.)
Somehow I knew this was going to happen.
Flake! Don’t touch my Father! *swats fairy for poking his royal cheeks*
You know what! I Don’t Care! Father took away 8 Years of my life! Maybe he got what he deserved! *cries, knowing what you said is not true*
17. Impa also said Din didn’t make it. They all fought bravely against the new dark force but it was to no avail. Impa then went onto say that it was a good thing you left the castle when you did because if you hadn’t you’d probably be dead too with your Father. “We never should have kept you from the outside world. We’re truly sorry Zelda…” Why has evil committed such a crime? And why does it want Hyrule to perish? The answers to these questions are now through the Lost woods, at the Sanctuary of the Forgotten Memories. The dark force has already left for there yesterday evening. Impa decided to remain behind and help the Castle Guards who are struggling to stay alive. In the end it was only you, Link, and Flake, setting out to stop this evil fate. (Day 6)
It took away my friends & family! There’s no way I’m going to let this go!
Father… …
There is no turning back, and I refuse to run away this time! Link, Flake, let’s go save Hyrule, together.
We’re going back to the Lost Woods? Ugh! I’m bringing some bug spray this time! No Skulltula is going to crawl on my skin!
Wait, why am I going if Link is the only one who can fight this thing!? Wouldn’t it be safer for me to remain behind?
Honestly I could care less if Hyrule perished so I have no idea why I’m about to try and save it.
“As a Princess who was shield from the outside world I would found myself dreaming constantly. Dreams of course differ from reality, and the real world can be a cruel place to dreamers. Tonight I’ll go to bed asking myself the same question I’ve asked every night the day after my mother’s death. ‘How much more could I take? How long will it be before I snap?’ For the sake of Din, my Mother, my Father, Impa, and for everyone else around me I will continue to press forward. I Must…”
END OF CHAPTER 1: To continue the story you must now move to Chapter 2, where you will play as Flake the Fairy which is also found right here on misterpoll.com (assuming it has been posted). If you like to look at more filler to the story then check the Forms or "Messages" of the poll. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed your life as Princess Zelda. The fate of Hyrule will be determined in 7 days. (Answering this feedback is optional.)
I love how Zelda was able to fight. It defiantly is a new look on her.
Zelda shouldn't have been able to fight.
If Zelda had her clothes of the Sheikah then why wasn't she also named Sheik? That doesn't make sense.
If it's irrelevant then why make readers choose Zelda's hair color?
Din is Zelda's childhood friend right? And she's more experienced at using magic than Zelda is right? Then which of the two is stronger in an actual fight? Does Din use any weapons?
Did Zelda REALLY get herself lost in the Lost Woods?
You should've added more on Princess Zelda. It's sad that her story had to end on Day 6.
This is a perfect or an almost-perfect image of Princess Zelda. Good job, Jen!
This was a horrible image of Princess Zelda. You need to study the Zelda series more Jen.
Storytelling is not your thing Jen.
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