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The OBlivion Project - Rebirth (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Jennifer Here! You Feel It Near! That's right! You feel the awesome the rebirth of my incredible, the awe-massive OB project! The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the video game that has changed the lives of millions. "OBlivion Project (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)" - the previous poll that is entertaining the minds of millions, and is fast-rising in voters despite it being posted on this site at a later date. And Now Comes Phase 2! Let it embrace & enfold you, as The OBlivion Project - Rebirth begins. The style of questions have greatly been altered so that newcomers won't be confused. Questions that appeared on the previous poll are marked "Classic". Joke answers are there & still kicking. The poll can be filled by any & all who have played the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game. So it begins... - and remember, Jennifer Will Return! :)
1. -Classic- Your in-game character’s Sex is…
Rock-Hard - Doggy Style!
Both Male and Female. I use more than one game file.
It doesn’t matter. I’ll play as any Gender.
2. -Classic- Favorite Race?
Wood Elf
Dark Elf
High Elf
A certain animal race.
The Undead (Zombie, Lich, Skeleton, Ghost, Wraith)
Another Race (Ogre, Goblin, Wolf, Daedra, etc)
If Vampire Was A Race Then That Would Be My Favorite!
Umm… Human?
Any Race That Involves Me Getting The Gold! My car’s gonna win!
I like them all.
I always choose whatever looks better by appearance.
Race or Appearance doesn’t matter. In terms of gameplay I only choose the best!
My favorite Race is whoever has the highest stat in a particular attribute.
I have no Favorite.
3. In Elder Scrolls IV, do you prefer daytime or nighttime?
Daytime, because everyone’s awake. I love meeting new faces even if they aren’t always friendly.
Daytime, because when I travel it’s easier to see everything.
Daytime, because I’m afraid of the night.
Daytime, because it’s the only time the stores and the arena are really open.
Nighttime, because the stars & the moon are so beautiful that time around.
Nighttime, because I’d rather avoid large crowds when necessary.
Nighttime, because everyone’s asleep. It’s easier to assassinate that way.
Nighttime, because I’d rather move unseen & unheard.
My character's a vampire after all so… that probably answers your question.
No preference. I’m okay with either day or night.
No preference. Could care less wither its day or night.
4. Your Signature Horse?
Bay Horse
Black Horse
Chestnut Horse
Paint Horse
White Horse
Old Nag (Horse Armor Pack pluggin required)
Any horse that’s stolen.
Ride me! ;)
None. I’ll use any horse.
None. I’d rather walk or fast-travel.
5. Are you a Light Armor person, or a Heavy Armor person?
Light Armor
Heavy Armor
Half & Half. I put on whatever is available really.
Bikini's are da-bomb, because you know both men & women look good in them! Yup! Go into the markets wearing one, Yup! Go into battle wearing one, Yup! Go into the chapel wearing one and well... - anyway, your in for a real treat wearing one in Bruma! And even Argonians can't argue with this style. Yup! They're the best!
Whatever armor looks more stylish at the time.
No Preference. As long as the armor comes in a full set then I’m good to go.
Neither. I’d rather wear regular clothes so I can visibly stand out more.
Nudist: I’d rather not wear anything.
6. Ever heard of Hackdirt?
Nope. Never heard of it till today.
Yes I’ve heard of that village. But I don’t know anything about it.
Yeah I’ve heard of that village. The residents there aren’t too friendly with outsiders.
That village gives me the creeps. They always have a spy watching me whenever I go in there.
I hate getting attacked whenever I sleep in the Moslin’s inn.
That village no longer exists in my file. The residents have been completely wiped out.
If you mean “hacking the dirt into looking like gumdrops” then I’m all for it. Yummm!
Can’t remember.
7. Do You Think Incorporating A System Where You Have To Eat/Drink In Elder Scrolls IV To Keep Your Strengths Up Would Have Made Gameplay More Exciting?
Yes: You should have to eat/drink on a daily basis.
Yes: You should have to eat/drink on a weekly basis.
Yes: You should have to eat/drink on a monthly basis.
Yes: The amount of nourishment required all depends on race.
Yes: But you should have the option to turn this feature off.
No: It would make things too complicated.
Not sure. Never really thought about it.
Eat my muffins!
8. -Classic- Choose up to 5 features you feel should’ve been added to the game.
