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Who was your favorite racehorse?

0% (0) Ruffian (welcome to the club!)
0% (0) Barbaro
0% (0) Seabiscuit
0% (0) Secretariat
0% (0) Forego
0% (0) Rachel Alexandra
0% (0) Zenyatta
0% (0) Horses? I've never heard of any of them!

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Which one of these horse's stories do you think was most touching? (If you don't know about their lives, go to Wikipedia and type in their names.)

0% (0) Ruffian
0% (0) Secretariat
0% (0) Barbaro
0% (0) Seabiscuit

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Do you read books about racehorses? How often?

0% (0) Yes, every single day!
0% (0) Yes, every other day.
0% (0) Maybe once or twice a week I'll pick up a book about racehorses.
0% (0) Nah, not very often. Maybe if I'm bored.
0% (0) No, I never have, but thanks for the idea.
0% (0) No, I never have, and I'm not interested.

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Do you watch horse racing? (Triple Crown, Breeder's Cup, etc.)

0% (0) Yes, I never miss a minute of the Triple Crown!
0% (0) Yes, I'll watch the Triple Crown, but sometimes I miss the first or second (or all three) races.
0% (0) Sometimes, if there's nothing else to watch.
0% (0) Nah, not really.
0% (0) No. I am a busy person and I don't like to play around with horses.

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Do you like horses?

0% (0) DUH!!! I own some!
0% (0) Yes, I like them. I have one.
0% (0) Yes, but I don't own any.
0% (0) They're decent animals.
0% (0) Nah, I'm a dog person.
0% (0) Nah, I'm a cat person.
0% (0) No, I'm allergic.
0% (0) No. They're disobedient, they're too big, they're a lot of money, they buck, bite and kick. I don't like them one bit.

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This poll was created on 2011-03-12 22:26:05 by Pollgirl12
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