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The OBlivion Project - Final Hour (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Jennifer Here, Rising Up in the Tier! Welcome to Phase 3 of the OBlivion Project! It is called "The OBlivion Project - Final Hour" mainly because it was assumed that there wouldn't be a third poll now that so many questions have been covered, but you can see now that there are still some left unchecked. Beware of the joke answers because they're back. And the virtual reality experience from the prequel "The OBlivion Project - Rebirth" also makes a comeback in a major way! One new feature about this though is that every question asked is brand new! (excluding the standard final question of course). Don't sweat, just answer. And of course you need to have played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game in order to do this poll. - And Remember, Jennifer will Return! :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *****WARNING!!! NOT A SHORT POLL! REQUIRES 20 MINUTES TO FILL IF YOU AREN'T A FAST READER! Also, Taren Timoll Doesn't Actually Exist In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game.*****
1. Choose The Option Which Is Most Applicable To You.
I’m a Male, who plays as a male character in my main file of The Elder Scrolls IV.
I’m a Male, who plays as a female character in my main file of The Elder Scrolls IV.
I’m a Male, who doesn’t have a main file of The Elder Scrolls IV, and just use whatever gender I feel like at the time.
I’m a Female, who plays as a male character in my main file of The Elder Scrolls IV.
I’m a Female, who plays as a female character in my main file of The Elder Scrolls IV.
I’m a Female, who doesn’t have a main file of The Elder Scrolls IV, and just use whatever gender I feel like at the time.
Not Answering or Not Telling
Don’t Really Remember
2. Are You New To Jennifer Return’s “OBlivion Project” Polls?
Yes, this is my first one.
Nope, I’ve filled out another one of Jennifer’s OBlivion Project polls. This will be my second one.
Nope, I’ve filled out all of the OBlivion Project polls up to date. This will be my third one.
Not sure. I’ve participated in a few Elder Scrolls IV polls before on this site, but I don’t know if they were the OBlivion Project.
I've never filled out ANY polls on the topic of Elder Scrolls IV before on this site.
3. Well Let’s Get Started! If Your Character Could Only Grow As High As Level 25 What Would Be The First Attribute You’d Try To Maximize?
Luck (Capped at 74-89, depending on your class & birthsign. 10 Skill Books that permanently increase your Luck by 1 would be placed in, allowing it to go to as much as 84-99.)
Not sure
Doesn't matter to me really. I'll usually just work with what I get.
3.5. And The Second Attribute You’d Try To Maximize? (Answering This Question is Optional)
4. What Is The First Skill You Often Maximize In Elder Scrolls IV? (or What is the First Skill You Maximized if You Have Only One Game File?)
Hand to Hand
Heavy Armor
Light Armor
It’s too far back to remember, so not sure.
Can’t remember.
5. So… Other Than The Main Towns & Cities How Many Locations Have You Roughly Discovered On Your Map? (This does not include Download Content, Pluggins, or any unmarked locations. It also doesn't include any of the main towns already marked on your map.)
None. I just started playing the game. The only places on my map are the main towns & cities.
Around 1 to 30
Around 31 to 75
Around 76 to 149
150 or More
Can’t give a rough estimate at this time.
I discovered your mom on the other side of the tracks. Heh heh heh!
6. Your Arena Grand Champion Name?
The Black Arrow
The Butcher
The Crimson Blade
The Divine Avenger
The Messenger of Death
The Spellslinger
The Tamriel Terror
The Iron Maiden
Lady Luck
The Woman Who F***’s Solid
Man o’ War
Sir Slaughter
The Man Who Screws it in Hard
I’ve never been Arena Grand Champion before.
I hate the Arena!
7. What Is The Likelihood That You’ll Reload A Save If Something Doesn’t Go Your Way?
Addict: I always reload a save if even the tiniest thing isn’t in my favor.
I’ll reload a save if a summon, spell, or item I wish to obtain is no longer in my reach.
I’ll reload a save if I accidentally & unintentionally break the law.
I’ll reload if a quest ends in a way I didn’t want to, such as a non-playable character dying a pre-mature death.
