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He Said, She Said - Who's Right?

This couple has been living together 7 years as common law married. They are 40ish. She is 7 months pregnant. He is currently in Latin America, she is currently in the US. He will not be back before the baby is born. She is handling the entire pregnancy alone and has only some support from family & neighbors. She is also trying to keep the household going on only her own salary while he is gone. He is working at a menial job in order to support himself while he is away. The exchange rate does not permit him to help her. He is happy to see his homeland but is not happy to be there without her right now. The trip is to take care of some business and they agreed it should be done now - they did not agree on or intend any split of their relationship, they are 100% together. She says in order to feel happy and supported while apart and pregnant with his baby, she wants to text good morning (and him to answer when he gets up), text goodnight (and him to answer when he goes to bed), and try to have a phone call each evening if it's possible (a few minutes, half an hour). He says he can't do that every day he gets too busy and doesn't like to be told what to do, he feels she is trying to control him. Money (affording the texts and calls) is not an issue. The communication lines are occasionally bad but usually fine. He is often in areas with bad reception during the day, but the house he stays at has reception (for first thing in the morning & last thing at night). There is only a 1 hour time difference (she is 1 hour ahead of him). They are fighting because she messages and he doesn't answer. Several times recently he went the whole day with only one random text at some point during the day, and once he didn't contact her at all the entire day. He says he doesn't understand why she's upset, since he says he loves her and can't wait to be back together. She says he's not giving her enough support. He says she is hurting the baby by getting upset over it. She says it's not possible to never get upset no matter what he does - he needs to respect her feelings and make an effort while she's pregnant.
Who's right about the level of communication?
She's right - she's asking for very little.
He's right - it's too much to ask.
Neither (please comment below).
Who's right about hurting the baby?
He's right - she needs to not get upset no matter what he does.
She's right - he can't ask for free rein to do whatever he wants and then blame her for getting upset.
Neither (please comment below).
This poll was created on 2011-06-03 14:53:24 by whitecastle