Download Content that continues on the main story of Oblivion after it’s completed. (The Plot: Mehrunes Dagon has a twin sister who’s out to avenge the death of her brother by crushing Cyrodiil.)
Imperial K-9: Guard Dogs that are in full support with the Imperial Legion Soldiers. Their tough armor allows them to resist 25% damage from physical attacks compared to that of an ordinary dog.
Royal K-9: The highest tier of Dog animal in the game. Restricted to only the Royal Palaces, these dogs are as big as a horse, and can resist 20% damage from that of an ordinary dog. Royal K-9 appears later on when the player is at high levels.
A spell that teleports you back to the entrance of the current explored dungeon. The spell can only be used in a dungeon itself, and only when enemies aren’t nearby. (Magic Type: Restoration, Requires Skill level of 50)
A spell that controls the weather; clear, cloud, fog, rain/snow, or Oblivion Gate Weather. (Magic Type: Alteration)
A spell that allows you to Conjurat up a flying creature. Even better! You can aboard this creature & fly all over Cyrodiil till your heart’s content. The higher your skill level is, the longer you’ll be able to remain airborne. (Magic Type: Conjuration, Requires Skill level of 25; Requires Access to the Arcane University)
A few more buildings placed in towns.
A Bakery Shop: From the cold town of Bruma comes the sweetest tastiest treats that warms you up the moment you eat.
Pub Mini-Games: As the same suggests, you can put your septums on the line as you play mini games that could very well increase the weight of your wallet.
Potheads: Though you won’t be able to become one yourself, you’ll find the occasional pothead in the low class areas & alleyways town smoking it up.
Children: Those annoying little buggers are always getting into trouble. (Due to real-life laws, all children are set as “Essential” and cannot die.)
Imperial City Arena – Tournament: Not just your complex rating system. This tournament happens only on the first day of each month, compromised with 128 participants from all over Cyrodiil. To whoever makes it through those 7 rounds will be the champion for that month, earning them a (leveled) prize & gold.
A secondary arena, found in the Planes of Oblivion. (Though you’ll probably lose access to it once the main story is completed, so use it wisely)
The ability to use an Unarmed marshal arts throwing technique, allowing you to instantly knock your opponents down. The ability is taught by advanced trainers of the Fighters Guild. (Requires an Unarmed Skill of 75; Requires Fighter’s Guild Membership, Requires Fighters Guild Rank of “Defender”)
The ability to set bushes & trees on-fire, turning them into nothing but a black crisp. (Spawns back after a 3-Day Cell Reset Period)
The ability to dig holes with the use of a shovel. You can also use spells to dig up the terrain. (Digging with shovels will drain Fatigue. The amount drained is determined by the amount of Strength the player has.)(Magic Type: Alteration, Requires Skill level ranging from 0 to 100)
The ability to use Pick-axes in the cave dungeons the same fashion as shovel-digging. Sometimes you can even uncover hidden passages with it, allowing for deeper exploration.
The ability to use the Rake item as a gardening tool, allowing you to collect more ingredients when harvesting items on farms.
The ability to climb trees. Your Acrobatics skill determines which trees you can climb, and your Athletics skill determines how fast your Fatigue is drained. When it hits 0 you just drop right down. Be careful!
The ability to chop down trees with a strong enough Blunt weapon. (Spawns back after a 3-Day Cell Reset Period)
The ability to destroy wooden boxes & barrels.
The ability to cook, combining food items together to make an exquisite dish.
The ability to invent your own weapons & armor! The results are determined by a variety of skills; Armorer, Blade, Blunt, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Marksman, and a little bit of Luck. (Out of respect for Bethesda, it would not be possible to invent the strongest equipment in the game using this method, but it’s defiantly effective at low & mid levels.)
The ability to pass out from not treating certain diseases or illnesses. (When you pass out you are teleported to the nearest safehouse found on your map such as an inn, village, or town. A guard will be there to explain that if he hadn’t found you sooner than you might not have made it. If your bounty is over 1000 then you’ll wake up in a jail cell instead, with the guard explaining that he arrested you in while you were unconscious. Also, if you pass out in an Ayleid Ruins, Planes of Oblivion, or anywhere on Shivering Isles then a guard will not able to help you, and in which case it’s just death.)
The ability to pass out from drinking too much. (Same rules as passing out from not treating diseases or illnesses apply. The only difference is that the guard will try to encourage you to not drink so much.)