I’ll reload if a certain character I want to live ends up getting killed.
I’ll reload after slaughtering entire towns, just to test my strength.
I only reload saves when training my attributes properly. Anything else I’ll let go through.
I only reload during game bugs or glitches.
I never reload my saves. Everything goes through until I either get killed, or if a glitch is so bad I can’t even progress.
8. Out Of The 8 Houses You Can Buy In The Game, If You Were Only Allowed To Own One Of Them Which One Would You Buy?
The Bernis Manor in Anvil
My Bruma House
My Cheydinhal House
The Arborwatch in Corrol
My Imperial House
My Leyawiin House
The Rosethorn Hall in Skingrad
Don’t need any of them. I use some other place as a living quarters.
None. I don’t want any special privileges.
9. What Kind Of Collector Are You?
I’ll acquire & store one of every item in the game. Any extras are usually sold if it can be acquired again.
I never sell anything. Everything I collect is usually stored away somewhere.
I only collect rare items & essentials that I’ll need later. Everything else is usually dropped or sold.
I’m not a collector & will only keep items I can carry. All other items are usually dropped or sold.
I only collect shiny things! Shiny is better!
10. Do You Put Jewelry (Such as Rings or Necklaces) On Your Character? If So Then What Is The Main Reason For Doing So?
For enchantments or perk I want even if it’s temporarily. I’ll still wear it even if it doesn’t have any.
For enchantments or perks only. If it doesn’t have any then I’ll just sell it.
Only if it’s stolen. It’s proof of honor that it rightfully belongs to me now.
I’ll only wear the expensive kind. Must show off my worth.
I’ll wear it just to show that I like it. Don’t care how valuable is.
SHINY! Yes! I want! I want!
I don’t wear jewelry. Whenever I get a piece of one I’ll just sell it for gold.
11. When You Meet A New Person (or NPC) You’ve Never Met Before In Elder Scrolls IV, What Action(s) Are you Most Likely To Do First?
Civilized: Talk to them, and see what they have to say. Maybe learn a bit about them.
Bandit: I’d talk to them and see if they had anything worth while. If they don’t have anything then they’ll be dead.
Brash: Attack in brute force without even speaking to them.
Assassination: Kill them while in sneak mode without even speaking to them beforehand.
Thief: Pick-pocket them and run.
Strategist: My action usually depends on the location & situation.
Ignore them. I usually too busy to meet new NPCs.
Knowing my luck I’d probably wouldn’t even see them.
An Unlisted Action
12. Choose Which Features You Feel Should’ve Been Added To Elder Scrolls IV. This Time You Are Free To Choose As Many Options As You Wish.
An office in the Imperial City that has the records of every single person (or named NPCs) in Cyrodiil. When viewing those records you can read information about an NPC like where they live and the equipment they use. It also lists wither they’re still “Active” or “Deceased”.
Fishing: You can catch fish with a rod, and sell them to a certain trader for gold (and maybe even more items)
A Taunt Button: Though it serves no real purpose or benefits in gameplay it remains available for those high spirits that love proving their showmanship.
Goat: The next tier over a Sheep. Don’t get knocked down by their horns or it’ll pack quite a punch! Processes high knockdown capability.
- Player’s Parents or Family History: Ever wondered how you were brought into this world? Well anyway, the player's parents are nowhere to be found on Cyrodiil! Guess your character must have been a terrorist at the beginning of the game and that’s why you start off in prison. Now that joke aside, where are the player's parents?
Library: Bookstores do not count as a library. I’m talking about a nice quite place where Non-Playable Characters go to sit down & relax. But often times you’ll find them there reading. Maybe a fireplace is added too for additional support. The librarian is also a Barter that you can purchase books from. (The library is only a created atmosphere for NPCs, since in gameplay if a player picks up a book it’s still considered stealing.)
Hair Salon: With this you are finally able to change your hairstyle at anytime for a small price.
Fashion Designer Shop: Now you can edit the color & texture of your clothes to look as fashionable as you like.
Blacksmith Shop: Now you can edit the color & texture of your own armor & weapons! (For some reason you can’t edit the color of Glass and Daedric equipment.)
