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Would You Rather

A list of random questions or scenarios in which you must choose a certain option that is more desirable than the other.
Would you rather...
french kiss a dog
lick three public telephones
Would you rather...
sniff half the pepper from a pepper shakers
hang upside down for 6 hours
Would you rather...
throw up every time you have an orgasm
pee your pants every time you get turned on
Would you rather...
get Vanilla Ice's album cover tattooed on your back
get Lil Bow Wow's face tattooed on your chest
Would you rather...
not be able to sleep for 2 weeks
not be able to eat for a month
Would you rather...
win 10 million dollars and never find love
find true love and live without excess money
Would you rather...
have arms that hung past your knees
have a neck that was a foot long
Would you rather...
have x-ray vision
be able to read people's minds
Would you rather...
get stuck in a broken elevator
get stuck on a broken ski lift
Would you rather...
never be able to use facebook again
never be able to text on your phone again
Would you rather...
have a threesome with Bruno and Borat
get knocked up by Alan from "The Hangover"
This poll was created on 2011-04-27 07:30:52 by melaniechristine