The ability to sleep with prostitutes. (Imperial City only. Results in gaining 1 Infany point (cannot extend beyond 20). Cannot sleep with prositutes as a Vampire. Arena Champions get free of charge!)
The ability to threaten others through speech dialogue. The effectiveness of it is determined by your Speechcraft skill, and a little bit of Luck. (Successful threats lead to more information, or even free items! Unsuccessful threats often lead that person to turn hostile, or to nothing happening. Threatening a town civilian always adds 50 gold to your fine regardless of wither or not it was successful. Lastly, threatening a Town Guard will never work, and you'll just be fined for Assault.)
Amputation of body parts.
A companion whom you develop a personal relationship with in the main oblivion storyline. The results of that relationship is determined by your actions (Fame/Infany), and the quests you’ve completed within the guilds.
An added rare animation of NPC’s (or Non-Playable Characters) crying when they sit down. This animation is a more common occurrence in Kvatch, or when you’ve failed to complete certain quests properly.
None of the Above.
9vr. In the next few questions you are now in a virtual reality world of Elder Scrolls IV. Think of it and the province of Cryodiil as a real-life fantasy (or a virtual video game), and you are your own character in it. What occupation do you think you’d have? (Please note that being a member of a guild will in this case be considered a full-time job. Some occupations that never appeared in the game are still listed.)
An Imperial City Area Fighter
Dark Brotherhood Member
Fighter’s Guild Member
Mages Guild Member
Thieves Guild Member
A Guild of Another Kind
Animal Hunter
Black Horse Courier: Delivery Boy
Bounty Hunter
Count/Countess Bodyguard
Crew Member or Captain of a Ship
Doctor (Think about it, if a bone breaks then Restoration magic isn’t gonna fully put it back together. Some injuries just can’t be healed with a simple wag of a finger.)
Entertainer (such as an Actor/Actress, or famous Musician)
Imperial Legion Soldier
Inn Keeper or Tavern Owner
Jail Keeper
Maid/Butler or Waiter/Waitress
Patrol Legion
Priest/Priestess or Monk
Private Assassin
Private Bodyguard
Teacher (of any kind)
Travel Agent
Town Guard or Watchman
An Unlisted Occupation
So I wonder where the Muffin Button Society is. Can’t wait to press that button & get my muffin!
Who needs a job when you have all this gold? Heh-heh!
Who cares? Nobody’s going to hire a vampire.
Not Sure
10vr. You find a slaughtered bandit on the main road! What are your first thoughts?
There’s no justice in murder no matter who you are. What terrible thing could have done this?
So there’s danger close by? Great… Just what I need.
Better them than me.
Yay! Free loot!
And I was just getting bored too. Now things are starting to get interesting! Heh Heh Heh!
Ever heard the saying “no bad deed deserves to go unpunished”? Well whoever did this is about to find out that saying real soon when I figure out where they are!
I got better things to do than to look at a dead bandit.
I imagine the bandit probably did something to deserve it. Serves them right.
Am I dreaming? Because I never go out on the main road with how dangerous it is nowadays.
Necromancy! *pulls out a staff & begins reanimating the body*
Would probably never see it.
11vr. Seconds later an Imperial Legion Soldier comes along on his horse and sees you next to the slaughtered bandit. Based on what he’s seen he accuses you of being the murder, and plans on hauling you in for further questioning. Despite lack of evidence it doesn’t look like he’s going to take no for an answer. You are forced to either go quietly or resist arrest. How will you respond?
Go Quietly: “This shouldn’t take long. They got nothing on me.”
Go Quietly: “For crying outloud! It’s just a bandit! Since when have you Soldiers ever been friends with them anyway!? How annoying! Look, I swear I didn’t do it!”
Go Quietly: “Yes, I killed that bandit. I have no regrets.”
Go Quietly: “So how much is the fine for killing bandits anyway?”
Free to Go: “You could take me in… or you can let me go and I don’t show this to your wife.” *pulls out a stolen diary page explaining how that Soldier is having an affair with another woman*
Free to Go: “You’re mistaken. The murderer is not me today. Now go away before I get really angry!!!”
Resist Arrest: “Look! Over there! A Lion urinating on one of the Nine statues!” *sneaks away quietly*
Resist Arrest: “Forget it! I’m not going anywhere with this imposter! That’s right! A REAL Imperial Soldier couldn’t give a damn to what happens with a bandit’s life. If you wanna take me in then you’ll just have to kill me. – that is… if you can.”