A location called “The Imperial Prison” located on an island south of Leyawiin. Only the toughest, meanest, badest criminals can get locked up here! (or those with fines of 25,000 or more). It’s not a safe place to come to if you have a bounty on your head. But it’s even more dangerous to venture into the basement, as it is a dungeon filled with hardcore convicts that will rip anyone to shreds upon entry. (If you are sent to this prison you have a 50-50 chance of entering a fist-fight with someone the moment you are behind bars. It is always a low leveled character that can’t use magic, so the chance of you beating them to death is extremely high.)(Prisoners will not assault players if they are wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.)
Towns/Cities that celebrate a festival on a certain day of the month. The town where the event takes place is all determined by exactly what month it is.
More occupations for the players to get employed by.
The ability to push people when unarmed. If a user Strength is less than the target’s Endurance then it has no effect. (Pushing people is considered an Assault. Be careful!)
The ability to yield in the Imperial City Arena, or to spare your opponent’s life. Everyone learns from their mistakes, so why kill them when they can get stronger? That makes for an interesting challenge in its own right. (If a player surrenders then they’ll have to fight 3 more battles again before advancing a rank. Twice in a row results in drop of rank.)
The ability to put out torches already lit inside dungeons. You can use fire magic to light it back up again.
A stabbing animation that shows you thrusting your longsword or two-handed sword into the opponent, then kicking them off your opponent. It is activated by using your Forward Power Attack. (Doing this animation fully restores your Fatigue! The downside is that it take 1 to 2 seconds to complete, so you’ll be wide open for other enemies in the area.)(Requires Blade skill level of 100)
A few areas inside Caves & Ayleid Ruins that are completely pitched-black, requiring a torch or light spells to see the way forward.
Enhanced visual effects of blood, dirt, and mud sticking to your chothes, weapons, and armor. Effects disappear when they’re repaired or washed off by water. (In this case, regular clothes will always have to be washed.)
An added animation of weapons & shields actually breaking, as opposed to it just falling to the ground at 0 HP. (Pick up one piece to automatically collect the other(s))
NPC Sexual Preference: Though the Nine may not encourage same-sex relationships, it doesn’t stop other Non-Playable Character’s from making their decisions.
Combined with the Sexual Preference option, Illusion spells becoming slightly more or less effective on NPCs depending on their sexual preference.
Weather & environment, affecting how effective certain spell-castings are. (Example: Lightning spells do more damage in rain, or when target is in water; but is reduced in damage when in cave dungeons. Summons are stronger when Conjurated in an area they feel at home with (like Daedra creatures being summoned inside the Planes of Oblivion), etc)
Happy the Clown: This happy pinhead is gonna follow you at all times the instant you escape the Imperial City Prison! You’d punch him but unfortunately when you do it honk’s its horn, and he is marked “Essential” so he can’t be killed! When you level up his Speed & Athletics will also increase, so there’s nowhere to run or hide from this freak! Muhahahahah!
None of the Above
13vr. In the next few questions you are now in a virtual reality world of Elder Scrolls IV. Think of it and the province of Cyrodiil as a real-life fantasy (or a virtual video game), and you are your own character in it. So what is your favorite thing to eat? It can be prepared or eaten raw.
Boar Meat
Hard Nuts (that includes Almonds, Peanuts, etc)
Pie of a certain kind.
S’jirra’s Famous Potato Bread
Plants or Grass of a certain kind. (Aloe Vera Leaves, Arrowroot, Ginkgo Leaf, etc)
Seeds of a certain plant.
Another Unlisted Meat Product
Something else that isn't listed.
I'm a Vampire so I don't need to eat anything.
I’m too embarrassed to say what my favorite thing to eat is. Heehee!
I'm not picky. As long as it's editable I'll eat it.
Can't decide. There's more than one top favorite food of mine that I like to eat.
14vr. And your favorite thing to drink?
Juice of a certain kind. (Though you’d probably have to make it yourself a lot of the time.)
