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boys wearing tights

Do you think boys should wear tights more often? It's common in eastern European countries and even France and England sometimes, and Japanese and South Korean school-boys in early Elementary wear them often as part of school uniform. Im a boy from Canada and I love wearing tights, I've worn them since I was 9 years old and I tried on my cousin's pair. She told me to try them becaus I was complaining my legs were cold (it was spring). Do you think its cool for boys to wear tights? Not just at Ballet class or when running, but any time, like playing at home (I like wearing a pair of tights and a tshirt if im just hangin out at home) or even outside more often (like if playing soccer, wear tights under the long socks, or for baseball instead of socks, or just under ur pants if its chilly out).
Lots of baby and toddler boys get put in tights, but until how old should it be okay for any boy anywhere to wear them?
pre-school, about 3 or 4 years old
kindergarten; 6 years old, max
most of elementary; say, at 9 years old, boys stop wearing tights under shorts to school
until the end of elementary. When they turn 12/13 and go to middle school, they drop the tights.
All through school and graduation!
All boys and men should be able to wear tights at any time
What colors should be common? I have like, 5 pairs for black tights and one thats electric blue (its cool) and a couple white pair, but I'd like more colorful ones and to be able to wear them in public
Basic colors only. Black, white, brown, maybe a plain green
Option 1 plus fun colors; bright blue, florescent red, or orange
pastels for dress-up times, like realy soft shades of yellow, blue, and green
cool designs, like, boats/trucks for little boys, maybe, or for spring something like white tights under shorts with little soccer-balls all over them for 8-9 year olds, or maybe white/yellow lightning bolts all over red tights.
This poll was created on 2011-07-02 02:02:48 by stefanBoy