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Poll Self-Advertising Here On Mister Poll

More and more Mister Poll users seems to be advertising their polls in the message areas of other people's polls. I, for one, think this is rather rude, as the comments area should be reserved for comments about the polls only. This self promotion is really annoying, especially when the polls advertised have barely anything (or nothing) to do with the poll they're posting in the message area of.
Do you advertise your polls here in the message area of other people's polls?
Yes, I do it all the time
I've done it before, but not often
No, I never do that
What do you think about people who self-advertise here on Mister Poll?
I don't like it. I don't think people should be allowed to promote their polls in the domain of other users.
I don't really like it much, but I certainly HATE it when the polls advertised are unrelated to the poll the message area is for.
I think it's kinda selfish, but I really don't care either way. It doesn't bug me when people post ads instead of comments in my message areas.
This is really a non-issue for me. People should be allowed to use the message areas for anything they want. It's a free country... I mean world :)
This poll was created on 2011-03-19 07:00:10 by Andypants