Human Blood
Cheep Wine
Cyrodiilic Brandy
Shadowbanish Wine
Surilie Brothers Wine
An unlisted liquor product.
Anything that has liquor in it.
Any liquor, as long as it isn’t the cheap stuff.
An unlisted drink of another kind.
I don't have a favorite drink.
15vr. You are part of an elite underground organization called Red Faction. On your last assignment you had to bring a teenaged girl back to the Red Faction headquarters against her will. It’s been reported now that her village has been destroyed. Do you remember this mission?
Yes, and I remember tricking that girl into cooperating so that there wouldn’t be much of a scene. I’m saddened to hear though that her village was destroyed.
Yes, and I remember threatening that girl into cooperating so that none of her family & friends would get hurt. Orders are orders after all! They simply can’t be ignored. But I’m not the one who destroyed the village – if that’s what you’re getting at.
Yes, and it was I who slaughtered the village. I had so much fun that day, Fuhhahahahah!
Yes, and it was I who burned that village to the ground! Even the girl wasn’t able to make it out in time.
Yes, and I remember abandoning the mission all-together.
I don’t remember it very well, but sure, I’ll play along with it.
16vr. The Dark Brotherhood had also sent assassins on hopes of eliminating you for speaking with their enemy, aka: Red Faction. As of now, you are making your way to your Red Faction Commander so that you can inform them of the Dark Brotherhood’s hostility towards the organization. When entering the commander’s office you saw to your confusion: your Commander and General, speaking with Lucien Lachance and Taren Timoll of the Dark Brotherhood! You learned that a peace treaty was signed between the two fractions a couple years ago, and they are here to resolve the issue that happened during your mission. Your current thoughts?
Wait, I never even got a chance to tell Red Faction about the assassination attempt, and the leaders already found out? Guess we aren’t an elite organization for nothing.
Things are so crazy right now. I wonder what’s gonna happen next.
A peace treaty between Red Faction and the Dark Brotherhood? Good, because I don’t think I could choose sides if those two started fighting each other.
This is bull! Why not just kill off the Dark Brotherhood and be done with it!? Forget this peace treaty thing!
Well the Dark Brotherhood may be the type of people that hold their end of the bargains, but I still don’t trust them.
Wow! It must be serious if Red Faction allowed outsiders to be invited into headquarters. Our base is supposed to be top-secret.
Red Faction can follow the peace treaty, but I won't! If I see the Dark Brotherhood again they’re dead!
I’ve just about had it with Red Faction. Maybe I should quit the organization all-together?
17vr. Upon their exit Lucian relays the following message to your sub-conscious with Illusion magic: “I don’t know how you managed to get away without consequence, but you can be assured that this little game of ours isn’t finished. Sythis would be sure of it.” Taren bows his head in apology to you for the earlier incident, then the two of them exit. You can feel the hostility behind Lucian’s message towards you.
To be honest I'm a little worried after hearing that. Looks like I'll have to be more careful now for the next few days.
What’s his problem? I never did anything to him anyway!
Heh, funny. I don’t expect Lucian to be alive in another year or so anyway. He’ll probably get mutilated or something.
What a fool he is! But that's no surprise. I can't go a day without meeting one.
If it wasn’t for the peace treaty then I’d cut Lucian down right now where he stands. He is just the lucky one this time.
I think Lucian just issued me a challenge? If that’s true then he better give it everything he’s got.
18vr. It’s raining outside. But you decide to take a stroll in the Imperial City. Why is that?
Because I enjoy the rain. Not sure why I came to this dump though.
Because I enjoy the rain. The city just happens to be a bonus.
Because I enjoy the city. Can’t say I enjoy the rain though.
Because I had to get out. It’d be boring having to stay inside headquarters all day.
Because Red Faction ordered me to come here. Otherwise, I never would have left headquarters.
Because I was kicked out of a tavern there for loitering.
Because I was kicked out of a tavern there for drinking too much.
Because I was kicked out of the taverns for trying to steal drinks. (Damn! They caught me!)
Because I have errands to do in the city.
Because I felt like it. Isn’t that reason enough?
For reasons unknown.