Resist Arrest: “Sorry, don’t have time! Goodbye!” *uses a spell that turns yourself invisible*
Do The Monkey: “Come on Soldier, you know you wanna do it.”
Resist Arrest: “Well actually, it was this that killed the bandit.” *uses Conjuration magic while fleeing the scene*
Resist Arrest: “So you got me. Yeah, I was the one who killed that hopeless bandit. Well come, if you think you can do anything about it.”
(Resist Arrest, but automatically use a calming spell after he draws his sword)
(Say nothing and just kill the Soldier)
(Say nothing and just ride off with the Imperial Legion Horse, leaving in a hilarious fashion, but greatly angering the Soldier)
Say or do something else that isn’t on this list.
12vr. You are part of an elite underground organization called Red Faction. Your first assignment is a make or break factor. You are to infiltrate a(n unmarked) village hidden in a forest and locate a certain teenaged girl. Once found, she is to be taken back to headquarters asap. Red Faction cares not what happens to that village, so you have been given the okay to complete the mission anyway you wish; just so as long as the target gets brought back alive. The girl happily lives with her family. You have two days to complete the assignment. Will you proceed with the mission?
“Could I possibly trick that girl into coming with me? I really don’t want to resort to violence, and would rather avoid as many casualties as necessary.”
“Yes, I’ll wait until nighttime to kidnap the teenaged girl when everyone is sleeping. Then I’ll quickly but quietly sneak out of town.”
“Kidnapping huh? Well whatever. As long as I get paid I don’t care either way. I’ll get her when nobody else is looking.”
“Sure thing. I’ll just march in the village, pick her up, and leave. If anyone tries to get in my way then they better be prepared to face the consequences.”
“The girl’s family will silently be taken out of the picture. That way nobody tries to follow me while I’m traveling back.”
“Everyone in that village will be dead by the end of the night… Don’t worry, Red Faction will have that girl unharmed by next morning.”
“I won’t do this mission. Kidnapping just isn’t in my blood. Sorry…”
Abandon the organization all-together. “I never wanted to join Red Faction to begin with.”
Accept the mission, but abandon it during the process.
Accept the mission, but fail it by killing the teenaged girl as an act to smite Red Faction.
Accept the mission, but fail it by setting the village ablaze, annihilating everyone including the teenaged girl in the process.
13vr. On your way back you decided to rent a room at the Silverhome on the Water - Inn in Bravil, and call it a night. It was then you noticed 3 shady-looking characters sitting at a table in the corner. Little attention was paid to them; for you had other things to worry about. Red Faction’s going to be down your neck soon for not having the assignment completed in time, but it’s just something you plan on dealing with when the time comes. On the next morning you set out on the Green Road. About 10 minutes in you get ambushed by the same 3 shady-looking characters you saw at inn. It’s clear to you now that they were waiting for this opportunity to take your life. What are your first thoughts at that point?
“Did they come that girl’s village? No… My stealth & timing were flawless. There’s no way they could’ve figured out everything in time.”
“Did they come that girl’s village? No… Impossible! Not a single person was left alive when I walked out of there.”
“I’m finished. There’s no way I can make it out of this alive. It’s over…”
“Maybe I could give them something, and they’ll leave me alone?”
“So Red Faction is already showing its appreciation. Great…”
“More assassins huh? Yeah, I’m used to this by now. They come after me on a weekly basis for many reasons.”
“Well I suppose I could spare a few moments to play. This could prove to be quite entertaining.”
“Assassins? Ugh! I don’t have time for this right now!”
“If they’re looking for a fight then they better be serious about it. I’m in no mood for foolishness right now!”
“Oh look! It’s Hairy, Mary, & Jack! – the three most renowned assassins! Well-known for their traits: Hairy is hairy, which can be set on fire. Mary is better off known as bloody-mary. And Jack well… he does Jack all against someone as experienced as me!”
(A Thought That’s Unlisted)
14vr. A group of Imperial Legion Soldiers approach the scene. The instant they see those assassins try to attack you they charge into battle. The two groups are now duking it out against each other, providing a big enough distraction for you to escape without them noticing. Which route will you take?
Swim across the Niben Bay.
Travel through The Nibenany Valley and keep close to the shoreline.
