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Buttoned Up Starched Polos!

This poll is for both guys and girls who button all there buttons, who have done so in the past, or have thought about doing so in the future on any kind of polo shirt!
Are you a girl or a guy?
How do you button your buttons on a polo shirt?
I unbutton all the way
I button every single button, including the top one, on a 3 button polo shirt
I button every single button on a two button polo shirt
I button two buttons on every kind of polo shirt (meaning your all buttoned up on a 2 button polo, but not on a 3 button polo)
I button half way
If you don't button up, why don't you?
My parent/s or godparents don't allow it
It is too hot
Buttoning up doesn't seem THAT bad, it just isn't in style now...
Because of peer pressure
Ewww...because it looks nerdy!
My girl/boyfriend or husband/wife won't allow it
It is too tight
Please state the reason you don't button up if it wasn't mentioned on the above question:
When you button your shirt up, how do you feel?
Smart and more concentrated
All buttoned up!
Like I'm surrounded in buttons
When do you button up?
Right after I put my polo on!
When others are around me, so maybe they too will button up after they see me do it
When no one else is around
There is no need to button up; my buttons on my shirt are already buttoned when I put it on
If it is cold out
What do you do when your buttoned up?
Sit on a chair or lay in bed, rearrange my buttons so the are right on my neck, and read, take a nap, watch a movie, etc.
Play with my buttons!
Continually take the top corner of the button placket, pull it tight, and put it under the collar
Go about my normal business
What do your friends think of your buttoning up?
They all button up too
They constantly try to get me to unbutton my buttons!
They don't care
They sometimes reach put and unbutton my polo!
How do you prefer the collar of a polo when buttoned up?
Loose so there is enough room for my neck to move around
Nice and snug so that no skin is showing and I can feel my buttons
If your collar isn't snug enough, do you starch it?
Would you be interested in a website or forum all about buttoning the top button on a polo?
When you feel to hot in a polo, do you ever unbutton all your buttons and spread the shirt apart but you leave the the top one buttoned?
Yes!!!! It looks and feels great!
No, who would do that???
Anymore comments can be piste here:
This poll was created on 2011-04-23 16:05:40 by MY TOP BUTTON!