19vr. You find a little boy sitting on the side of the streets. He’s cold, alone, and most likely freezing to death from the rain. It doesn’t appear that anyone else notices him, that or no one cares. He also looks homeless.
That’s terrible! The Imperial City citizens should be ashamed of themselves! Abandoning a child out in the freezing rain is just cruel!
It’s a shame that people are living like this. But it even more-so when it’s children. Maybe I should give him a few septums to help him out?
Do you think maybe he just can’t find his way home? It is a pretty big city after all.
There’s gotta be a reason why he’s out on the streets with no one to turn to. The Imperials are generally friendly. They’d have to have a good reason to not want to help someone out. My guess is that maybe he’s a thief!
So what! It’s just a boy in poverty. Big deal! You see it all the time.
20vr. The little boy introduces himself to you. His name is Luthian. He came here to the Imperial City with his parents a few days ago, and got separated from them somehow. He has been living in the All-Saints inn while trying to find his parents. But now he is forced to live on the streets because he can’t afford a room anymore.
“Come Luthian, I’m going to bring you to the Muffin Button Society! You’ll feel better after pressing a button and eating a muffin.”
“Don’t worry Luthian! When the day is out you’ll be back with your parents in no-time, promise. Now let’s go find them.”
“Luthian! Come with me! I’m bringing you to the Bloated Float inn down by the waterfront district. Inn keeper Ormil will look after you until your parents come back for you.” (Ormil owes Red Faction a favor anyway, so he can’t refuse.)
“Come Luthian! From this day forward you are going to become my assistant. Forget about your family now because they aren’t important.”
“Looks like you ran into some bad luck Luthian. Here... Take 50 Septims. It’ll allow you to pay for a room for another 3 days, as well as cover small food prices.” (I have a responsibility to Red Faction. I can’t just leave a kid out in the open like this, but he can't follow me back to Red Faction Headquarters either. And since no one’s going to help him this is the best I can do.)
“Hate to say it but it sounds like your parents abandoned you… –Look, I’d be happy to help you with your issue but my services aren’t free, and you don’t have any septims on you, so I'm afraid I can't help you. Sorry kid, but this is the real world.”
“Well if I see your parents then I’ll be sure to tell them that you’re looking for them. Okay, bye!” (Sorry kid, there’s just something about you I don’t trust.)
“Kid, your problem is your problem. I don’t plan on making any of it my business.”
(Say or do something that isn’t on this list.)
21vr. A few days have passed now since you ran into Luthian, and you are now heading back to Red Faction Headquarters. Strangely, they have not called upon you for any other tasks, and you have come back to find out why they’re being so quiet. Upon entering you discover that the base had been attacked! Many members of the organization are badly injured or dead. This causes you to rush over to your commander’s office. When opening the doors you find Lucien of the Dark Brotherhood standing there, armed with a bloody dagger. There isn’t much time to think before he notices you, and the room is too bright for a stealth attack. What will you do?
Rush him! He’s gonna pay for what he’s done!
Hear him out.
Leave without saying a word.
Use an Invisible spell and try a stealth attack anyway.
22vr. Before you take any action you suddenly hear him mutter the words “Curse you Taren! You have betrayed us all!” He then finally notices you standing at the doorway fully armed. “Wait! Please! If you’re going to kill me then at least hear the words I’m about to say. All of this right now in your eyes looks bad… but I can assure you that none of your comrades fell by my blade. Besides, there are much bigger issues to worry about right now!”
“What possibly could be bigger than the death of my comrades!?!?? They were like family to me!”
“Good, because I was looking for answers anyway. Now explain yourself, and what has happened during my absence.”
“This better be good Lucien, because all I see through my eyes right now is a traitor to the treaty!”
“Bigger issues? Then please continue Mr. Lachance.”
“If that is your dying wish then go ahead. Traitors don’t deserve their moment but I’ll grant it anyways.”
“I don’t need to listen to traitorous scums! Now die Lucien!”
(Say nothing and just listen.)