Move through the forest of The West Weald. It’ll be easier to stay out of sight that way.
Stay among The Green Road. I could care less at this point if I was spotted again by those assassins or not.
Go back to Bravil, and stay there until you think things have quieted down.
Escape!? There's No Escape! I'm going to stay here and finish everyone off!
15vr. Sithis is not pleased with you negotiating with the enemy aka, Red Faction. As an act of repercussion, the Dark Brotherhood has placed a 20,000 Gold Bounty on your head. This information was verified after you defeated the third group of assassins attacking you on the same day.
“The Dark Brotherhood is going to suffer when we cross paths again.”
“Don’t they understand!? I’m doing this for the Dark Brotherhood! They should learn to trust their brother/sister more.”
“Those Back-Stabbing Traitors! It was them who sent me on this mission to begin with! But now…”
“They can send an entire army after me, but nothing’s going to stop me from achieving my goals.”
“In the end they’ll fall into despair. I’ll make sure that the Dark Brotherhood perishes, along with anyone else that’s involved! Fuhahahah!”
“Sithis is not pleased? Very well. I will pay for my mistakes.”
“It’s a miracle I made it out of all of this alive.”
16vr. A woman has accidentally dropped her engagement ring in the Corbolo River, and desperately needs someone to go retrieve it. She is willing to pay 200 Gold to you if you successfully bring it back. What will you do?
Retrieve the engagement ring for her, but do it for free.
Retrieve the engagement ring for her.
Retrieve the engagement ring, but haggle her into rewarding you an extra 100 Gold.
Retrieve the engagement ring, but ransom it for 800 Gold. If conditions aren’t met then you keep it for yourself.
Retrieve the engagement ring, but keep it for yourself.
Physically assault the woman until she gives you every last septum she has.
Kill the woman & just take the 200 Gold off her corpse.
Ignore the woman’s request.
17vr. Finally, you have arrived back at Red Faction headquarters. What is your reason for returning?
I'm here to report back on the mission that was assigned to me, even if my arrival was late.
I'm here to report the new potential enemy of Red Faction: The Dark Brotherhood.
I’m here because of the mission I was assigned, and to inform Red Faction leaders about the Dark Brotherhood becoming our new enemy.
Sithis will be happy when I have the Red Faction owner’s head.
This elite organization is my home. Why wouldn’t I be returning?
No reason really. Just felt like it.
No reason really. It’s not like I had anything else to do.
It’s not like I had any other choice.
I have my own reasons for returning.
18. End of Virtual Reality. Time for a tricky question! What is the highest amount of gold you’ve ever held at one time, without the use of duplication, glitches, mods, or cheats of any kind? (All gold had to have been earned by the game rules. If you did use duplications, glitches, mods, or cheats of any kind to obtain your actual highest amount then your answer is 0.)
Gold x0
Gold x1 to 100
Gold x101 to 500
Gold x501 to 1,000
Gold x1,001 to 5,000
Gold x5,001 to 10,000
Gold x10,001 to 20,000
Gold x20,001 to 50,000
Gold x50,001 to 80,000
Gold x80,001 to 100,000
Gold x100,001 to 200,000
Gold x200,001 to 500,000
Gold x500,001 to 1,000,000
Gold x1,000,001 to 2,000,000
Gold x2,000,001 to 5,000,000
Gold x5,000,001+
Can’t Remember.
LAST QUESTION. -Classic- Obviously the joke answers were spotted on this poll. Which one was the most random of them all?
Rock Hard – Doggy Style!
Any Race That Involves Me Getting The Gold! My car’s gonna win!
Ride me! ;)
Bikini's are da-bomb, because you know both men & women look good in them! Yup! Go into the markets wearing one, Yup! Go into battle wearing one, Yup! Go into the chapel wearing one and well... - anyway, your in for a real treat wearing one in Bruma! And even Argonians can't argue with this style. Yup! They're the best!
If you mean “hacking the dirt into looking like gumdrops” then I’m all for it. Yummm!
Eat my muffins!
So I wonder where the Muffin Button Society is. Can’t wait to press that button & get my muffin!
Do The Monkey: “Come on Soldier, you know you wanna do it.”
… (no comment)
They were all random really. I really enjoyed them, along with this poll.
The virtual reality thing between Questions 9 to 17 was actually pretty random.
No offense but your joke answers are just… Ugh! Please don’t put them on your next poll Jennifer.
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