23vr. “I apologise for the hostility that was expressed to you eariler. It appears you aren't behind is savatage after all. A man named Taren is responsible for this mess. Not only did he violate the peace treaty when he assaulted this base, but he has been using his group of personal assassins to pick off Red Faction members one by one overtime. It’s clear to me now that he had organized all of this from the beginning.
“As odd as your story sounds I’m starting to believe your telling the truth. Even I was attacked by Taren’s assassins, and on more than one occasion too.”
“Okay, so… what’s the bad news?”
You can't put the blame on someone else Lucien even if it wasn't you who caused everything. As a guild you all represent each other like family, so if one of you takes a hit then all of you do. That includes actions too.
"So you're sure that you didn't do any of this? You didn't kill any of my Red Faction comrades or set up any of those assassinations? Somehow I find that hard to believe when I look at the blood on your dagger..."
“If you didn’t betray the peace treaty then where did the blood on your dagger come from!? Explain that!”
”Don’t try to pin this all on someone else, traitor! The fault is entirely your own!"
“Forget it, I’ve heard enough! Die traitor!”
24vr. “What you see on my dagger is the blood of Taren’s private assassins. Myself, along with the help of your Red Faction comrades were able to put a stop to them when they attacked this base. All of the assassins have been slain. Sadly, when Taren himself invaded he proved to be far more powerful than anyone expected. One by one your comrades fell before him. It's highly unfortunate too, and all because he has sacred artifact known as the Blue Sigil Stone. But now that he has that girl he… No… The shift in power already too great… I fear for the worst.”
“Lucien, what exactly is Taren planning to do?”
“Taren sounds strong! I wanna fight him! From the way you made it sound he’ll put up a better challenge than those assassins he sent.”
“You know, you still could be lying to me right now for all I know...”
“Amazing how you’re able to talk to yourself and fend off me at the same time. Just stop talking because I’m not listening!”
25vr. “I’ll give you the short breakdown: That girl you were sent to retrieve for Red Faction, she is the key to unlocking the true power of the Blue Sigil Stone. And if Taren gets a hold of that true power then Cyrodiil no, all of Tamriel will be in danger! He is heading to Tower of Great Heights to perform a ritual that will fuse the Blue Sigil Stone with his body once it is at its full potential. I will mark the location on your map. You Must Stop Him!”
Your right. Taren's plans must be laid to the grave. Not only that be must be slain! My comrades will be avenged!
“Don’t worry about that! Taren will get what’s coming to him. I’ll make sure of it!”
“Understood. I’ll make my way over to the Tower of Great Heights and put a stop to Taren’s plans.”
“Well I understand what you’re expecting me to do, but in all honesty I’ll be fighting in doubt. We are all highly trained elites prepared for any situation, but if Taren really did this much damage to the organization then I’m not sure how effective I’ll be against him in a fight.”
“-Wait, me stop Taren!? But I can’t! I’m not trained for combat like the rest of the organization.”
“Impossible! That girl died with that village when I burned it. And now you’re telling me she is still alive? Ugh! Now I have to go there, so I can finish the job!”
“No-Can-Do! Traitor or no traitor I only work for septums! And this Taren guy looks to hold an incredibly expensive bounty due to the authority he has in Dark Brotherhood… - What’s that? 3000 septims? Then you got yourself a deal!”
“I didn’t want a short breakdown, but thanks for the info anyway.”
“You aren’t touching my map worth Mud-Crabs! Hands Off! I’ll find the place myself!”
“What if I don’t want to stop him? What if I don’t care if Tamriel is in danger?”
26vr. And now comes the discussion of the next crisis. I’m off to give my report to the Night Mother. She must know everything that has transpired. Only Taren and I can fill out those reports after all, but since he won’t be going back to our Headquarters anytime soon it’s up for me to fill the gaps… –But I can see the look in your eyes tell a different story. You don’t fully trust me yet; and that is fine. But nevertheless you’ll have to let me go for today. Be reasonable. If you kill me then the peace treaty ends, and thanks to Taren’s attack the survival rate of Red Faction doesn’t sit well if they go to war against the Dark Brotherhood. Even elites know their limits.”
Let Lucien go. I was going to let him live anyways. Besides, Taren is the real target!
Let Lucien go, but only for the sake of Red Faction.
Let Lucien go, but I plan on coming back to deal with him later.
I'm Forcing Lucien to come with me to Tower of Great Heights until his words are witnessed true.
Slay Lucien and go to war with the Dark Brotherhood.
Sever all ties with Red Faction: finish off the wounded, and slay Lucien.
27vr. You are now inside the Tower of Great Heights’s top floor room, where you see your commander down for the count, the girl from that (unmarked) village, and Taren holding a blueish-looking stone that is now turning purple. Everything Lucien said was true! And now Taren has successfully unlocked the true power of the Blue Sigil Stone! But when he tried to use it nothing happened. Absolutely nothing at all happened… that was… until his body imploded for unknown reasons. The Blue Sigil Stone is now open for the taking, along with ultimate power! What will you do?
Use the Blue Sigil Stone to gain ultimate power.
Destroy the stone so that no one can use it again.
Leave the tower with the commander, the Blue Sigil Stone, and the girl. We need to regroup from all that has happened.
Report to the commander to avoid getting in trouble for doing the wrong thing.
Kill the commander as an act of continuing to sever ties with Red Faction.
Leave the tower. Taren’s dead so my work is done.
Leave the tower, but take the Blue Sigil Stone too. (but not using it)
(Do something that isn’t on this list.)
28vr. The girl from the village speaks before you’re able to do anything. “Foolish man, filled with nothing but greed & lust. Are these the emotions that dare to evolve our world, after all the innocence some people have brought on birth? His power could never be obtained, and his ignorance is what made it at fantasy. But my blood however is ripe for the stone, and my power became rare on contact. I will use this power to cleanse the filth of this world. And Cyrodiil will give phrase to a new queen!” And then came the birth of a new world.
Yes, and I shall serve my queen as she cleanses it.
Somehow I get the feeling that a brand new type of evil was born. Scary!
No way am I going to let this happen! It may be a slim chance but I have to stop her somehow!
What terrible power! I need to find a way to shut it down but… She really is stronger than Taren? Then I am no match for her. The commander & I must retreat.
Cleansing huh? I better get out of here before she learns of my in-justice background!
A new world huh? This could be interesting.
She can do what she wants. It isn’t any of my business anyway.
Run Happy the Clown! Run! Even your skills won’t be enough to handle this one!
29. End of Virtual Reality! Now, have you ever attempted to start a new game and clear the Main Oblivion Storyline, without the use of Fast Travel?
I never fast travel in Elder Scrolls IV regardless of what file I play.
Yes, I’ve beaten the game before without fast traveling.
I’ve tried beaten the game without fast traveling, but was unsuccessful. It was just too much of a hassle to walk everywhere manually.
Currently in progress of beating the game without fast traveling.
No, but I’ve thought about trying it.
No, and I never will. I’m always going to use fast travel simply because it’s available.
FINAL QUESTION. Obviously the joke answers were spottable on this poll. Which one was the most random of them all?
I discovered your mom on the other side of the tracks. Heh heh heh!
The Woman Who F***’s Solid
The Man Who Screws it in Hard
I only collect shiny things! Shiny is better!
SHINY! YES! I want! I want!
Happy the Clown: This happy pinhead is gonna follow you at all times the instant you escape the Imperial City Prison! You’d punch him but unfortunately when you do it honk’s its horn, and he is marked “Essential” so he can’t be killed! When you level up his Speed & Athletics will also increase, so there’s nowhere to run or hide from this freak! Muhahahahah!
I’m too embarrassed to say what my favorite thing to eat is. Heehee!
Come Luthian, I’m going to bring you to the Muffin Button Society! You’ll feel better after pressing a button and eating a muffin.
Run Happy the Clown! Run! Even your skills won’t be enough to handle this one!
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They were all random really. I enjoyed reading them, along with this poll.
The virtual reality thing between questions 13 to 28 was actually pretty random.
Woops! I picked a joke answer at one point not realizing it was a joke answer, lol.
If I commented on your joke answers it would be too negative for misterpoll to display. Sorry.
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